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I thought I would post here before going to coding snacks.

I purchased a bunch of files that are used to cut out shapes. Unfortunately they do not have a catalog of the 184 directories and what are contained therein! The files have numbers and do not represent what they are.
You can see what I am talking about here; layered 3d svg files

The program needs to look for a specific file using wildcards and then copy the directory name and file to a specified directory.

Example; The file string I am looking for is *-01.png which can be found in sub-directory Christmas Trees. I would like to copy the file, rename it to the sub-directory name and place it in a specified directory. The result is c:\christmas ornaments catalog\Christmas Trees.png

I am sure there is a program already out there that can do this simple task. Thanks!

Post New Requests Here / Folder Organizer/Sorter
« on: January 12, 2019, 12:55 PM »
As always for me anyway, please let me know if this has been done before or available elsewhere.

So my name is Larry and I am a file hoarder!

I deal with a lot of different file types for my assorted hobbies. I also have a lot of files contained in compressed files that need to be sorted according to content.

I have files downloaded from Thingiverse for my 3D printer, CO2 laser and CNC which contain different file types. I have to open the compressed files and see what they contain. It would be easier to just open a program and search a directory to sort out the files.

What I am looking for;

Be able to input a folder destination (create one if not done), scan for files with a specific extension in/out of a compressed folder, and/or scan for specific directories in a compressed folder and then move/copy files in target directory.

Of course being able to input multiples would be nice but not necessary.


General Software Discussion / G+ Takeaway viewer
« on: December 18, 2018, 06:39 PM »
I apologize if this has been discussed anywhere on the forum but I did not turn up anything during a search.

Google+ is shutting down in four months (April 2019). They offer a service known as Takeaway that will download your G+ data but not viewable in a very convenient way.
In the G+ universe, the posts are shown and accessible on one webpage. When downloaded, each post is it's own html page. It would be nice if there was a way to view all the posts without having to open each one individually. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated by myself and the G+ community.


I work with CNC machines that uses gcode for programming vector coordinates and machine function. One program does not output the code in the proper format so I have to manually add spaces, change letters for machine function ect. I would like to do this with a batch type function. I have used Notepad ++ put have not been able to figure out how to do so with it. I am open to all suggestions and programs. Thanks

Quick example, this text;


Would look like this after edit;

X00.00 Y00.00
S100 M3

The code could be from a few hundred lines to thousands of lines and it sure gets tedious to manually change.

I work with CNC equipment that uses g-code to control the motion. It is a simple text file with machine specific codes and vector positioning. I use a program that outputs the code in a not so generic form and I also need to change some of the codes for use with a laser. I need to add spaces, replace characters ect and would like to do so with the least amount of manual repetition. I have used Notepad ++ but have not figured out how to accomplish this. Any ideas or programs to use would be great. Thanks!

I have seen this around the net and wonder if anyone here has come across this issue.

From an article on PCWorld;

"To save time, some third-party Windows desktop developers used a shorthand to check the version name (not number) of Windows they were installing their app to. Instead of coding apps to check for Windows 95 or Windows 98, developers coded instructions to check for "Windows 9."


Before I post in Coding Snacks, I thought I would ask here if there is a program that I can;

Select multiple files
Right click to pop up a dialogue box or menu item
Stay in the current directory and create a new folder
Move selected files

So here is the scenario,

I have multiple files in my download directory that I would like to move to a new folder. I would like to select the files, right click, have the option to create a folder that they would be moved to (maybe option to copy) in the same directory. Done!

This would be easier than having two explorer windows open and creating folders in one and moving the contents from the other.

I seem to remember a coding snack that was similar but have not been able to locate it. Thanks!

I know there are a few small simple audio players for windows but what I find lacking is the ability to skip 30 seconds ahead or back. It would be great if the skip time could be defined i.e. 5, 10, 20 seconds ect.

I listen to a lot of audio podcasts on my Android phone. My player of choice allows skipping in defined increments. I record and download podcasts onto my desktop computer and would like to be able to skip past the boring parts and continue to the parts that interest me. A slider control is not very accurate.

Some windows players have this feature but you have to push a combo of keys to get a simple skip. I would like to push a button on the player or simply define a single key for the action. The keyboard is not very important as having the feature part of the onscreen player.


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Podcast Downloader
« on: October 03, 2013, 05:44 PM »
I use an app on my Android phone called Beyond Podcast. I am able to find podcasts and download older podcasts that I have not heard yet. Sometimes I want to download all the podcasts in the series but of course it downloads them one at a time and even on wifi can take hours. If I go to the site of the podcast, sometimes I will have to go to seperate pages for each podcast or only able to download a few per page. The reason I mentioned the Android app is that the way it accesses the podcasts, they are all downloadable in one shot.

Is there a program or can a program be written to work like the app, download all podcasts at once instead of having to hunt them down on the website?

