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I've now tried with a few different child dialogs from various programs, putting them over their own parent window as well as over other windows.  Several of these dialogs did not have the border problem at any time, even over their own parent windows.

But yes, when the problem does show up, it so far seems 100% true that it will only happen when the child is over its own parent window.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'parent window' and 'move it off the main window'?  If you mean Screenshot Captor's window, it is minimized all the time to systray icon, I do not have any dialogs come up related to screencapturing (it just quietly autosaves).

So, I moved my desired active window away from the other programs' windows.  I put it out over my desktop, which has no wallpaper or other effects, and is set to black background color (though aero is on which has its effect).  

This screenshot has a very small border with the shadow, around the active window, which I assume is the intended result with the default setting.

I tried a few more screenshots, positioning my active window over different windows from various sources.  Some have the big border problem, some have the tiny shadow border.  So yes, you're right -- there must be some difference in handling depending on what window is behind the active window.

Attached are two screenshots, one was over a window with just a white background, the other over a window with text.  In both cases the border extends beyond the Active Window being captured.  (You can't see the first one's border easily due to the white background of this post.)

Changing the default of '20' to '0' for the setting mentioned in my prior post seems to have stopped this from happening.  But I don't know if I've now lost some other function as a result of this change, as I've never had to make any changes to these areas before now.



I did look there before posting... but the settings are the same now as they were in the previous version.  I tried changing a few things anyway but no luck.  Ideas?

EDIT: Clearing the value in Window Capturing 1 for "margin to capture around the window to catch shadow effects (default 20)" has taken care of it.  Thanks!

Running 2.99.02 on Win7 Pro SP1 x64.  

When I screenshot "active window" I now also get a large frame (border) of the background all around the active window.  Did not have this in previous version, only the active window was captured as I expected.  

How to fix?

Hi Mouser,

I have purchased software that scrolling capture doesn't work on, unfortunately I can't provide a test as having the software would not help, you'd need to connect to my company's server before you'd have a window you can scroll. :-(

If my observations are correct, SC is unable to determine the size of the window to capture.  The window flashes several times but does not scroll as I'm used to seeing.  The actual capture is a single screen from somewhere a few lines down from the top of the window.

I don't see evidence that SC is troubled by inteference, such as from scrollbars.  Nonetheless I tried the advanced options such as sendkeys, with and without large ignore margins.  These tests have not made a difference, as they appear to only affect the process of the actual capture and not what comes before.

If you have a debug/logging version, I can run that for you.  I can also send you a video of the desktop while SC is attempting the scrolling capture.  Please let me know if these would help, or if there is anything else I can do to help resolve this issue.

Kind regards,

Skrommel's Software / Small Measure 404 not found?
« on: January 23, 2009, 02:05 PM »

I recalled seeing a small screen ruler available on this page: https://www.donation...m/Software/Skrommel/

It's just the thing I need right at the moment, but unfortunately the link is DOA.

Is the program still available?

Thanks and regards,

N.A.N.Y. 2008 / Re: Click2LogIt
« on: October 24, 2008, 10:31 AM »
 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: indeed!!! 

Glad to know it was the best reason possible for being away!!!!  None better.  Congrats on a new life.


N.A.N.Y. 2008 / Re: Click2LogIt
« on: October 24, 2008, 06:08 AM »
Hi tinjaw, welcome back to our planet, hope it isn't much the worse for wear as when you left it :-(  (Don't watch the news)

See what happens when you make a nice idea into a little coding-snack program?  We turn it into a full blown app :-)

Yes a CSV output file option would be a nice touch.  A tab-delimited file would also be a good format.  Your choice and thanks.

Brandon can speak for himself of course :-) I think what he meant was a 'pretty display' of the stored data, indented per entry to make it easier so scroll back through and look at.  But don't store it on disk that way, just format it pretty for perusual.

Of course I could be way off base but that's what I got from his comment.

Thank you again for coming back to this!

Best regards,

P.S.  May I inquire as to reason for your long absence?  We all have enough to deal with in our lives without adding in anything 'extra', I hope everything is OK.  No need to respond if I'm out of line to ask.  --appy

Hello Mouser,

I have my filenames generated in such a way that sorting by name works perfectly for me, regardless of when I modified the screenshot.

Is there a way to disable automatic resorting, so that when I choose to sort on name, it will remain in that order?  (I prefer left side view but have tried going to top details view in order to influence the sort.  The sort by name will remain until I modify a screenshot.)

Thanks and regards,

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Open Multiple Selected Links in IE
« on: September 14, 2008, 09:34 AM »
Good Morning,

I have spent the last hour or so searching here and elsewhere on the 'net but cannot come up with an IE plugin/addon/etc. that will do what I want.  There are a number of programs that have some of the features I wish for, such as LinkGrabber from this forum.  I am hoping it is easy to get all the features I want, into a single package  :eusa_dance:   And of course, PLEASE point me to any links or posts if I missed finding existing tool, thanks!

