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I used ActivePresenter for several years, and I think it's the best free screen recording solution. But comparing its high quality, there're only so few people know it. So I'd like to write something  for it.

For those who have researched a lot in free screen recording solutions, these are some candidates:
- WebEx recorder: small, easy to use, good for long time recording. hard to edit and publish.
- Camstudio: classic, open source, large video size, not updated for a few years.
- Wink: it's good for flash (.swf), but not for now days "video". not updated for a few years
- FlashBack Express: most people think it's the winner  -- until they get to know ActivePresenter  :)

ActivePresenter is  a recorder, so it can:
- capture area, window, full screen, fixed size(some predefined size)
+ use predifined and DIY profile: mouse, click, input, video, fps, audio , hotkey...
+ change screen resolution in AP

But it's more than a recorder, you can even use it as an audio video edtiro:
- add recordings into project
- also import image\ video\ office documents into project
- split/ cut video
- add annotation: shape, text, highlight, spotlight. and for each element, you can set the fore and background color, fonts, size, time span, fade in/out ...
- recording while edit
- automatic audio via Text to Speech engine

For publish, AP can export to:
- Video (MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, WebM, MKV)
- Images (PNG, JPEG)
- pro versions can also export to HTML, interactive Flash and HTML5 simulation, or other document formats (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX).

visit for more information
If someone are interested in the Pro version -- I think the free edition is enough -- I can help to get discount  :up:


Living Room / Happy New Year! 马年大吉!
« on: January 31, 2014, 12:47 AM »

It's Chinese New Year today.
and, 2014 is a horse year!

Happy New Year to every member and guest of DC forum, both Chinese speakers and all other friends!


XMind is a very powerful mindmap software for Windows/Linux/Mac.
I think it's better than FreeMind in terms of functions.

It has freeware/open source version, which is enough for most users.
Also, it has Plus (79 usd), Pro version(99 or 129 usd).

Now, XMind Plus 2012 is free for Edu/Nonprofit Org before May 31.
ID photo needed to upload, so they know that you are a student/teacher or work for a non-profit organization.
Get it:

Living Room / DC members or software fans near Houston?
« on: March 13, 2012, 09:39 AM »
I'm a Chinese software blogger, deep user and promoter of TC, vim, irfanview, 7-zip, autohotkey, Evernote, wink, etc.
and now I'm in a 2-week business trip in Houston.

Are there DC members or software fans near Houston?
I'd like to have a meetup, exchange software experience.

there are many such kinds of software like notes taker/info manager/outliner, most of them are so powerful.
there are also many threads about such tools in this forum.
but I noticed, many people, include me, dont like the support of RTF or html or attachment.
what we really want is a simple "plain text" organzier.

they should be small & quick, powerful & stable.
should can: export/import text, quick search in all datebase, tree stucture, support utf-8. (treepad have bug in support Chinese, jreepad OK)
better can: tabbed interface, password protect, tag, support external editor (I enjoy vim), freeware
no need: text format, attachment.

maybe most of the developers think, plain text is so limited, so they have to expand it to rtf or html.
but there also are some users, they think formated text are far beyond their needs, and eager to go back to plain text.

Will we appeal for it together ?
Will some one, including the more advanced tools's author, will develop/degrade such a tool for us ?

Hello xbeta:
  We wanted to share with you that full version of EverNote was offered for free for one day on the site GiveAway Of The Day ( on Nov. 15. This was a big success for both EverNote and GAOTD (see press-release at We have decided to repeat this offer with EverNote Portable which can run on the PC, as well as directly from USB drives, SD cards and other "removable media". EverNote Portable is normally available only as commercial product ($19.95, current Holiday Sale price $14.95). EverNote Portable will be offered for free from for two days in a row, Dec. 27 and 28. The announcement is below (it mentions only one giveaway date...). Maybe, Chinese sites and blogs you are affiliated with will be interested to promote this news to their audience and let people download our licensed software for free for a limited 2-day period and only from one site (As you know, EverNote now supports IME input and the number of articles and downloads from Far East is quickly growing...)
  Best wishes for 2008!
  - The EverNote Team
EverNote Portable—Post-Holiday GiveAway of the Day
  To follow up on the record breaking success of its November 15th GiveAway of the Day promotion, EverNote Corporation today announced an opportunity for customers to get its EverNote Portable product free for one day only.
  EverNote Portable allows users to store all of their notes, snapshots, emails, and web clips on a PC, USB drive or an SD card, allowing them to keep everything with them wherever they go. In addition, EverNote Portable gives customers access to all of their notes without installing any software on the host computer.
  EverNote Portable offers mobile users most of the popular features and functionality of the desktop version of EverNote including the Universal Clipper, note search, with the added ability to access their notes from any computer—at any time.
  To be one of the first to take advantage of this great offer, visit: on December 27th.

as https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=10946.0  said, users can get it free now.
this is a flash shows the install process, and also how to use the key.

sure, the use of key is not so hard.
the reason to create such a flash demo, is to show the power of the same kind real freeware-- wink.
yes, the flash is created with Wink.

my friends, glad to share another freeware from Chinese-- IE Plus. Sure, it has English version & English homepage.
I know many people use Maxthon (from Chinese) or Firefox (like me), or Opera, but there are still many use just the pure IE. For these people, maybe you or your friends & collegues, the IE Plus is worth of trying.

the author, deepin, is very famous in Chinese for his Lite Windows XP -- I used it for a long time, after install, only cost 500MB disk space, runs very fast and also, very important, stable. I mean that, I have a windows license, but use the deepin Lite XP, for higher speed and little disk space. 

