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LaunchBar Commander / Just plain old search
« on: November 19, 2018, 06:00 AM »
Is there a method to search for text within LBC, I know there's a Search and Replace?  Sometime I forget where I may have a node and a search option would help. Thanks

Does LBC support the ability to 'Run as administrator' or 'Run as Different User' within it's nodes?  I can't seem to be able to get it to work. Thanks

Screenshot Captor / Objects are no longer being pasted
« on: February 26, 2018, 07:59 AM »
Since the latest update (I think), when I add an object such as highlighting or a text object an area to a captured image... then highlight everything and press Ctrl C, the objects no longer pastes into an application.  If I use the Edit --> Copy to Clipboard -->Copy current screenshot to clipboard as bitmap it works fine.

Has the functionality changed or am I doing something wrong?  I am using v4.27.3

As an addition to use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out of a captured image, could you use the wheel click event switch to AutoFit and the double click event to switch to 100%?  Or is something like this already covered elsewhere?

Living Room / Buying from USA stores\sites and shipping to Ireland
« on: April 18, 2016, 02:35 AM »

I am looking to buy a mobile phone (Nexus 5X) that is on special offer from B&H.  However, as I live in Ireland, B&H won't ship internationally as they state: Due to carrier regulations, we cannot ship items containing lithium batteries to international addresses.

Has anybody used a third party service to have items sent to them and then onto their own country?  A method of avoiding import duty would be a bonus :)


General Software Discussion / Advice on manipulating a flat file
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:51 AM »

I have been given the 'pleasure' of masking data in a text file that is 160MB in size with 1.25M records.  The format is (yes the delimiter is ¦¦):


Can anybody recommend the easiest way to mask\amend certain columns for all the records.  So for example I'd like to replace the FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME and address columns with dummy data (preferably with sequential numbering but not essential)?

So it would end up like this:

12343¦¦F_NAME1¦¦LAST_NAME1¦¦Address 1¦¦Address 1¦¦Address 1¦¦Address 1¦¦Address 1¦¦Address 1¦¦Address 1¦¦P_CODE1,25/05/1967¦¦MARRIED¦¦NULL
12343¦¦F_NAME2¦¦LAST_NAME2¦¦Address 2¦¦Address 2¦¦Address 2¦¦Address 2¦¦Address 2¦¦Address 2¦¦Address 2¦¦P_CODE2,02/08/1998¦¦SINGLE¦¦NULL

I tried using Excel 2010 but it can only load 1048576 records.


I work with a lot of servers and I was going to create a menu with up 50 entries to various shares or folders across multiple servers.

Rather than doing this one by one, is there a way to dynamically create a menu based on say a text file something like this:

Share_Main, \\SERVER_X\Open
Share_Test, \\SERVER_Y\Test

I seem to recall this type of functionality already exists but I can't find it.


LaunchBar Commander / Some minor annoyances
« on: February 23, 2015, 02:32 AM »

Each time I open the LBC preferences I get a message about recommending to do an occasional backup (sensible advice) but I would like to be able to disable this.

A second issue is if I make a change, close all the nodes, save and close preferences, then re-open the preferences, many of the nodes are expanded again.

A third issue is (but I can't reproduce at will), is sometimes when I click save, LBC will crash and I end up having to kill LBC from task-manager. The next time this happens I will capture the error message and post it.

[Edit] LBC crashed twice for me this morning and I have attached the message.

[Edit 2] LBC crashed again, I made some changes, click the save all button and then tried to close it and got a violation error - see second screenshot.

[Edit 3] Another crash but a different message and I have attached a screenshot.

I am using LBC on Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1.

First world issues, eh?

LaunchBar Commander / How to run programs with elevated permissions?
« on: January 23, 2015, 05:47 AM »

I am trying to create shortcuts to Powershell.exe and Powershell_ise.exe within LBC and to allow them to run as administrator under Windows 7 Enterprise.  Does anybody know how to achieve this?


