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General Software Discussion / Next FARR version for Android
« on: December 24, 2012, 05:37 PM »
OK I know it sounds crazy (and downright dumb) but what are the chances of a creating a partially functioning version of FARR for a smartphone?

I just switched from WebOS (on HP Pre 3) to Android OS and having difficult time finding simple launchers or file finders.

Closest Android apps I have found so far are Fastrun (Russian) and Simple File Finder.  Any suggestions???


I tried without success to install the FARRWindowSearch plug-in and now whenever I launch FARR I get the following error message.  How can I get rid of this? :(

"This application has failed to start because PROPSYS.dll was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

General Software Discussion / Question about AutoHotkey scripting
« on: August 01, 2010, 01:03 PM »
Is it possible to create a hotkey that does not require simultaneous pressing of keys?

For example, I would like to create a hotkey combination that is based on pressing two keys in rapid succession like "KK" or "KL".


I will be traveling without my laptop and was planning to bring a USB drive with portable apps including Firefox and a VPN client. 

If I run these applications from my USB drive in a public computer in a lobby or Internet cafe, will it leave traces of personal information that I use to log into accounts on Firefox (e.g., gmail other web mail, or OWA)?   I also was thinking of connecting by VPN to my employers servers.  How safe is all this???


I have seen a few discussions on DC about online data backup.  However, I am interested to know if anyone has had any experience, good or bad, with any of the sites that permit data to be transferred by ftp.

My primary purpose is to store 10GB to 50GB of files that I can access while I am traveling.  (I already have external HD backup at home).  I am not real concerned about security but I do want it to be reliable.

Must haves:
- FTP capability to upload and download data
- Reliability of service
- Not super expensive

Not important:
- High quality syncing or sophisticated backup capabilities.  Just data storage.

Does anyone have experience with or


It would be very helpful to have an autohotkey script which sends a shortcut to the desktop. 

In other words, if a file is highlighted in Windows Explorer and I run the script (i.e. run the script in FARR) , it will create a shorcut on the destop.  I realize that I can right click on the file and use SendTo in the context menu but this process is very, very slow on my machine.  :-[


There are occasions when I have to open many instances of the same program such as 10 Excel spreadheets or 25 jpg files.  I would like to request an ahk that would only close the many instances of the selected program but NOT the other programs that are also open.


Magic Folder is a cool ahk script that puts a magic folder on the desktop that allows all folders and files to be organized in a 'hidden folder' (which is not really hidden but located at a user-specified location).  

I don't know how to describe it other than to say that it I have been using it for a few months and find it to be very helpful.


Find And Run Robot / Why does it take FARR so long to open?
« on: July 13, 2009, 06:29 AM »
When I launch FARR, it takes about 30 seconds to open on my Windows XP 32-bit laptop.  Is this normal?  Anything I can do to speed it up?

Find And Run Robot / FARR Request: Sorting Columns in aliases box
« on: February 08, 2009, 10:37 AM »
It would be nice to be able to sort these two columns alphabetically in the aliases box.

sortrequest1.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\jdd\Desktop\sortrequest1.jpg

I am looking for recommended software to create an NTFS partition on a FAT32 external hard drive without losing data? 

The purpose of this is to use Truecrypt to create an encrypted Volume larger than the 4 Gig limit allowed on a FAT32 drive.

My laptop hard drive is partitioned into C: and D: drives.  The Windows XP OS and programs are on C drive; data on D drive.

Are there any good programs that will allow me to password protect the D drive, or portions of D, to prevent access?  I do not want to encrypt or hide the D drive.

I would like to cut selected 'pieces' out of some images (jpeg, png, bmp).

I know that it is possible to crop or slice a rectangular or circular section but is there any software that allows a cut of an irregular shaped line that is drawn by freehand around the portion to be saved.  An example would be to cut out and save only the shape of a head of a person in a portrait.

Xara Xtreme has a function called 'Slice Shapes' but I have v2.0 and haven't been able to make it work.

Any other software out there that can do this?

I would like to know how to create an autohotkey script to maximize a program from the Windows tray, which I will then run in FARR as an alias.  I know there is an easy way to do this but I can't figure it out.  Can someone help?


I could use some advice regarding hard drive configuration for a new laptop:

1. Will it boot up faster than a non-partitioned drive, all else being equal?  Note that I have a lot of programs (crap) that open on boot up.

