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Have vainly been searching for a tool that compares folders that contain in fact the same files, but the files in one folders are renamed.
Meaning to say that hashes, date time stamp and sizes of the files are the same.

All compare tools take the file names into account, by design, there is no option to just compare based on MD5 or so.

I have two relatively big folders, with probably over 90% the same files (different names though), but the folder sizes are different and I would like to figure out what files are missing in the smaller folder.
The tool should therefore 'hide' identical files.

WinDiff, WinMerge, FreeFileSync, GoodSync, Beyond Compare, ExamDiff Pro: not possible.


Coding Snacks / Rename folder and files before deleting
« on: May 05, 2018, 08:50 AM »
When running Recuva deleted file names are displayed.
Secure deleting files on SSD is not recommended (TRIM should take care of it?)

I just ran Recuva on an SSD and it showed a lot of files and foldernames, even though TRIM is active.

Up front, I don't know whether it is workable or not, but I just  -wondered- ...

Say that once you are deleting a file (for the sake of argument, let's call it 'safe delete')
So, let's say you are 'safe deleting' a file, using 'some kind of special instruction/or tool'
it would then go as follows:
the file will be renamed to some random name e.g. l2LCAnnRpIMkUTmpKf0q.tst 
then it will be moved to a scratch folder with some random name as well, for instance, it is moved to D:\lCQgD45dJSEX1DFLkW8E
then it will be deleted there.
Recuva will show weird paths and weird name, making it at least difficult to guess what it is about.

Right now, within Recuva, one can often guess based on path names.

Again, it is just an idea!

There may be tools that secure delete files on SSD, but they do not clear the MFT records.

Site/Forum Features / Uploaded video not showing up?
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:31 AM »
I tried to add a small .wmv file to some other thread, but noticed, after posting, it did not show up in the post.

SnagIt-04042018 092707.png

SnagIt-04042018 092452.png

What am I doing wrong?


Coding Snacks / Update Timestamp of file based on time in filename
« on: April 02, 2018, 04:25 AM »
I am looking for a way (script, or tool) that will update the timestamps of files based on the time in the filenames.
The time is always at the end of the filename, before the extensions.

Like: FilenameXYZ Bla-bla ddmmyyyy hhmmss.txt
or     FilenameXYZ Bla-bla yyyymmdd hhmmss.txt

I am already using a small script that updates the modified DATE, but not the modified TIME.

Have searched Internet for any tools, but regretfully can't find it.

ProgFileW10PShellModules.snippets-06-20141230 123456.txt  present date time : 15122003 141414
After updating date: the modified date reads 30-12-2014
but the time remains 14:14:14

I am looking for some tool, or so, that updates the time to 12:34:56

The default renamers can't do this.
I have no knowledge about programming.

If it is just 1 or just a few, then any ordinary attribute changer can handle that, but that is one by one, not in a batch.


Living Room / Booting Linux from USB thumbdrive - Linux Explorer
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:39 AM »
Up front... I have absolutely -no- knowledge of Linux.
Also I do not wish to use Linux, but  -have- to use it for 1 specific task only.

Looking for recommendations as to how to proceed on the following :

I would like to have a USB thumbdrive with Linux and start my pc from USB and running Linux,
then I would like to delete the contents of a Linux formatted (EXT3) external USB drive.

Tried with "LinuxLive USB Creator"  and used "Linux Mint".
However, options to delete files were greyed out, I had no administrator rights.

Any other suggestions?

So: start pc from USB thumbdrive and delete files on an external USB Linux drive.


The output of a tool that I use, always being .png files, is defaulted to c:\..\..\documents.
I know that I can entirely move the folder, e.g. from c: to some other partition, like d:

In my case, that is not really a good option: I only want the .png files be moved to a different drive
and it should be done automatically.

I have really no idea if that's possible, or whether I should run some tool in the background or what.

Any suggestions?


(p.s. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask)

Up front, I know..., there are many MD5-SHA tools around and I have looked at quite a few.

Regretfully I haven't found the right one, although, one comes very close.

I am looking for a small portable checksum verifier that :

provides following details:
- Filename
- path (optional)
- file size
- modified date
- created date (optional)
- MD5
- SHA1/SHA256
(and maybe some other checking options, like CRC32 or so)

(2) send that to clipboard, but the details should not be side-by-side
i.e. not..  Filename,  path (optional),  file size..etc.
but below each other (like above)

Nirsoft 'HashMyFiles' comes very close.
It is putting the details side-by-side though and I would need to manually adjust that.
Also it does not add text: like
Filename: ...
Filesize :  ...

See screenshot.

SnagIt-08082017 081659.png

Any suggestions?