Living Room / Recommend a tablet
« on: October 28, 2014, 08:17 AM »
My mother in-law has asked me for help in purchasing a tablet for her (screen size of 10" to 12").  She isn't terrible technical (in fact she's dreadful) but what she wants is one that support a physical keyboard and a decent enough front camera.  I am not an Apple fan but the iPad springs to mind as I hear anyone can use them but they seem to be over priced.

I have an ASUS Transformer Prime TF700 but it runs dreadfully slow since one of the Kitkat updates. I resorted to flashing a custom ROM to addressing the issue but it left me with a negative opinion of ASUS.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro could be a contender or possible a Microsoft Surface Pro (I have read another posting on the SP).

Any advice, ideas or suggestions?

LaunchBar Commander / How to copy\paste a node?
« on: October 13, 2014, 03:39 AM »
I have a node that I would like to copy, then paste and make a few amendments.  However, when I highlight a menu\node and click Ctrl-C (copy this Subtree to clipboard) and then Ctrl-V nothing happens.  Is there something I am doing wrong here?

On a humorous note, I did a spell check on my post and it suggests I replace 'Ctrl-V' with 'Truelove'  :-*.  See attachment.

EDIT: I don't know what I was doing wrong but I can now copy and paste :D

LaunchBar Commander / Issue after installing V1.142.01
« on: May 16, 2014, 07:09 AM »
Since upgrading to v1.142.01 I am encountering an issue with Microsoft Lync.

For example I have node type of "Command" with: sip:[email protected] (I replaced the last part with xxx & yyy to protect the innocent).  Prior to the upgrade this worked fine but now I get an error "File could not be found to launch: 'sip:[email protected]'. Once I close this error dialog, the correct Microsoft Lync window opens as before.  Similarly I am getting this same type of error while trying to run a command prompt (CMD) via LBC.

I can successfully run these commands without issue from the windows run prompt.

Any ideas?

Living Room / Recommend a 64GB\128GB pendrive
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:38 AM »

I am looking to get myself a USB 3.0 pen\thumb drive.  Many of the sites I go to don't specify read\write speeds so I was wondering if someone could recommend a 64\GB or 128GB drive that has a balance of read\write speeds versus the cost?

Are there other factors I should consider?


LaunchBar Commander / Problems showing hints
« on: January 08, 2014, 03:41 AM »
I raised this issue sometime back but I can't find the thread, however I have more details on the issue.

If I have a dock that is not minimised to the tray, I can get LBC to show hints on items at the top level but not in lower menus.  If I minimise the dock to the tray, then no hints show at all.  I have attached a few screenshots to show what I mean (or at least what I am trying to convey).  I also included a test dock (zipped as I couldn't upload it as it was an invalid extension) that I used for testing the problem.

General Software Discussion / Collage software recomendation
« on: January 05, 2014, 01:19 PM »

Would anybody recommend collage software?  Once that might take around 25-30 photographs on the one page.


LaunchBar Commander / Bug in Tools?
« on: December 05, 2013, 03:02 AM »

I was trying all the various maintenance operations and when I clicked Tools -> Maintenance Operations -> Fixup All Changed Item Drive Letters after about 20 seconds I got a grey screenful of 'issues' and then I have to go into Task Manager and force close LBC (version 1.136.01).

Does this happen to anyone else?

LaunchBar Commander / Trojan (false positive?)
« on: March 06, 2013, 08:18 AM »
Hi Mouser,

All of a sudden McAfee is saying the C:\Program Files\LaunchBarCommander\Tools\Nircmd\nircmd.exe (it has a modified date of 26/05/2009) is a trojan - see attachment.


Is this a false positive?  The McAfee version number is and I believe the definition file was updated today.

