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Screenshot Capture 4.27.4 ... How do i get saved IMAGE to open Automatically ? ( Immeditaley after taking a screenshot ?? )
I have Windows 10, and use 'Photo Viewer' to view images .  :o

I have Installed Kirby Alarm v2.11 ( Windows 7 ) ...Ive been using it for years ok, but recently, by a process of elimination in 'Start Up' ( msconfig ) It seems Kirby is causing Opera, and Videopad both to open normally a few times, then they BOTH Freeze ( Force shutdown box appears ) ..
I really want this Kirby 2.11 as it has all my stored Reminders ... any help what i can do from here ??? i dont want to use another reminder company, as ive used Kirby for a long time !! :-*

Screenshot Capture 4.21.1 Wont save as .jpg as i set in settings  ??? changes to .png ?? ive tried everything, it WONT remember to save a jpg, even tho box says  ... Attached

Hi, It just stopped opening prog by clicking icon. the only way i can get it to open, is right click / Grab selected region ??? why cant i open by clicking the icon ( the it used to be set to 'Grab Selecetd Region' as ive done last 10 years ???? !!!!

Hi, When i click Paperclip icon, should my 'Template ' appear ??? as , as moment i have to click icon, then 'click' 'Template' to view, ive forgotten if it should appear in 'one click' of paperclip icon ??? as ive reinstalled program ... Help !!!  :P

Hi, Ive just had to reinstall my 'C' drive, no problems .. i went to 'Program Files' then to my CLCL folder, and put in the Files from my 'Backup' but it wouldnt show my 30 saved 'Words'  i had saved in 'Templates' ??? What am i doing wrong ?? and what files do i need to 'back up' in case i need to reinstall in future ?? Thanks
Pic ATTACHED  ( What file(s) do i back up for future reference ???

I have been using Kirby Alarm 2.11 for MANY years ., after having to reinstall, i get program okay, with my reminders showing, but after reboot, the reminder box is 'Blank' ... How do i get reminders to ALWAYS SHOW , EVEN AFTER REBOOT ???

How can i add text or a Jpg image to 'Explorer' pane , see Example Below
( I need a way of distinguishing all my 'Drives' when all open, gets confusing which is which ! )

Does anyone know of a simple, POP-Up reminder and send to email also, programe ( Windows 7 ) ..i have been using Kirby Alarms, for many years, but now will NOT send to email .. This is the BEST program i have used .. all others i searched for, are all badly designed, too many clicks ! HELPPPPPPP  :Thmbsup:

How can i get a 'Desktop ALERT' to pop up, when i have' New' email in Outlook Express 6 ( Like 'Outlook' has ???)
I am using Windows 7 .... Is it somehow possible, or does anybody know of a programe i can get to do this feature ???

Screenshot Capture 4.21.1
How do i 'Backup' my settings .. if i go to 'Program Files' all files are dated 2017 and earlier ? I want to back it up TODAY ( So its a 4th feb 2018 backup ! ) ATTACHED .... some files are dated 2008 ?  :o

Hi, How can i Add a Icon, for 'File Shredder' ( So it stands out )  to Context Menu ( Win7 ) I have a saved ' ico ' file that i want to use for it ..........  see Image ATTACHED to see what i mean   :Thmbsup:

Re: CLCL ....  If i copied say 36 ( anything over 35 items ( IN HISTORY PANE  ) it makes a 2nd Page type thing appear, as 1 page can only store 35 'HISTORY' entries.. after 35 it makes a 2nd box ( Pane ) ... This is, say, my last 36 ( History ) 'copied' items .. However ..this is NOT a problem at all .. the only problem i have is ..
if i have say 36 ( onwards items, ) 'Templates FOLDER' gets moved to this 2nd Page ( I have 20 items 'Saved' in templates' only ) .. say i suddenly want a piece of text i have 'Saved' in 'Templates FOLDER' .. when i click on 'Templates Folder' in 2nd pane, it highlites all my 20 saved listings on far left  .. when i move the cursur to click on a entry ,  all my 'Saved' items in 'templates folder' disappears  ( as does the whole 'Pane' )........its a bit similar to trying to take a screenshot of a box, but box disappears when you press to take screenshot ( as an example of what i am getting at ! ) Hope this will give you more info, and a solution ?? it seems a very simple problem,

Hi, Re: CLCL,
I Cant access 'Template' if there is more than 35 items, it makes a 2nd column .... When i then click on 'Templates' ( In the 2nd Column Tab ) i can see all my saved files in 'Template' but when i move cursor, the 'Template' Tab disappears .....Only fix is to 'Delete' lots of files from 'History' then it makes it 'One' column, and i can access 'Templates' .... Please HELP !!!!   >:(

General Software Discussion / CLCL
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:15 PM »
Hi, Re: CLCL, is there anyway to 'Backup' my 'Settings' in case i ever have to reinstall ?????  :o

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