Sometimes I'd like to have a .pdf (or .doc) of a multipage forum thread.

AFAIK there are no tools available. Forum often allow a certain maximum number of replies per page only.
So if a forum threads covers 50 replies, with a max of 5 replies per page, it will be 10 pages.
If I'd like to have all the 50 replies, I need to print 10 PDFs and combine them.

That aside, when printing the pages (within Firefox->Print) it will also print unnecessary stuff, like ads, search boxes, headers, footers.

It would be nice if there a tool was available that could print an entire thread.

For example: after launching the tool, the thread URL should be copy-pasted and then the tool should send text to PDF or printer


Microsoft-forum defaultuser0 multiple pages thread

SnagIt-07032017 072313.png

Clipboard Help+Spell / CHS v2.39.0 portable on VM
« on: February 04, 2017, 05:58 AM »

Hi there,
It seems that CHS portable (v.2.39) when 'installed' on VM does not capture the clipboard from the host-pc.

on host-pc - select text, copy (ctrl-c)
go to VM
open any editor: paste (ctrl-v)
text is pasted.

However, nothing is in CHS on VM.

Within VM CHS works fine, so, select the same text in the above editor in VM
ctrl-c  it gets into CHS alright.

Just for your info.


Living Room / Text editor - macro - multiple regex find and replaces
« on: January 23, 2017, 09:37 AM »
Up front, I am totally unfamiliar with the following.

I would like to do this:
have a text in a text-editor
then run a macro (or something like that) that performs multiple find-and-replace actions based on regex
on selected text

so, a kind of
find regex #1
replace with so and so
find regex #2
replace with another so and so
find regex #3

probably it should be done in a script(?)
I can do a find and replace one by one only but that is a lot of work.

I don't know if there are text editors that can create macro's using multiple regex.

Vainly spent a -lot- of time on finding anything that may lead me into the right direction.

Anyone out there has a tip?

I believe there are no macro recorders that can record multiple find-and-replace actions.



Living Room / Recommendations on video sharing sites
« on: November 16, 2016, 04:46 AM »
Hi folks

Up front, I hardly ever share videos on public sites.
Therefore I have no knowledge of the various 'sharing sites'.

This is what I want/don't want

- don't want to use Youtube
- don't want to use Photobucket (waayyyy too slow, have had a few instances of unsuccessful uploads, because of this)
- don't want to use Camtasia (username appears in the link)
- want to upload anonymously
  or the link to the video should not reveal my name
  I would like to have it similar to e.g. imgur or photobucket or Imageshack, there is no username in the link
- I'd like to paste the link into forums, such as, or phpBB forums
- I very much hesitate to use OneDrive or GoogleDrive to share links to public forums
- preferably, considering the limited number of videos, the site should be free of charge

I see vidme, vimeo and probably there are many others.

AFAIK imgur only accepts images, no video.

Undoubtedly dumb questions, but eh any recommendations?
Why vidme, why vimeo or why any other?
How do the vidme  vimeo URL's look like (when you wish to paste them into a forum post)?  I mean, username remains hidden?
Maybe better options?

Have vainly been seeking a kind of side-by-side comparison.

Thanks a lot!


Hi there,

Up front...
1. sure, there are a lot of (often outdated) reviews on sharing video sites - I spent quite some time on reading, but could not deicde
2. yes, indeed, the below question has nothing to do with Donation coder software, but I don't know where else to ask

That said, I would like recommendations on video sharing websites that :
- are free and reliable/wellknown
- can share a video based on an URL only (such as using on a forum, or share with someone of whom you haven't the email address
- not youtube, not screencast

Recommendations would be appreciated.




for videos that are required for a short period of time, i.e. not for use forums, but rather meant to share with someone based on URL only
(but you don't the direct mail address)

-upload to OneDrive or Google drive
-generate and share the URL


add the video to

Clipboard Help+Spell / CHS more colourful default?
« on: August 02, 2016, 02:50 AM »

Hi there,

I just launched the portable version x64 from scratch. Maybe you wish to add some more colors to it?
A positively meant tip only.

Yes I know.. one can set a lot of colors everywhere within CHS, but wouldn't be nicer to have a bit more colorful default skin?

Attached a clipboard copy of donationcoder CHS home page vs a random selected other clipboard manager.

again, positively meant!

SaveMe-FirstRun-02082016 093828.png
CHS-FirstRun-02082016 094209.png

Post New Requests Here / Replace text months to digital months
« on: July 16, 2016, 02:27 AM »

The below is really a regular occurrence and so far I have either done nothing about it or manually corrected it.