Living Room / A laptop for $600-$700
« on: December 08, 2012, 10:14 AM »

I am living in Ireland but a friend of mine is coming home from the States in two weeks and he has been 'volunteered' to bring home a laptop for me  :D  I am looking to buy a laptop with the following specifications:

Intel i5 (gen 3) processor, 15.6" screen, 6GB+ RAM, 500+GB hard-drive and preferably a separate graphics card but would settle for an Intel HD Graphics 4000 and within the price range of $600-$700.

Would you have any recommendations of what and where to buy?  For those of you who have tried Windows 8 is it worth going for or to stick with good old Windows 7?

Do you know if Dell laptops bought in USA can be fixed under warranty here?

Many thanks



If I have an image and I select it completely and I apply a border I can see the border perfectly. However, if I select the entire image again (after the border has been applied) and then paste this into another package the border is lost.

The border properties are Transparency: 200, Shape: Square, No shadow, Border Colour Red, Line Width: 2.00 and no inner colour, Blend Mode: Multiply.

If I use the option 'Expand Canvas to Fit Objects' and then copy and paste it to another application it shows the bottom and righthand side border but not the top or left border.

Is this a bug or am I using the software incorrectly, I am using v2.102.01.



Screenshot Captor / I can't download Screenshot Captor from work
« on: September 09, 2011, 01:51 AM »
When I try to download Screenshot Captor from work I get this message:

"The Websense category Malicious Web Sites;Security is blocked"

Could this mean that' believe DonationCoder is a malicious site?

It is very diffilcult to get my work to change the category so I can't download the latest version.  Oddly enough I was able to download the beta version that Mouser gave me link to a few days ago.

Screenshot Captor / Splicing a vertical section of an image
« on: September 05, 2011, 10:19 AM »

I thought I did this before but I can't get it to work now, read on.

I have an image taken by screenshot captor that is roughly 1264*53 pixels, so it is quite wide but not that high.  I want to splice out a vertical section but each time I highlight the appropriate section and click splice, the whole image is removed.

I tried looking at the manual that comes with version 2.97.03 but it doesn't mention splicing under the SpecialFX menu help.  What am I doing wrong?



I have an issue using the ever useful Splice out strip defined by selection functionality.

If I splice out a horizontal section I end up with a black section at the bottom of the image.  I have attached two screenshots, the first showing my orignal sheetshot and then another after I have removed a section of the image.  Am I doing something wrong or maybe I have an incorrect setting?


Living Room / A NAS server for my home
« on: December 06, 2010, 06:47 AM »

I was thinking of buying a NAS for at home but I've no experience with them and I'm looking for advice.

I'll give you some background on my needs:

I have a video, music and photograph collection that I would like to be able to share at home with my family (2 PCs,  three laptops and a smartphone).  I'd also like to be able to access the NAS from the internet (read/write).  I don't have eSATA or USB 3.0.

Ideally I'd like one that has 2GB+ storage.  ON my first search I came across this product from Seagate: http://www.seagate.c.../desktop-hard-drive/

If anybody has advice of what to buy (or look out for), I'd appreciate it.


Screenshot Captor / Whitespace around images with added borders
« on: October 20, 2010, 07:59 AM »
If I add a border to an image it seems to add a lot of "whitespace" around the image.  Could this be made a bit more lean?  I have attached an image of my preferences and added a border to show the excess space (in particular the left and top of the image).

I also discovered that when I had the preferences screen open and clicked Capture-> Capture Image of Screenshot Window, beneath the name field at the bottom of the main screenshot capture screen, I got details relating to an Internet session I had open. Even after I had completely closed Internet Explorer and tried the same thing again, the same details are being recorded.  Having said that I don't really use that field so it's not much of an issue for me - just an observation.

Screenshot Captor / Splicing problem?
« on: October 14, 2010, 04:32 AM »
Firstly, let me start with saying the newly added splice functionality is great and I use it more than I thought I would have use for!

However, if you highlight an area and subsequently splice the image to remove part of it, the highlight object stays the original size. I'm not sure if this is by design or an oversight?

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