I currently use the freeware program "Selected Links"  which works quite well for what it is designed to do, it just falls a little short.  I have written the developer to ask about plans for future but have received no response. 

"Selected Links" installs into IE as an option on the Tools menu.  Highlight a section of a webpage and launch "Selected Links".  A dialog window will open with all the URLs found in the highlighted section.  The "Copy All" button will copy all the URLs to clipboard if desired.  The "Open All" button will open all the URLs in new tabs in the current IE7 instance. 

If nothing is highlighted, "Selected Links" will open with a blank dialog window.  Which is pretty much useless, because the one feature lacking is the ability to paste into the dialog window...  If I had that feature, the tool would be all that I need it to be.

Most often I want to first alter the list of URLs before opening them.  And just as often I want to start a new browser instance and open the list of URLs as tabs in the new instance, not as more tabs in the current instance.

With the addition of being able to paste back into the dialog window, I could do both easily. 

Using external editor of my choice I could do as I like with the list of URLs and paste them back in to the dialog window.  I could also launch a new instance of the browser, open the tool's empty dialog window, and paste my list.  Then clicking "Open All" button would open the URLs as tabs in the new instance.

Thanks in advance for consideration of this idea.  And if such a tool already exists and I missed it, thanks in advance for sending me off to go have a look!


N.A.N.Y. 2008 / Re: Click2LogIt
« on: August 31, 2008, 07:27 AM »
Hello -

I wanted to try Click2LogIt as it looks like something I could use.  I did run into what looks like a minor bug.  I tried to sign up for an account in your bug tracker but my email address is not accepted...  Right-click and choose "Change Log Text", then just click "cancel" (as in, "nevermind").  Unfortunately the log text is removed.

I saw where people have requested a stored list of texts to choose and that would be helpful. 

What I could really use, is

1.  Prompted for text each time I click the tray icon

2.  Remember the last text so I can just click "OK" to use it again.  Also offer "Cancel" to abort creating a log entry (but don't lose the last text)

3.  Use drop-down box/auto-complete history to be able to recall old texts quickly from the text box

4.  Systray balloon when the log entry has been written

5.  Manually clean up stored auto-complete entries no longer wanted

My end goal is to create after-the-fact appointment blocks on my Outlook/exchange calendar.  My Outlook calendar serves as a record for my activities, it is a PITA to set up appointments directly on the calendar.  So I currently keep a spreadsheet of dates and text and already have a little macro that creates appointment import files in Outlook calendar import format (*.vcs). 

Having this app automate the creation of my spreadsheet entries would just make it that much easier. 

Thanks and regards,

WinXP SP3+all post hotfixes via m$ update

I have perhaps the 2nd ever legitimate use for a keylogger :-)

I am certain (as certain as anyone can be) that the target system is not compromised and does not have spyware, ad-ware, root kits, trojans, etc.

What I do know is that since installing a Microsoft wireless laser mouse and corresponding intellipoint software CD, if occasionally I fumble-finger on the *keyboard* (not using mouse!) while using IE7, a new tab opens and goes right to Zoomit page on Microsoft Sysinternals Technet site.   ????

I have used Zoomit and am quite familiar with it.  But have never installed it (intentionally) on this machine...

So I am interested in a legitimate and honest keylogger, that might help me find out just what I'm typing when I fat-finger and this page opens!

OT to this thread, but just some background on the system.  Didn't come here looking for help solving the underlying problem, but suggestions are welcome for that too.

I have turned off ALL intellipoint features for the mouse with the exception of left and right mouse buttons as 'normal' click actions.  No tilt-wheel, no magnify or zoom, etc.  After having a fat-finger moment and launching the Technet site the very first time, I thought it might be the auto-update process for Intellipoint, I found internet sites on disabling this update checker and did so.  The problem persists, in fact it just happened a moment ago after I fat-fingered and that prompted me to come find this forum.

This system had a Microsoft wireless optical mouse prior to this laser mouse.  The optical did not require the intellipoint software in order to function as a basic mouse (the XP-supplied generic USB drivers worked).  Unfortunately this laser mouse doesn't work reliably even as a basic mouse, without the intellipoint drivers.  I did install this laser mouse on three other XP systems (two XP Pro SP2, one XP pro SP3), all of them needed the intellipoint software for basic mouse operation.

This system is XP Pro SP3 and is behind a firewalled linux gateway server.  It has been scanned with everything I can find to throw at it and it comes up clean.

