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First of all, I am not affiliated with MyImgur software, developer or website; nor with

MyImgur is a free (for personal use) tool to quickly upload pictures to; once uploaded, the program can copy a link to the file directly to your clipboard. It has also many other functions, including full Imgur account support.

What I like the most about this is that it is portable, has 32 and 64 bit versions and it is able to open-> send image-> copy link-> close without user intervention.

In SC just go to Configure External tools-> Add, choose the Title, the path to MyImgur executable (it may be relative) and in the Parameters field write:

/portable "%file%"

It should look something like this:

MyImgur interface:

MyImgur options:

P.S. I tried to capture the "Tool Properties" window for MyImgur using Screenshot Captor itself, but it returned an empty image. I guess this is normal (being the child window of a child window of SC itself) but I thought to throw it here anyway. I had to use a different capture program...  :-[

 :-* SC

I use Opera as my main browser, but I also need Firefox and Chrome. They all have their strong and week points.

I make, for example, a Google search using "g query" syntax.

Here comes my question: how can I make my web search in the current opened browser and not in the default one?
And if I have all 3 (or only 2) browsers opened, could I specify a preferred order of them?

Maybe this could be doable already, but I have no idea how.
It is annoying to work in Firefox and hitting "g whatever" makes me wait until Opera launches etc...


Edit: the answer was offered by lanux128 in the form of Farr_Browser_Launcher.

Screenshot Captor / Capture multiple objects simultaneous
« on: July 21, 2009, 11:07 AM »
I searched for "multiple objects" and couldn't find a topic regarding this option.

How can I achieve this result using SC?

If there is no option for now (I couldn't find it), will it be added at a later time?

Screenshot Captor / ScreenshotCaptor logo and watermarking
« on: April 18, 2009, 06:35 AM »
Hello guys!
This topic is a follow up of my previous post here.

Regarding my first question: I could not find (yet) any free watermarking software (that suits my needs) that could be invoked from the command line. I am temporarily using FastStone Photo Resizer as it is freeware, portable, supports batch operations and can add watermarks as well as texts on the screenshots. There are some inconveniences but this is the best solution I could find until now (or until SC will support auto-watermarking :) ).

As for my second question there (this is also the reason I made a separate topic): I managed to play a bit with a logo creator and Paint.Net and I've come up with the following logo for ScreenshotCaptor:

I am not happy with my result as it seems a bit too crowded with information, but my knowledge does not allow me to achieve a better one using only few objects. If someone here could make a better logo that indicates immediately that it is about ScreenshotCaptor and Mouser it would be great.

Here is how the end results looks like in my case:

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