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I print clips using Clipboard Help and Spell's printing function.

But the font is so tiny!

Is there any way to make the font larger?



Hi again, Mouser!

Here's another request that maybe can be done?
(I suspect it's not as easy as one thinks, however.... :o )

I use Title Case for a LOT of strings; I use Clipboard Help and Spell's Title Case formatting function to help.

However, I prefer to leave words with 3 letters or less as "lowercase" (as is the standard).
ALSO, I capitalize some words which would normally be left lowercase, if I used the rule above.

(I think there's a set of capitalization rules that dictates which words get capitalized, but I go by "eye"... I'd look up the rules for you if there was a remote possibility something like this could be done) 

(using last two subjects I wrote)

Normal (sentence) case:

  • Feature request: remind me of clip
  • Feature request (or modification?): title case - with words to leave alone

"My" Title Case:

  • Feature Request: Remind Me of Clip
  • Feature Request (or Modification?): Title Case - With Words to Leave Alone

(note that "Me" in 1st clip is capitalized, even though it is only 2 letters - this is an example of how I don't leave all small words alone... :D

What do you think?



Clipboard Help+Spell / Feature Request: Remind me of Clip
« on: May 23, 2016, 05:39 AM »
Good Morning, Mouser!

I'm hoping you can (somehow?) create the ability where I can be reminded of a specific clip at some point (mins, hrs, days, months) later on.

I'll explain with an example:

I'm in Google Contacts and copy Mr So-and-so's name and phone number to Clipboard Help and Spell.
I'll need to do something with that clip later on, but have no time now.
(Maybe I need to call him, text the info to a friend, etc)

I'd love to be able to capture the string, and add a future date and/or time to have the captured string pop-up, blink the Clipboard Help and Spell icon, or something.
A capture hotkey with advanced options would be awesome.

While I'm at it, perhaps I could rename the capture right then, as well.

And.... uhhhh.... format it, too.
(I love  :-* the formatting tool.  I need a 12-step program for it!!)

Regardless of the possibility of this feature, I want you to know you are my hero and appreciate everything you've done already!

~ spammy

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