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Find And Run Robot / Password Managers that work with FARR?
« on: December 27, 2019, 03:03 PM »
I'm looking for a password manager that works well with FARR. Before RoboForm updated to version 8 all of the login files and safenotes were in individual encrypted files. The file names were not encrypted so FARR ( with everything search addon ) could easily search and launch logins and safenotes.  Roboform version 8 now keeps all logins in a encrypted database that FARR can't search so I'm looking for a new alternative.  Thanks for any suggestions!

I use voice recognition in conjunction with find and run robot for lots of fun automated tasks.... one of them is triggering calls to phone numbers/contacts via skype.

If I add the following text ( skype:+1555-555-5555?call ) to my URL field in my browser and press enter it will launch skype and call the number... All good so far.

I'm hoping to create an alias in FARR that will pass this call command text over to the browser... or potentially directly to skype.

Thanks for any suggestions on how to go about this. Thanks very much.


I was just wondering if anybody knows if the portable version of find and run robot is faster or slower or the same speed as the version that is installed. Thanks for any feedback.

Hello and good day…

I recently upgraded my FARR … Before I was able to launch my password generator program directly from FARR... But now when I launch the password generator program it wants to open it up in Firefox.… As if it were downloading a .exe file.

I attempted to create a shortcut that I put on my desktop… If I double-click on this directly it will open up the password generator program properly. However if I try to launch the shortcut from within FARR it will still try to send it to Firefox.

Thanks for any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening. :-)

Find And Run Robot / good addition to find and run robot or not?
« on: July 31, 2012, 02:45 AM »
I've worked up a screenshot of what I think would make find and run robot a bit more helpful to me..... does anyone else think it would save them time too? Thanks for your feedback.

I love my time tracking app called TimePanic... it lets me jump from billable task to billable task with a single click... but there is no easy way ( besides copy and paste ) to get that time into my FreshBooks invoicing app.

I'd love to be able to invoke find and run robot to easily switch between billable tasks.

FreshBooks has an api that might facilitate this but none of the other timers out there allow for simple single click transitions from task to task.

Anyone interested?


Find and run robot is working perfectly to launch my Roboform pass cards in my browser... however sometimes instead of watching the pass cards I would like to open them up in edit mode with Roboform... after looking through the help file it looks like using something like the following might work... any ideas what I should use exactly to make this work?

roboform.exe ++ selectedpasscard.rfp

Thanks for any tips.

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