After download, I can transfer them to my phone.


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: CD jewel case insert file list
« on: August 18, 2012, 10:51 AM »
I originally posted this in the main software forum but did not get any responses for known programs that do just this. An excel or word macro can be considered.

I am finally having time to start to put my CD collection into the digital age. ( have close to 400+ albums! Most are from overseas when I traveled.)

I am having a hard time finding a stand alone program to print the track info on a jewel case insert. I searched the forums and found only one program that looked promising but did not meet my needs. My Epson printer has a built in disc printer with software so I do not want to invest in disc label software just to print jewel inserts. Once upon a time, REAL had a program that produced nice fanfold inserts but it was part of the REAL PLAYER software. All I want to do it to list the track info in two or more rows on the insert. Because I am archiving to DVD, there are quite a number of tracks and info to print.


I am finally having time to start to put my CD collection into the digital age. ( have close to 400+ albums! Most are from overseas when I traveled.)

I am having a hard time finding a stand alone program to print the track info on a jewel case insert. I searched the forums and found only one program that looked promising but did not meet my needs. My Epson printer has a built in disc printer with software so I do not want to invest in disc label software just to print jewel inserts. Once upon a time, REAL had a program that produced nice fanfold inserts but it was part of the REAL PLAYER software. All I want to do it to list the track info in two or more rows on the insert. Because I am archiving to DVD, there are quite a number of tracks and info to print.

Any suggestions on available software would be appreciated. I have even thought that it might be able to be done in MS Excel.


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Backup and open file
« on: November 11, 2010, 11:58 AM »
An issue at work with an excel spreadsheet that way too many people have access to made me think of this.

Right click a file and be able to copy the file with a time and date stamp to a sub-directory and then open the file.

I believe this would be easier done than to have to put in a macro in the spreadsheet and it could work on all files.

I am sure an AHK script would work but......everyone who accesses this file would have to run AHK which now as I think of it, creates another issue on how to make it work across a network.

Sorry about the monkey wrench at the end  :-\


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Download multiple links from WEB page
« on: October 27, 2010, 01:11 PM »
Here is my current dilemma;

I use Office 2000 because it works great for me. (yes I know about open office ect.  :) )
Microsoft has stopped supporting auto updates for the product. The only way to download the updates now is to do it one at a time.
I am constantly reloading my OS and programs due to "geeking" up my computer. (upgrades, crashes ect) The times I do update the hardware, I have to do a full install instead of an image backup.
When I do a full install, I have to apply all the office updates manually.
There are approx 158 updates on the MS site for office 2000. (they can be found here: Office 2000 updates )

The search links will take you to a page with a download link. Is there a way to automatically go from the search link to the download link and then download the update?

I am open for all suggestions. I have used some of the download managers for Firefox but they cannot link to a link in a link.  :D

Thanks as always!

Here is my ongoing dilemma that I have been trying to fix but due to the nuances of windows and it's interaction with hardware it does not seem to stay fixed long.

I have a MP3 player that will work as a USB device or a Portable Media Player in My Computer.
If I make it look like a USB device, it transfer data at a snails pace. I have not been able to find out why or update firmware and see if that will help. The device is no longer supported by the manufacture but works great and keeps a charge forever.

If I make it look like a Portable Media device, the transfer rates are acceptable.

I have tried all kinds of programs to bulk transfer the files without success. Even the wonderful filebucket! None will see the device when it is in Portable Media Mode. I want the files in a particular order because the order they are transferred will dictate the order they are played.

So my newest idea is to copy a list of the files I want copied to a text file and then read them one by one to be copied to the device using windows copy program.




Now I would like to copy all the files to "My Computer\Insignia KIX\Fixed storage" This could also be the only other opened window.

The trick here is to have the program recognize the media player. All the programs I have tried will not recognize the media player in this configuration. Some will let me find the directory in the program but do nothing when running the program.

Any input is always welcomed. Thanks!

While backing up some info today, I thought how cumbersome it is to type the date and time into the file name. It would be nice to have a shortcut that could do that.
Yes I know there is a time/date stamp on the file BUT this makes the file name unique too.


            "inserted text"
foobar 06_25_10 9-30am (does not have to follow this exact format just an idea)

Apologies up front if this has already been done but unfortunately I have not been able to find it.


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Copy Files in Defined Order
« on: November 04, 2009, 10:56 AM »
Here is the deal;

I have a cheap but wonderful MP3 player. The device will play the MP3s in the order they were copied onto it. This is great because I only use it to listen to podcasts. I am able to add files to listen to before I am finished with the others and it will play it in the order it was copied to the unit. The unit looks like a USB drive to the computer.

