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Screenshot Captor / Add Grid-Labels in Zoom
« on: October 22, 2019, 03:37 AM »
Hello Mouser,

at work I use Screenshot Captor daily to create screen shots and add annotations.
Simply the best tool for my needs.

But I also use a tool called "Consic Ruler" (
This is a screen loupe that offers a gutter (grid lines), adjustable zoom levels and most important: grid-labels in the gutter.
This means: in the gutter I see numbers, see attached screen shot.

Consic Ruler.png

So when Consic Ruler is started, I just need to move the mouse over a text and can see the height of the text without having to count pixels manually and also without having to select the text in the screen shot to see the size of the selected rectangle in the status bar.
In the attached screen shot you see that the measured font height is 9 pixels.

Screenshot Captor already has a zoom area at the bottom.
The only thing that is missing is an optional grid-labels.
With this feature I just need Screenshot Capture and can get rid of the Consic Ruler.

Any chance that this feature will be implemented?

Best regards


Screenshot Captor / Copy Image without Objects
« on: June 28, 2017, 02:52 AM »

I often make screenshots where I add some notes (Text Object) or some rectangles (to mark bugs).
When I create a report I need the screen shots without those objects.
Currently I click on "Launch Graphics Editor", in Paint I select <Ctrl>+<a> to select the whole screen shot and then <Ctrl>+<c> to copy it to the clipboard.

Is there a faster way?
It would be cool to copy the screenshot without objects into the clipboard directly in Screenshot Captor.

Best regards


Screenshot Captor / BUG - .objects listed in file tab
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:47 AM »

when I take a screen shot, add some objects and hit {Ctrl}+{S} to save, then I see in the file tab also the .objects file for the saved screen shot.
See attached screen shot ScreenshotCaptor.png.
When I press {F5} then the .objects file dis-appears.

This problem occurs often.
If I adjust 3 screen shots, I see also 3 .objects files.



Screenshot Captor / Print Template
« on: January 23, 2015, 05:48 AM »

I use Screenshot Captor to take screenshots for Ergonomic reports.
For the current report I have 57 screen shots.

We need all those screenshots in one single PDF file.
I know that Screenshot Captor can perform this already.

But the problem is, that we need it in a special layout:
  • at the top right we need the logo of our department
  • at the top left we need the filename of the screenshot
  • at the bottom we need a foother with some additional information (name of the application, date, page)

So we have a Word template, that contains this all.
For the file-name we have the text <Fine-Name>, for the image we have the placeholder <Screen>.

It would be cool if I can select all images that I want to have in the word file, then select to export them wo Word and then select the Word file I want to use.
Screenshot Captor shoud recognize the tags <Fine-Name> and <Screen> and replace them with the data taken fromn the screen shot.
This should be repeated for each selected screen (so at the end I have a word file that contains one screenshot per page).

This feature would really be cool.
And it would safe us a lot of work (adding 57 screenshots manually took me nearly an hour).

Please consider this idea!



General Software Discussion / Looking for Software KWM
« on: November 06, 2014, 01:35 AM »

is here (on DonationCoder) a software available, that allows me to control multiple Computers with ONE mouse and ONE keyboard?
I know there are many tools available on the market, I just wonder if there is something available here.



Screenshot Captor / View image without objects
« on: November 05, 2014, 05:48 AM »

I work as an Ergonomic Engineer / Usability Engineer.
I use Screenshot Captor to mark issues in screenshots of applications.
Here I use objects like rectangles, arrows and text boxes but I also insert small screen shots (zoomed view of a small part of the window).

It would be very useful to keep all those changes but to have a way to see the original screen shot without all object.
This is just a temporal view that is needed to check something (I do not need the original image without the objects as a separate image file).

I just found the way to save a copy of the image and then remove all object.
Afterwards I have to delete the new image.

Is there an easier way to perform this?
I miss a menu entry "View -> Original image wothout objects".



Screenshot Captor / SUGGESTION: Maximum Screen Size
« on: May 03, 2013, 02:30 AM »

I use Screenshot Captor to make screenshots of applications and mark issues (bugs) in there.
The applications run in full-screen size, so the screenshot has the same size than my screen resolution.
If I want to see the complete screen shot (to see if I have forgotten to mark some issues) I must reduce the zoom to 85%.
At this zoom it is hard to identify issues and to measure font sizes or color contrasts.
The best solution would be to see the screenshot in 100% zoom.

