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Hello, is a very popular translation service in Germany. It also features Chinese. There is a commercial app, "Lion", that will translate any text, typically upon ctrl-rightclick, in a dedicated lion-browser window in which leo is then loaded.
The disadvantages: yearly 5 Euro-fee and more problems with ads.

Note: This is a fun idea, and perhaps s.b. finds it nice. Since I could purchase Lion etc, I am not going to set big bucks on this... :) Take it or leave it, perhaps some ideas within my suggestion are of interest , I don't know :-) Thanks! :-)

Here's my idea:
Let's say the user is reading Chinese text in some program and wants to translate a string of 2 Chinese signs.
If no dedicated program is installed, the user will do this:
1. select signs
2. ctrl-c
3. alt-tab to the browser
4.1 if leo-tab is open and active: proceed with 5
4.2 if leo-tab is loaded but not active: select leo-tab
4.3 if no leo-tab is loaded: load leo
5. if cursor not in text field: place cursor [usually no problem]
6. ctrl-v
7. return

My idea:

1. select signs
2. press keyboardshortcut (or run an exe or click a .lnk) (or on some keyboards: Press an AppKey defined in registry that is associated with a special key on some e.g. Lenovo keyboards (is an exe necessary for this that is linked to the Appkey (shellexec...)?)
3. then the following is done automatically:
3.1.1 text is copied (UTF-8?)
3.1.2 if no text was selected: msg window: please select some text first!
3.2.1 If a window exists that contains "Chinesisch - Deutsch Wörterbuch -" within its title and that belongs to an opera.exe [/...] process (which means that the correct tab is loaded and active) -> activate that window, ctrg-v and return. (cursor placement never seems to be a problem)
3.2.2 If Opera is loaded but a leo tab is not active: activate Opera and show message: "please activate your existing leo-tab and then hit CTRL-V and Return. If no leo-tab exists, just click _here_ to launch a new leo tab and translate.", with here ={{{COPIED TEXT}}}&searchLoc=1&resultOrder=basic&multiwordShowSingle=on
4. Additional idea: If currently a window is active that contains "Chinesisch - Deutsch Wörterbuch -", then the shortcuts/lnk/exe will behave differently: It will activate the window of the program from from where the last translation was launched  (i.e., usually switch back to that program).

(you may want to read my second post in this thread first)


with browsers like Chrome and the new Opera browser, it has become a standard that dozens of chrome.exe/opera.exe processes are running on a system. With multiple installations, these processes do not necessarily belong to the same browser installation.

E.g. running processes:
C:\chrome 1\chrome.exe
C:\chrome 1\chrome.exe
C:\chrome 1\chrome.exe
C:\chrome 2\chrome.exe
C:\chrome 2\chrome.exe
C:\chrome 2\chrome.exe
C:\chrome 2\chrome.exe
C:\chrome 2\chrome.exe

To save battery, reduce heat and noise, and get more power out of the computer, it has proven to be very handy to suspend processes of programs (especially browsers with lots of tabs) that are not always in use but should be resumable within a millisecond. The typical user, both novice and professional, will leave their multi-tabbed browser running in the background.

The suggested program should work like this:

Either by launching/clicking a .lnk/... file with a command, and/or by means of a shortcut like e.g. Win-N, the specified processes *within the specified directory only* are all suspended/resumed. There could/should also be a toggle command suspend/resume as well as dedicated suspend/resume commands.

There are various kinds of programs out there, such as yawffer, pssuspend, nircmd with the the suspend command, BES Battle Encoder, and Process Lasso, that all feature various aspects of described program, but none is able to do what I described here. Put together, all the programs however prove it is feasible.

* yawffer cannot suspend by path, but can toggle by keystroke
* BES cannot suspend by path, but can toggle and even throttle CPU usage
* nircmd cannot suspend by path, but is lightweight command line
* pssuspend cannot suspend by path, but is lightweight command line
* Process Lasso can suspend by path, but only manually instance-by-instance (which is extremely (!) tedious), and also is heavy-weight/very complex. But PL proves the concept works.

(Also, I think some of these programs suspend *all* exes with the same name, and some just one, randomly.)

So, a common should suspend/resume all chrome.exe's running in c:\chrome 1\, but not those in chrome 2.