Also, the culprit may not be the intellipoint software directly.  This system is on a Raritan SwitchMan KVM, I have had problems in the past with the Raritan mis-interpreting keyboard input and doing something unexpected.  The intellipoint software may simply have opened up a new avenue for the Raritan to mess-up :-)  Whatever it is, it is consistent (I think).

I'm going to try some of the keylogger utilities mentioned in this thread to see if any would be helpful. 

Oh, by the way, I do use Ditto clipboard manager and this has come in handy more times than I can count.  Like others here who have lost vast amounts of unsaved typing, I have too and developed the habit of coping to the clipboard frequently so Ditto has it.  Doesn't help with this problem, but Ditto has been great for the other problem.  If configured with 'unlimited' clipboard size, Ditto does have problems with large clipboard copies of large spreadsheets or large word processing documents from Microsoft Office or Open Office, I have set Ditto's clip size down to a reasonable amount to support important tasks as I really don't need the clipboard copy saved from large spreadsheets or word documents anyway.  Just an FYI for anyone using Ditto.

OK now I'm way off topic to this thread, I'm off to see if I can discover a keylogger that can record me doing the fumble-finger to the Zoomit site!


I didn't take as nosey :-)  thanks.  It is a very specialized program that would take a lot to explain and then still maybe not make sense, and what it does wasn't relevant to my request so I was trying to keep it simple...  I have looked for replacement programs but so far have not been able to find any, I believe it is a one-of-a-kind (and for good reason LOL).  I just have no need any longer for some of the functions it performs and have no way to control them.

Thank you again, best regards,

Thanks for help.  I tried to use the AHK but the program I want to intercept the keyboard for, does not have a window, it is a background process.  I didn't see in the command list for AHK on their website, how to target a process?  So I'm thinking AHK can't work.

I'm not sure what else you need to know about the program I'm trying to intercept?  What more information do you need?  Other programs are not involved except to the extent that I do not want to shield keypress (key *release* event, actually) from anything but this one program, so it is not a complete system block but app-specific.

As I mentioned, the program is not intended as a keylogger or spy but it behaves similarly to those.  It is listening for key *release* events and documenting what is typed by taking actions such as launching another program.  I really like this program but it is old and the author has not responded to any emails so he/she may no longer be available.  I don't need many of these actions to be performed on simple typing (my "non-action" key release events).  It isn't huge to just live with it but it would be nice if I could front-end the program with something that let only my desired "action" key release events get through to the program.

Looks like this is taking way more of your time than I ever intended.  I thought this might be something quick and also useful for other purposes.  My apologies. 


Could you please give some examples?

Also, i think that depens on what level does that other program you mentioned scan the keyboard, but i think this might be doable.
The program reacts to all key releases, sometimes in a way that is not desirable to me.  Unforunately I cannot configure the program.  There are some keys which are action keys in my specific context (enter, function keys, combos of shift-fkey or ctrl-shift-fkey, alt-fkey, alt-shift-fkey) that I want the program to see.  But I do not want the program to see and react to letters and numbers (with or without the shift key) arrows, backspace, tab, insert, home, page up/down, punctuation.  These are "non-action" keys in my context and I don't want the program to see these and therefore it will not react to these.

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks for your response and regards,

App-specific is exactly what I want, I want only to affect the one program while still allowing everything else running, to see all keyboard entries.  That script looks like it will do what I want.  I'm not familiar with Autohotkeys, would you please point me to where I can learn about it and how to use it?

Thanks and regards,

P.S. Sorry I'm late getting back in here, I was not getting the email subscription notifications that I had replies.  Thanks again.

EDIT: I found the site for AutoHotKey, and will read up.  I am unclear, though, how this script would work?  Do I just loop it forever until I manually terminate it, so it will continually monitor and catch the keystrokes I don't want?

(I searched the web and this forum, to see if a program like this already exists, but did not find one.  If I missed, please point me to site, threads, etc. thank you!)

Is it possible, to prevent (or allow) any 'key release' event to be seen/not seen by a specified process?  While not interfering with other programs and processes that are watching the keyboard?

I have a program running in background process (WinXP Pro SP2), that monitors the keyboard.  It isn't a keylogger but it does watch for every 'key release' event (such as when alt, shift, letter keys, function keys, combinations of keys, arrows etc. are released), the program may take some action in response.  Unfortunately the program is not configurable as to what 'key releases' it watches or what actions it takes.  (I have written the author of the program to request configuration possibility, but have not yet gotten a reply.)

So in the meantime... is it possible to intercept and prevent or allow this program from seeing specific key release events?

I don't care if I need to specify a "prevent these" or "allow these" list, for my situation it's a tedious list to configure either way.  Helpful would be a wizard that presented a model of a keyboard and one could click on the keys to be considered and added to the prevent (or allow) list:

Thank you for any help or ideas!

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