I suggest you allow the user to drag the Thumbnail Panel and the Toolbar (the bar with the buttons and the element properties like transparency or shadow) out of their positions, so they are floating on the screen.
This way I can move them to the second monitor.
Of cause you must allow to dock them again at their original position.

The Zoom-Slider could either be moved to the top (left to the checkbox "AutoFit") or in the statusbar.
Or you attach the zoom slider at the toolbar.

In the preferences the user can decide if the elements should be floating and where the zoom slider should be positioned.

This feature would save me many mouse clicks (zooming).
Please consider this suggestion.

An easier way for you would be to add a checkbox "Toolbar" beside "Thumbnail Panel" that shows/hides the toolbar (including the zoom slider and the element properties).
But this means I need two mouse clicks to hide the Toolbar and the Thumbnail Panel and again two mouse clicks to show them again.
A floating solution is in fact the better way (better usability).



Screenshot Captor / Permission for a portable version
« on: December 25, 2011, 02:14 PM »

I requested a portable version of Screenshot Captor at
for details, see here:

Mauser wrote there:
I'm the author of Screenshot Captor, and some of the other programs at
I'm a fan of PortableApps.

One of the developers at asked for permission to publish "Screenshot Captor portable".
So, Mauser, please answer his question at the posting.
Thank you!



Screenshot Captor / BUG - Copy Object
« on: February 24, 2011, 07:25 AM »

I installed the actual version of Screeenshot Captor (2.90.01).

I placed an "Text Object" to an image and typed as text the number "1".
The Object Select Mode is still active, so I pressed [CTRL]+[C] to copy the text object.
Then I pressed [CTRL]+[V] to paste the text object (I want a copy of the first object).
But here the complete screen shot is inserted again.

In an older version of Screenshot Captor (2.78.01) it worked as described above.
I guess this is a bug, so please have a look at it.



Screenshot Captor / Measure sizes
« on: April 27, 2010, 03:08 PM »

when I check applications (if they fit some needs in design) I also measure some component dimensions (hight and width of a button for example).
Reason: every button needs to have the same size.

In the suggestion Display Ruler in Zoom (https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=22558.0) I suggested to display a ruler in the zoom pane.
For measuring the dimensions the application Consic Ruler ( has also a handy feature.
You press [F5] for a horizontal (and [F6] for a vertical) measurement.
At a horizontal measurement you see a vertical black line (full screen height).
Then you move the mouse to the beginning of the button, hold down the mouse cursor and drag the mouse to the end of the button.
While doing this, you see also a second vertical line at your mouse position and a horizontal line between them.
You also see the dimensions in pixels.

Feel free to download Consic Ruler and test this yourself.

This way I see quickly, if a component has an invalid size.
The "Display Ruler in Zoom" feature works for small dimensions (like the height of a button).
For bigger sizes I use the measurement .

Please add such a feature in Screenshot Captor.
Then I would need only one application and Screenshot Captor would get more powerful.



Screenshot Captor / Display Ruler in Zoom
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:59 PM »

in Screenshot Captor I have a zoom pane at the bottom.
This is very useful, here a ruler (measurement) is missing.

Reason: I know a button in a specific application must be 20 pixels.
I have a screen shot of a dialog and move the mouse cursor to the button to see it zoomed.
Now I want to see if the buttons height is 20 pixels.

I have an application called Consic Ruler (
At the home page above you also see a screen shot.
In that screen shot they have a ruler interval of 5 pixels.
On my desktop I have 1 pixel.

So I just move the mouse until the buttons left top edge is on the coordinates 0,0 in the ruler.
Then I just have to read the number on the ruler to see how big the button is.

I wish to have this in Screenshot Captor too, because then I just need to have one application instead of 2.
And this would make Screenshot Captor more powerful.



Screenshot Captor / Hide all Objects
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:37 PM »

I test applications and therefore I make screen shots of the application.
The errors in the application (like invalid label, bad position) I mark in Screenshot Captor with a red border.
Borders get numbers and in a document I write some text.

It often happens that in a screen shot there are 5 to 7 borders.
So it is hard to see the original screen shot without the borders.

When I talk to the programmer I sometimes want to show him the original screen shot without any borders, numbers and arrows.
Of cause I could copy the screen shot before I start painting on it.
But it would be more effective if I hide all objects created with Screenshot Captor to see the original screen.
A second click shows them all again.
So in meetings I can switch between the original screen and the screen with objects.

Deleting the objects and undo the deletion is not a good way.
Hiding the objects would be much more comfortable.



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