I think using a catchy name, the program might get some attention, e.g. hinting at Chrome (even though I personally use Opera), one could name it ChromeSuspender ... ;)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Generic saving reminder
« on: August 25, 2012, 07:54 AM »
Savíng reminder request

Hello, some time ago, an ahk forum member kindly wrote an AHK script for me
that would autosave message drafts in windows live mail. sadly, for some odd
reason it wouldn't work and would send typed letters into the draft quite often.
The script was also fairly complicated. (I am once again thanking the author for
their efforts tough!!) Today my system froze (win 7, usually stable) and I once
more lost a draft. So I decided this is a problem that needs solving, and probably
applies to many more programs other than WLM.

My idea is as follows: a script that will do this:

- at certain times, ideally every 15 minutes, i.e. 24h/d starting 00:00, 00:15, ... 23:45
it will simply pop up a save reminder popup box window (ideally with an OK button) if,
only if, at least one ATH_Note windows is currenly open.

bonus features would be:
- don't show another reminder box if one reminder box is already in display.
- show the total amount of currently opened ATH_Notes in the message
- option: choose key that will close the message (to prevent closure whilst
  typing space, which one obviously will be typing fairly often).
- experimental option: closing the message box will automatically
  send ctrl-S to all opened ATH_Note windows.
- you may want to check out above mentioned sophisticated yet partially problematic
  autosave script at: http://www.autohotke....php?f=1&t=85296

...thanks to all who consider this idea's, uhm, implementation... !!!!  :-*

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Alt-Tab with AltGr-.
« on: July 11, 2012, 10:03 AM »
I know of skwire's AltEdge (and variations thereof), and I wanted to suggest that alt-tab behavior be easily accesible from the touchpad region, even without mouse gestures etc. This could be done by using AltGr in combination with "." (dot) since these two keys are very easily/ergonomically accessible from the touchpad area, especially on netbooks (might also do with altgr-space, but i'd prefer the dot...).

If this is too difficult, or too error-prone, I'd also be happy if altgr-. would at least switch between the current and the previously active window.

(I did some research to find apps that might do this, prior to posting this, and also tried to, uhm, "code" on my own, but results were... very buggy... (stuck control key etc...) :) )

AltGr should remain usable for other applications.

here's a link to alt-tab... http://www.autohotke...eys.htm#AltTabDetail

General Software Discussion / sorting units of text
« on: July 01, 2012, 11:56 AM »

I usually type all kinds of information into plain text files, categorizing every memo/info/todo with a simple tag like e.g. "car" for car-related stuff, or hou for "house" related stuff etc. I also type current todo items into the same text. the text may look like this:
[tab](..continued blabla



[tab]continued blabla.....
[tab]continued blabla.......


after some time, I have a huge text with unsorted units of text. I would like to sort the entries alphabetically/numerically so that it looks like this:






After an hour of research, I found the only program capable of doing this was an online service,
This service has the feature to define blank lines as a separator. (However, they seem to send the info over the
internet, which I object to.)

(even more helpful would be "a new item starts with a linebreak that is directly
followed by up to 7 alphanumeric characters, that are again followed by another tab".
this would not require a blank line between items, or any other manually added separator.)

perhaps the program could simply work as a one-click-program (or one shortcut, like win-Q or so), converting the
current contents of the clipboard. text should not be altered, i.e. special /international characters and tabs etc.
should all be retained.

I think I am problably not the only person who simply types their stuff into a text, with a tag + tab to
at least categorize it a little. I am aware there are programs that will do this, but using plain text and
a lightweitht editor has so many advantages.

-> my question: can anyone please point me to a locally installable program that can do this? I was unable to find one.
Or, does anyone feel this might be a coding idea worth pursuing?



so the idea is that via shortcut or slider or command line, brightness can be changed
and thereby always BOTH the plugged-in AND plugged-out settings are changed of
the current powerplan (or of all powerplans, which would be even better).

Idea is that brightness adjustments become totally independent of plugged-in/out
(and of powerplans in general), thereby ridding users of constant re-adjustments
when frequently plugging in / out / frequently changing brightness due to
circumstances (night/day etc.)

There's no such programs, but I have found several ppl complaining about this.

Thanks for considering!


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