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JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / request: midbutton time
« on: March 08, 2009, 02:46 PM »
thanks for a great app! I use it along gmote to intuitively place my windows (gmote for minimizing, maximizing, close, etc..)

My preferred way of placing windows is with the mid button, which I also heavily use to open new links in Firefox.
It would be great if one could increase the midbutton trigger time so as to avoid using Gridmove unadvertedly
(if one is quick it does not interfere, by it would be great to give some extra leeway)


I am looking for a hierarchical ToDo list software that allows it to be shared by multiple users (network).
So far, I have found that Agenda At Once and Essential PIM Pro Network support this feature set.
Any other suggestions and/or advice? Thanks a lot. :-)

General Software Discussion / Browser with audio device selection?
« on: January 05, 2008, 10:56 AM »
Hi all,
I would like to play musicovery thru a separate soundcard (thus leaving windows-system sound on the other card).
Alas it seems that no browsers allow to select soundcard, they use windows default ...
Does anyone have a solution to my dilemma?

General Software Discussion / WinSplit Revolution
« on: August 22, 2007, 12:22 PM »
I just run into this freeware, along the lines of the great Gridmove, but that does work with a virtual numpad and hotkeys (which I like to bind to StrokeIt gestures):
Hope you enjoy it :-)

General Software Discussion / Mouse software
« on: August 19, 2007, 05:44 PM »
Hi all,
I like to do as much as possible with my mouse, and would like to hear your suggestions.

I currently use:
1- StrokeIt (gestures)
2- Volumouse
3- MouseZoom extension to control fontsize in Firefox
4- Autohotkey script to copy/paste with RightButton (hold/dblclick)
(I prefer this to TXmouse or Dragking)
5- LaunchonFly last free version
(actually I could without by mapping a launch menu hotkey to a mouse button)

Any suggestions? thanks

Image Manager Shootout / keywords and image management thoughts
« on: July 12, 2006, 05:39 AM »
Hi all,
IMHO assigning searchable keywords to images is fundamental to modern image management.
Preferably those keywords are embedded in the image metadata (IPTC or XMP) and do not only reside in the program's database. This allows to easily migrate your photos to a different DAM program in the future (Digital Asset Management). A DB is also desirable to speed up sorting/searching/browsing operations of large collections.

Among the free programs,
Faststone or Irfanview do not allow to assign/embed keywords, while free XNView and cPicture can do it AND include a search tool (no DB though).
Picasa does everything that is needed; it has a great interface, has a  DB, performs well and allows to easily tag/caption/search your pictures. Tags and pics get embedded into JPEG IPTC metadata. The latest 2.5 beta does show folder structure and can embed "Geotags" (long./lat.) into a picture´s EXIF data with the help of GoogleEarth:

Managing RAW files does get tricky as it is usually not possible to embed metadata into RAW files (and not recommended if possible). You either write it to an XMP sidecar file or else convert to Adobe DNG raw which is designed to have embedded metadata and preview.
Programs such as Idimager, IviewMediaPro and Imatch can write keywords to XMP/DNG; they are not free, IviewMP being the priciest (but has an academic discount).

Picasa 2.5 can read RAW files (incl DNG) but will not embed captions or tags into them; as a RAW user, my workaround is to shoot RAW+JPEG and to embed captions/tags into the JPEGs, which also act as very fast previews (if I have a JPEG I don´t need Picasa to show me the RAW file).
Incidentally those RAW shooters that convert to adobeRGB should be aware that Picasa is not colorprofile aware, use an external viewer that is  (such as Faststone but not XNview or Irfanview).

I did try the latest ACDSee and although ACDSeePro has an IPTC editor I believe it will not embed keywords into IPTC. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Those are my hopefully useful 2 cents... 

Also, As it isand to successfully manage an image collection I think ii

Best E-mail Client / DreamMail
« on: January 06, 2006, 03:06 PM »
I have been a long time user of Foxmail and recently switched to Pocomail, mainly because of Foxmail's use of MS IE engine.
I just ran into DreamMail, which is very much like Foxmail and which uses MS IE engine as well; unlike Foxmail though, it has much better security settings, since it allows to disable ActiveX (by default) as well as scripts and java if desired. Message preview can also be set to "offline" (default) so no content is downloaded in html messages. It also supports webmail (it read fine my Yahoo mail).
Anyone that is fond of Foxmail should take a look at it:


Hi all,
I just discovered forum and it seems the perfect place to ask this question.

I would like to browse thru my documents in the same manner I can browse thru notes in my outliner (Keynote).
Basicly I would like to have a left panel which would show my file structure -including files, not just folders-
Selecting a document/file on that panel would then open a preview of it on the right side; the program does not even need to have a preview engine, it could just be a sidepanel as described, that could be configured to open/close specific fast loading programs to view the documents.

I know that some file managers have document preview, but they never include files in the tree structure.
Is there an application that can do what I want? Perhaps there are technical limitations to what I suggest, I don´t know.

I greatly welcome any suggestions.



one more thought:
it would be nice if the side panel could be rooted at a any desired location and even better if it had tabs(or clickable buttons) each rooted as desired. Seeing the whole tree structure is obviously not necessary to browse thru documents held at a specific location.

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