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General Software Discussion / Outlook conversations get broken...
« on: February 09, 2009, 05:17 AM »

I'd like to share with you my experience with Outlook (2003) threads/conversation. Some time ago I started to work on my business email like this:

  • i have a search folder called "Inbox & Sent", in whch I can see my inbox and sent items
  • this is my default/initial folder, the first that I see opening outlook
  • the email are orgainzed and grouped by "conversation" and sorted by date (desc)
  • in this way I get, on top, current "open" conversations (the most recent ones) with mail sent and received on a specific subject
  • when the subect in "closed" (no more actions to carry out), I move the whole conversation to the appropriate outlook folder.

The only glitch in this organization is that, often, non-outlook-client (like lotus notes) answers BRAKE the conversation, since the prepone a non-standard keywork (like "Ref: ") to the subject of replies. There are also some localized versions of the prefixes (in italian often "Re: " becomes "Ris: "...): this brakes the conversations as well.

So since a week ago I am strongly trying to find the way to "merge conversations", ie to force a message to belong to a specific conversation.

Before going on, I'd like to know if this matter is of some interest here, or it's only a problem of mine...



I have a classical "flickering" display problem on my Dell C840 laptop. Since I cannot understand if the problem is relate to the lcd or to the inverter or to che graphic adapter, maybe someone of you knows a good HW forum to ask for a suggestion (I know this is a SW forum, but all you people are so good in any computer stuff..).

Anyway I also tell you the symtoms, in case there is some advice here.

- the lcd flickers and shows random patterns
- it gets worse as time goes by (if the pc is cold it happens after 20mins, if it's warm it happens immediatley)
- it gets worse or better if I twist the base unit
- it gets worse or better if I lightly push or pull the lcd (see here )
- as the patterns on the screen get worse, at a certain point WinXP freezes and reboots
- I get the same problem if I connect an external monitor
- I get the same problem if I connect to the laptop via VNC or LOGMEIN (remote desktop). (I think this excludes the lcd and inverter, since it means that the corrupted patterns are sent via tcp/ip to a remote controlling machine....
- I tried with no success to change operating system, to work disconnecting all the disconnectable hardware, to change RAM dimms, even to change the whole motherboard

I suspect a video card fault (I think onboard video memory broken).




I need to read my company email (exchange, pop3 enabled) without marking emails as READ. This is because I hate to use outlook and to find already read emails.

I know it's Microsoft Exchange that marks them read when a program issues the RETR pop3 command. But I also know that if the program fetches the emails with the TOP pop3 command, the emails remain unread.

Do you know if there is a software that let me peek in my mailbox using this (or equivalent) technique ?



General Software Discussion / Why I put a slash before my signature !?
« on: September 27, 2007, 06:00 PM »
this is strange...

it's about 10 years now that in I sign my emails with a slash before my name, like this: /Stefano

I remember there was a reason, but I don't remember it anymore !!!!!!!!!

Maybe someone "slashes" his own signature ? WHY ??????



General Software Discussion / "Disk activity" tamer...
« on: September 17, 2007, 03:29 PM »

I "love" process tamer, I can't live without !!!

But how I'd like a hard disk tamer ... ! If an application starts to use too much CPU it gets tamed... but how to deal with applications that start to heavily work with the hard drive, slowing down the system to a crawl and consuming little more than 0% CPU???



I am 36 and my memory is very bad. I was wandering if someone of you has ever come across a program (or better a website) that let one insert on a time line spanning decades his own life event, like the years of school, university, work, family life, ecc...  It should come up like a project gantt chart, with the ability of zooming in and out the time scale and insert events with the description, or maybe videos or photos or whatever.

An example of possible implemetation is shown in

This is done with the excellent

I just would like to avoid setting up a php web server to host the code to make these timelines.

Any suggestions ?


I am searching for some simple software (like AHK script) that polls a folder content and sends an SMTP email when it changes, notifying me which files are added/removed/changed.

I came accross "Always Watching" http://www.liquidmir...m/alwayswatching.asp that seems to do well its job, but I was wondering if anyone of you use some other software to accomplish this task.



every day I need to go to a specific site, send my credential, navigate 2 or 3 pages, make some decisions, submitting some forms and then get some results.

I was thinking to automate all the session with a kind of program to "play" a web session and get results, like this:

get_this_page_to_variable a="", username=stefano, password=stefano
if a contains "to authorize" then
   get_this_page_to_variable b="", var1=val1, var2=val2

I saw that AutoHotKey has the url_download_to_file but it is not enough. I tried java or c# but I did not want a complex programming language or interface.

Does anyone know if there is a tool/scripting language/anything to automate web sessions (maybe keeping track of cookies?)



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