My dilemma;

I download a list of daily podcasts usually weekly. I then copy them onto the player in the order they were recorded. I use Terracopy to copy the files to the player but when files are added to it, they are not in sequential order. Terracopy does not allow you to alter the position of the files once they are added to the program so I have to drag the files one at a time to the program in the order I want them copied.

Is there a program that I can drop my files into, sort them the way I want, and then copy them in the order to my player? Maybe an AHK script?


I am looking for a program that can sort and group sub-directories into pre-defined sizes.
This is like the FILLCD type of program “but” to work only on sub-directories.


Directory Pics has sub-directories 1, 2, 3,……10

I need them sorted into directories of no larger than 4.5 GB.

The program then outputs;

Directory Pics with sub-directory A with sub-directories 1, 2, 3, sub-directory B with sub-directories 4, 6, 9 and sub-directory C with sub-directories 5, 7, 8, 10.

I have had a lot of friends lately needing Hard Drive recoveries with a lot of pictures in sub-directories . If the pics are not in the same directories or spanned across disks, they start to panic and want to know where the pics went. By keeping the directories together with maximum efficiency for storage size, my friends are not frustrated in trying to find their pics and info.


Why you ask. Good question.

I do a lot of audio and video editing. There are a lot of third party hardware/software add-ons to control the software. Most are a group of buttons/wheels that connect via USB and then you set up macros to control the buttons/wheels.

Well why not use that extra/broken mouse? The only problem is that Windows will recognize the mouse but it is used just like the mouse that is already connected.

I have found a few programs on the net that allow two mice and two cursors. These programs will not allow you to program the buttons on the second mouse for a different purpose than what the first mouse buttons are used for.

Soooooo....there you have it.


I have an abundance of files that have the same prefix ie 123.xx1, 123.xx2, 456.xx1, 456.xx2 ect that need to be sorted and then placed into a directory with the name of the prefix ie c:\123, c:\456.

I only need to define the location of the resulting directory that the files will be placed.

A batch file or AHK program would be fine with me.

Thanks as always! :)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Download only new Podcasts from website
« on: December 19, 2008, 10:40 AM »
There are several podcasts that I listen to. I go to their website or archive page to get the latest offerings.
On the pages are several links to the podcasts available. I would like a program that will compare the files that I have
in a folder with the ones on the website and download only the ones that I have not downloaded.

I have tried numerous add on programs to Firefox but have not had any luck in being able to single out only the newest files.

An example of a podcast page I go to regularly is Buzz-Out-Loud tech podcast found at

They do daily shows so there is a new podcast every day.

Thanks as always!

I am looking for a VERY simple wav player to play back my school lectures.

What I am unable to find in a simple player is one that will allow me to control the speed of the playback.
My instructor talks fast and it is hard to understand her sometimes. Slowing it down would be great.

It would also be nice to have ff and rev variable to go through areas and yet listen for important info.

I have found this in editing software but have accidentally edited the file by mistake.
Others are very convoluted to use.

I just want a very simple player that has what I have outlined above. Is this a lot to ask?  :tellme:

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Batch read nfo files in RAR archives
« on: February 03, 2008, 09:19 PM »
I am starting to clean out a bunch of software program files from years ago.
Some are in ZIP format but most are RAR. Inside these compressed files is an information text file with the extension of .nfo.

I would like to be able to copy the name of the archive and the text of the nfo file to a separate file so that I can determine if I want to keep or delete the archive. It is also helpful when I archive to a cd/dvd as a content file.

There are plenty of programs that will search out a ZIP file and do just what I want but not any that work with RAR that I have found. I am willing to use command line batch file if anyone is knowledgeable about the RAR archive program.

As always, many thanks in advance!

I use Firefox as my primary browser.

What I would like to do is be able to increment the URL in the navigation bar on a user defined basis.

Example; "press predefined key and have a new URL as"

In the example above, 1.html was incremented to 2.html. The next one would be 3.html ect. ect.

Some sites have a mix of numbers and letters for the pages. I would need to be able to only increment the numbers of the URL.

There are a few sites that I visit that have poorly setup site navigation. In order to be able to page through the sites quicker, it would be nice to be able to press one key than having to hassle with site's navigation buttons and ads.


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: MP3 player with copy/move feature
« on: October 26, 2007, 11:56 AM »
When I am making compilation disks of my music to listen to in the car, sometimes I will play the songs before I copy them to make sure I like them or I am not tired of listening to it.

What I would like is a MP3 player with a button that would allow the user to move or copy the music being played to another directory.

The player just needs to play/skip/stop/copy/move MP3s. No other features needed.


Years ago I found a program that allowed you to use the scroll lock LED as a hard drive light indicator.
I have not been able to find it again after numurous pcs and HD crashes. I tried searching the net and
have not found a replacement either.

This was WAY before motherboards had integrated hard drive controllers. I think they were intercepting
hardware int15.

There is a software version that sits in the task tray but I find that one annoying.


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