2. What are advantages/disadvantages to partitioning?

3. What is preferred, NTFS or FAT32?

System will be:
Windows XP, sp2
120 gig HD, 5400 rpm
2 gig ram
processor= Intel Core2 Duo Processor ULV U7600 (1.20GHz, 533Mhz
running mostly MS applications
no gaming

General Software Discussion / Radiohead video of Scottish Mist
« on: January 09, 2008, 09:43 PM »
Far be it from me to make an unethical request  :-[.  And I hope this isn't one but.........can anyone tell me which software I might be able to use to record the audio portion of Radiohead at


I am involved in a bit of a debate and in need of some advice regarding the purchase of 'maintenance' for a software product.  Specifically,

- Is this a common term in the software industry?
- What is normally covered by 'maintenance' fees?
- Would someone paying maintenance expect to receive all upgrades whether or not it was specifically stated that new versions would be included?
- Are there any (I hate to ask) legal references that I can refer to that might have a definition of the term 'maintenance'?


I often realize, too late, that I have published documents created in MS Word, that unexpectedly contains mixed font types and or sizes (e.g., a few unwanted Arial sentences in the middle of a Veranda document).

Is there a way to search for font types and/or sizes in an MS Word document other than scanning with the naked eye?

I am also color blind so it would be nice if it could search for font colors but this would be a secondary requirement.

General Software Discussion / Do you use 7-Zip files?
« on: April 25, 2007, 04:23 PM »
The 7-Zip *.7z is my preferred compressed file type.  I am interested to know if it is preferred by many others at DC.  Thanks, jdd

General Software Discussion / Software to compress large pdf files
« on: March 18, 2007, 01:01 PM »
Does anyone know of a program that will compress (not archive) large .pdf files and significantly shrink their size.  I found a really good one called PdfCompressor 3.1 but it costs $300. :o


It's been several weeks since the free X1 Enterprise Client was released.  Before I convert my paid (now obselete :huh:) version of the X1 Desktop to the free client, I am interested to know if anyone has had any problems.....other than the Yahoo toolbar issue that was previously discussed. :-\

I recently puchased BB Flashback, taking advantage of the great DC discount.  I then created an swf of a software demo for my company website but it turned out to be a whopping 15 MEG.

Obviously this will take too much time for impatient viewers (like me) to wait for.

I was wondering if it is possible to set up a screecast to play a large file on a website without having the visitor's flash player download the file, or does the visitor always need a player on their machine that downloads the flash?

For example, I noticed that the nice new Locate and KeePass mini-reviews load very quickly on DC and appear to be playing "on" the DC website.  How big are these files?


I have a need to print some of these things so I would like to offer DonationCoder credits in exchange.


Screenshot Captor does a great job of autoscrolling to capture long web pages.  The issue is that the images can be long and narrow, and when printed out as hard copy on a single page is completely illegible.


This may be an impossible task but……. Provide a method to print a hard copy of the captured autoscrolled image, or break the image into multiple images that can be printed.  (It’s all about printing image files of different “lengths”).


a.) 91 Donation Credits for writing new code to create AutoscrollPrint, or

b.) 45 Donation Credits for identifying existing freeware that achieves the same goal

The best solution (may or may not be the first submittal) will be the winner


10% Bonus if a lame Haiku is not included with the winning entry

Other Requirements:
- The solution must be automated or semi-automated and work with images of different “lengths”. 

- Winning entry should include final output of the Test File as a pdf, or multiple images created from the Test File that are suitable for printing.

- The print out should be legible on standard letter or legal size paper.

- Anything that involves manual cropping is not acceptable.

Test File:


I would appreciate some advice on how to transmit large files.  I don’t have the need or resources to set up a full blown website but I have some large files (50 to 100 MB) I would like to upload to a site to make available for download to selected folks.

I have seen some companies offering free web hosting services.  I was wondering if these are legitimate (free) web hosting services.  Is there another way to accomplish what I am trying to do?   Security is a concern but not a major consideration; password protection would suffice.

p.s. I am away from the house quite often and my computer is not connected much of the time so I can't use a personal web server hosted on my computer.

There used to be a terrific little News Reader program called Jyte that is no longer supported.  What this program did better than anything I have found is that it would continuosly search RSS news feeds based on a user defined keyword search and it would only pull in the headlines of articles that fulfilled the Boolean search criteria.

The following link is a review of this now-defunct program

I was wondering if anyone knows of a program that does the same thing???


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