Replacing text months (Jan* or January, Feb or February.. etc)
with -01- -02-  etc.


bla bla text-23june 2016.xlsx
Bla-Bla bla-bla - 2june 2016.xlsx
All bla-bla - 19 may 2016.xlsx
2nd to last bla bla 7 july 2016.xls
last bla-bla-bla-20 October 2016.xls

bla bla text-23-06-2016.xlsx
Bla-Bla bla-bla - 2-06-2016.xlsx
All bla-bla - 19-05-2016.xlsx
2nd to last bla bla 7-07-2016.xls
last bla-bla-bla-20-10-2016.xls

ideal would be                            notes:
bla bla text 23-06-2016.xlsx          (-23june 2016.xlsx: removed '-' before 23, replaced june with -06-)
Bla-Bla bla-bla 02-06-2016.xlsx     (replaced \s-\s  with single space, added '0' to the 2 and rplaced june with -06-)
All bla-bla 19-05-2016.xlsx            (replaced \s-\s  with single space, replace \smay\s with -05-)
2nd to last bla bla 07-07-2016.xls  (added '0' to the 7, space-july-space with -07-)
last bla-bla-bla 20-10-2016.xls       (replaced -20 with space20 and space October space with -10-)

from English_full: January|February|March|April|May|June|July|August|September|October|November|December
from English_abbr: *Jan*|*Feb*|*Mar*|*Apr*|*May|*Jun*|*Jul*|*Aug*|*Sep*|*Oct*|*Nov*|*Dec*
to nmbrs : -01-|-02-|-03-|-04-|-05-|-06-|-07-|-08-|-09-|-10-|-11-|-12-

Maybe this is too complex for a single line regex and requires scripting.
Dates usually are at the filename, any type of filename, so something like:     \.(\w{3,4})

The code could be adjusted to months using local language, e.g. dutch

from Dutch_full: januari|februari|maart|april|mei|juni|juli|augustus|september|oktober|november|december
from Dutch_abbr: *jan*|*feb*|*mrt*|*apr*|*Mei|*jun*|*jl*|*aug*|*sep*|*okt*|*nov*|*dec*
to nmbrs : -01-|-02-|-03-|-04-|-05-|-06-|-07-|-08-|-09-|-10-|-11-|-12-

Any suggestions?


There are a lot of image resizers, they are all based on pixels, etc.
I am looking for a resizer that resizes using inches / cm's   as well


SnagIt-24062016 104815.png

The above is from SnagItEditor, but each file should be opened, reiszed, saved.
A lot of work when one wants to resize 30, 40  or more images.

Any suggestions?


Post New Requests Here / Suggestion: A new GUI for ExifTools
« on: June 09, 2016, 11:19 PM »
There has not been an update of ExifToolGUI for a few years and there will not be any new versions: the developer has stopped with it.
It was and still is a great tool because it was
- tiny, fast, portable and
- included quite a number of features
- handle ALL exifdata only (i.e. no management and/or develop things)
- free

As far as I know there are no other similar tools.
Sure, there are imageviewers, like XnView, Irfanview and commercial products like ACDSee, but one way or the other these products have a few drawbacks.
Either slower or more complex or extra clicks are needed to view all exif data, or missing maker notes, or ...
Also Explorer or Explorer replacements can show some imagedetails, but they as well are limited: not all information is displayed.

ExifToolGUI becomes a tool similar to QuickPar - 'Old - no development anymore - but a times still needed'

Idea to bring out a new version with ExifTool as base??

Oh, I did look at an alternative found on the ExifTool site, but they can not be compared to ExifToolGUI.

later: I just  found another small tool named pyExifToolGUI
I need to check it out.
At first sight:
-the window can not be resized
-a little too few details are displayed at the same time, i.e. one needs to scroll up and down a lot (because of using grid lines I suppose)
-in case of loading a folder, then the maximum thumbnails displayed is 10

Usually Explorer / Explorer replacements do not properly show stuff like sRGB and what type of White Balance.

SnagIt-10062016 065409.png
SnagIt-10062016 065340.png

no development since 2013.

Post New Requests Here / Filename randomizer
« on: February 27, 2016, 12:38 AM »

Am looking for a tool that will randomize filenames.

Results should be:
- filenames with a length of -say- around 18-20 characters (so, long filenames should be shortened)
- extension should also be changed, e.g. to .tst   or to  .123  (random number, 001-999)
- characters to be used, like:
a-z   A-Z  (both lower and uppercase)
- (hyphen)
_ (underscores)
#  (Number signs)

It would be nice to just
select all files
use context menu - randomize filenames

have looked all over Internet but could not find a small tool that does this all.