Come to IE Plus,
download http://www.shendoo.c...IEPlus-1.2-Setup.exe 578KB

IEPlus Introduction
IEPlus is an add-on for Microsoft© Internet Explorer, which brings you more convenience for plain Internet Explorer and thus to make your surfing fun and more comfortable, with only minimum resource requirement. Besides that, you can use the My Home, My Page feature to customize your personal home page, managing your favorite websites and RSS feeds, using various search engines to search different kinds of media, and write personal to-do list to arrange your time.

IEPlus can enrich your browse experience with features like close tab on double click, super drag and drop, browse history management, multi-proxy management, mouse gesture, ads block based on URL and content, URL shortcut, crash recovery, hotkey and a powerful plugin system ready to be extended. It works both for the latest IE7 and Vista, and also for the mainstream IE6 and Windows XP.

IEPlus' motto is to do more with less, thus it is thin, stable and is very user-friendly. During your use of it, we are sure you will have this feeling gradually.

    WPS Office(or called Kingsoft Office) suites is made in China, and now has localized to English. It was better than MS office until windows 95 released. After that, it lost many users. But now, they rebuild their products. Now it's very very alike to MS office, with 99% functions & 99% Compatible to MS Office format, but with only 40+MB to download.

Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets, and Kingsoft Presentation are compatible with
Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint respectively,
and they are compatible in two-way reading and writing.

   Although I use OOo instead of WPS, but I think it's better for basic users.

   download (43MB, English install):

   It comprises of Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation
   best compatiable to MS office (better than OpenOffice) format: doc, xls, ppt
   almost the same layout & interface with MS Office
   Convert documents to Adobe PDF effortlessly, with the export as PDF function.
   Kingsoft Office 2007 is compliant with today's XML standards so documents can be opened on other computers.

General Software Discussion / IBM Lotus Symphony:a flash movie
« on: September 26, 2007, 07:37 PM »
for those who want to experience it, but think it's too large to download & install,
here is a flash made by me, with freeware Wink.
maybe give you some idea.

you can visit the flash in attachment (now in English)

more detail (in Chinese):  :)

Word Processor Roundup / 40+MB MS Office alternative: WPS Office
« on: February 12, 2007, 03:18 AM »
pls go this post
for more discussion.


Great tool!
As good as pdffactory,
smaller than PDFcreator.

As a fan of Total Commander, I collect these ones.
It's in Chinese, but the software name and the screenshot is OK.

Cubic Explorer
Drag & File | Power File
File Maven Pro
Turbo Browser
File on the fly
Universal Explorer (UE) 4.2
AccelMan File manager
Gyula's Windows Navigator
Ace Explorer 1.3.75
Blue Commander 2.1.6
Handy File Tool
2xExplorer/xplorer2 lite/xplorer Pro
Free Commander V2005.09a
ExplorerXP 1.07
A43 File Management Utility V2.45
Commander 1.27
Directory Opus 8
FileAnt 2005
EF Commander Win.32
Advanced File Manager 3.2
Novatix ExplorerPlus V6.2/VCOM PowerDesk Pro
File Commander
Servant Salamander 1.52、2.x
Nico's Commander Pro 5.59
Magellan Explorer 3
Super Explorer 1.5
AB Commander
FileCommander V4.6.1
XYplorer V4.40
Frigate3 (2006-03-14加入)
Turbo Navigator 1.47 (2006-03-14加入)

I write this and publish it on both myblog and PConline to help more Chinese readers know such a great software.

编者按:经常来PConline的朋友对xbeta不一定熟悉,但对他的文章印象应该比较深刻。他的《软件玩家xbeta的故事: 向盗版说不! 》和《别了,ACDSee!选择IrfanView/XnView的十大理由》绝对让您眼前一亮。立志推广精品免费软件的他今天为大家带来了一款免费截图软件——Screenshot Captor。

  在发文之前,有幸通过xbeta联系到了Screenshot Captor的作者。文章最后附有Screenshot Captor作者Mouser的问候。有兴趣了解更多“精品免费软件”的朋友,可以访问xbeta的博客或阅读其之前的文章


  在层出不穷的截屏软件中,笔者最看好Screenshot Captor。尽管它目前在国内鲜为人知,但有理由相信,它会成为新一代截屏大师——重要的一点是,Screenshot Captor是免费软件。


  此后,随着技术的发展,出现了越来越多的同类软件,其中也不乏精品,但功能相当者也价格不菲。笔者也曾苦苦搜寻可替代的免费软件,最终发现了几款精品(参见《简评几款免费截图软件的优缺点》),其中最强的自然是Screenshot Captor。