Filename Randomizer (from xdpirate) has it limitations.
no context menu (one needs to browse to the folder)
does not change extension
only lowercase
no special characters


Screenshot Captor / Add: passwords hidden behind asterisks
« on: October 30, 2015, 12:51 AM »
Suggestion: maybe add the above feature?
See 'Capture Assistant "
(yes, I know there are tools to do so, often AV software are getting warnings, false positives, etc)

Error: Could Not Convert Variant of Type string into type Boolean

No alternative but to close using the taskmanager

SnagIt-04022015 073435.png

Maybe because of messing up with new groups?

Don't know.

(delphi error)

I wish to move clips from Clipboard->Old to  new  "Child groups"  so CHS will speed up when loading.

Q: where to insert a child group, so it will
a. be searchable (Quick Search Filter)
b. speed up loading

as a group under 'All' or as a group under 'Clipboard' ?

What is the maximum recommended # of items per group?


SnagIt-04022015 070453.png

Clipboard Help+Spell / How to display special characters, like tabs ?
« on: January 13, 2015, 04:23 AM »
Update: I deleted the text of the original post
Reason:  found it -  it is displayed as    \t   in the 'Excerpt' column.
It would be nice if the buton [Highlight] above the preview would highlight
All special characters, not limited to wordwrap.

Just a suggestion.

Under [Modify Format/Case], allow to add specific 'user definied' replacements
replace \t with space
replace new line (\n) with space.
replace carriage return (\r) with space

set as preset

CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-01-13012015 115059.png  ---  CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-02-13012015 115705.png
CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-03-13012015 115737.png  ---  CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-04-13012015 115755.png


UrlSnooper / Extract video URL from
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:39 AM »
Let's start with an example

Go to:

In Firefox : Tools-> Page Info Info->General

Somewhere in the lllong URL there is a link to the video file.

Like this:  

Am not sure if URL snooper has a feature to 'extract' this url and downloaded.

Similarly I donot think Clipboard Help & Spell has a feature to 'extract' this.

Yes, one can do this 'manually' (select the url) and then copy paste the url in e.g.DownThemAll.

It would be nice if this was a bit more automated  :-)

SnagIt-29122014 085933.png

SnagIt-29122014 091444.png


General Software Discussion / Flash Renamer - For me: still the best!
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:23 AM »
For some time already I have been looking at many file renamers. Some of the my 'key-requirements' are:

1. drag and drop
2. userfriendly /  intuitive interface
3. regex support
4. portable
5. multiple renames in a single preset (preset: 1st do this, 2nd do that, 3rd do so-and-so)
6. a list of 'corrections' in a kind of batch replace 'text file'  
   (a list with renames like: mp3 -> MP3, dvd -> DVD, but also things like jun00 -> -06-2000)
7. advanced rename features: such as rename files after parent folders

Some screenshots below.

Regretfully, except for patches, from what I know, the tool will not be followed by a new version.

Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-01-18122014 073819.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-02-18122014 073822.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-03-18122014 074001.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-04-18122014 074017.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-05-18122014 074101.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-06-18122014 074112.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-07-18122014 074119.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-08-18122014 074152.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-09-18122014 074209.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-10-18122014 074222.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-11-18122014 074229.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-12-18122014 074247.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-13-18122014 074258.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-14-18122014 074313.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-15-18122014 074322.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-16-18122014 074337.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-17-18122014 074342.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-18-18122014 074346.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-19-18122014 074354.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-20-18122014 074358.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-21-18122014 074403.png  
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-22-18122014 074418.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-23-18122014 074423.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-24-18122014 074429.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-25-18122014 074434.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-26-18122014 074445.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-27-18122014 074605.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-28-18122014 074632.png



Hi Folks,

I need to move a lot (i mean a LOT) of files that all look like these:

Some FileName 1888-0010 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0009 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0008 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0007 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0006 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0005 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0004 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1974-0360 31121974.pdf
Some FileName 1974-0361 31121974.pdf
Some FileName 1975-0001 31121975.pdf
Some FileName 1975-0002 31121975.pdf
Some FileName 1975-0003 31121975.pdf

to subfolders named after the first 3 words, like these

Some FileName 1888
Some FileName 1974
Some FileName 1975

Any suggestions??


Clipboard Help+Spell / Sorting - latest copy on top
« on: November 10, 2014, 01:32 AM »
It strikes me that each time when I bring up the main window, CHS sorting is so that it starts on the oldest 'entry' , i.e. the olderst data copied.

It is not really a big deal.

I just have to shift the slider

CHS Slider-10112014 082910.png

to the top.

I vainly tried to find an option to have the slider started at the top, i.e. to have the last clipboard copy displayed, instead of the oldest.

Any suggestions?


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