  作为一个新生软件,且没有汉化版(作者已计划进行翻译),Screenshot Captor在国内的知名度极低,与其性能、功能远不匹配。google一下,只有18万,而Hypersnap是670万。但愿本文发表后,会有更多人了解它、喜爱它。笔者以推广优秀的免费软件为乐,故此,先翻译了它的官方主页(译文),以便于国内读者阅读。从笔者自己的经验看,它知名度低,很大原因是容易给用户一些不好的误解。一旦克服误解,认清本质,你就会喜欢上它。








图1 未注册时会有此启动画面



  ① 这是一个免费软件,即用户可以不付费,而不受时间限制和功能限制地使用它。

  ② 用户可以不下载许可号,这样软件仅是在每次启动时会弹出提示。你可以点击它马上消失;或不理它,几秒钟后自动消失。并且,这几秒钟内也可以正常使用程序(不象Hypersnap,要你等待后才可以);更不会在你使用的过程中弹出骚扰。

  ③ 建议用户下载许可号,是为了鼓励用户访问网站,并考虑是否愿意捐助。就象Maxthon,我认为很好,没有强迫,只是提醒,比一些流氓软件好得多!

  ④ 下载许可号,只是前两次有效期为6个月,然后就是永久有效了。假如你2006-07-25下载了许可,到2007-01-25要更新一次,再到2007-07-25更新一次,就一直有效了。如果你认为半年更新一次许可都麻烦,那只能说捆绑流氓插件情有可原了。



图2 Screenshot Captor的主界面(+上图可点击放大)


  启动后,右击托盘图标,点击Grab Screenshot of windows object or scrolling window,(或按它对应的热键——热键可自定义),当你的鼠标经过窗口时,它会识别,并弹出提示(如图3),即对象尺寸为998*647,然后,ctrl+点击为捕捉当前窗口,ctrl+shift+点击为滚屏捕捉,shift+点击为区域捕捉。方便吧,何况还能滚屏!(注:此方面还有待完善,一是截屏过程的闪烁,二是有时不能滚屏)

图3 Screenshot Captor截图中

  好,你就选一种点击方式,然后,看到此图片出现在了Screenshot Captor的编辑窗口了。



图4 用Screenshot Captor为图片添加边框


图5 用Screenshot Captor为图片添加箭头

  从上面你可以看出,Screenshot Captor的特点就是,让用户有控制每一个细节的自由。


  再show一下它的配置,看看下图的页签,就知道它有多强的个性化。仅以截屏后文件取名为例:我指定了(图6)把所截窗口的标题+序号作为文件名,这样,对我的主页所截图片就自动命名为“善用佳软_精品免费软件 - 善用佳软 - 新浪BLOG - Maxthon Browser_001.png”了,方便吧?捕完之后还会有注释信息,记录截屏的程序、时间等信息。我还从未见其他软件也能这样人性化的。这仅是举例而已,它还有8个页签的配置等读者自行研究呢!

图6 Screenshot Captor的设置(+点击上图可放大)


附:Screenshot Captor作者Mouse来自美国的问候。

Greetings from America! 

  I'm very honored to have Screenshot Captor written about and I want  to express my appreciation to xbeta for taking the time to write about it. I'm glad to know that more Chinese people will have a chance to discover our program, and we are happy to be able reach such a large audience of users.

  xbeta has explained that our programs are free but can require a little bit of effort to download a free license key.  We do this  so that we can encourage people who can afford to donate to do so,  but it is not mandatory.  We welcome everyone to use our program wether they donate or not.  We hope that our programs will make it possible for people who cannot afford to buy expensive software can still have the best programs while respecting copyright and legal  issues.

   If you have trouble signing up at our forum to get a free license  key, please do reach out to someone (eg. xbeta) who can speak both Chinese and English for help in navigating our website which can be confusing even to English native speakers :)  We hope to have a Chinese translated version of the program sometime  this year - we have already localized one of our programs (URL  Snooper) so we know the process involved, and it's not too difficult.   Chinese users might also want to try a program of ours  calls Unicode Image Maker to make it easier to create text boxes  with non-english text, both in Screenshot Captor and other programs  that don't support Chinese natively.  We are happy to help when we can so feel free to contact us or visit our forum and make suggestions for ways we can improve the program.


  mouser of ([email protected])


  在美国向大家致意!感谢xbeta为Screenshot Captor撰文,很高兴有机会让如此多的中国用户了解我们的作品。 有些人不能或不愿为截屏软件支付高昂的注册费,本软件的出现,使您在不违反版权和法律的条件下,做到了这一点。正如xbeta所介绍,软件免费,但需下载一个许可号来免除启动时的提示。此方面如有问题,请通过xbeta或其他人查阅论坛。无论是否捐赠,我们都欢迎任何人使用它。我们计划本年内发布中文版。因为Screenshot Captor对中文的支持还不完美,中文用户可以辅助用一下Unicode Image Maker。欢迎出意见和建议,以便于改进软件。

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