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Ah haaa... the former moderator of BATPOWER_UK puts in an appearance...   8)
Ah!  Too true!  Never got beyond batch file programming on the PC.  That's why I just do the documentation these days!

(Better explain to Carol, BATPOWER_UK was FidoNet echomail.  FidoNet was an amateur version of the internet from the days before the public had access.  Echomail is the equivalent of Usenet/Newsgroups.  None of it was anything to do with "The Bat".)
Is nPop one of the ones that leaves the mail on the server,
Like most programs you have the choice.  The defaults leave it on the server and only downloads the first 100 lines of each message, but you can change everything.  Some people just use it as a mail notifier (downloading no message content at all) as it uses so little resources.  Downloading a limited number of lines means that you can leave giant attachments behind and still read the message, are pretty well immune from viruses carried in the HTML part of mail, etc etc.
and you have to deliberately specify particular messages to be saved to disk, as opposed to something like TheBat! which saves everything in a database?
There's no database (messagebase to the FidoNetters amongst us!).  Messages for each account are saved in a file as plain text (if you want to!).  Makes it beautifully easy to interrogate old mail, even if you give up the program.


nPOP or its UK cousin, nPOPUk
Thanks for mentioning nPOPuk.  (It's open source, by the way!) v2.08 was released on Monday 1 October 2007 and offers a lot of new features.  Still only a 136kb download (for Win32) with versions for almost all other Windows-based machines around (PocketPC etc.)

As mentioned here already, nPOPuk is included in the Floppy Office package, (It's replaced nPOP) but it may take them a few more days before their package is updated.

Greg Chapman
Supporting nPOPuk - the Portable E-Mail Client.

What's great about Popcorn is that it downloads mail headers only, you can then delete the mail off the mailserver and never retrieve the full mail. This can be good for those on dial-up with friends sending huge attachments or victims or massmail attacks. Also means this program is good for on the move.

This, of course, is exactly what nPOPuk will do.

The default is to download the first 100 lines, which is fine for reading the text of a message without downloading the HTML part or any larger attachment, but it can be changed to zero if you are using it for clearing out spam, etc.

I haven't seen the latest version of Popcorn, which may have additional features to the last freeware version I saw.  For example, when I last looked it didn't offer mail filters or "Saveboxes". 

POPuk has grown to be very much more than a "mail checker with reply facility" that is all Popcorn was.  nPOPuk now functions as a full mail client.  (I have given up using Outlook completely, and use it as my sole e-mail client - with "UK's Kalender" as my diary program -- and WAB as my address book, until I find something better!)  It offers not only multiple accounts, but multiple "saveboxes" as well, folders into which mail can be sorted.  Filters can be set to do this automatically on arrival.  A backup option makes it easy for me to read old mail long after it was deleted from the server.

Other features which make it attractive for me include:

# Option to download full headers for debugging/tracking purposes

# Proper handling of forwarded mail with attachments

# Options to allow/prevent top-posting of replies/forwarded mail with fully customisable quotation headers for either replies and forwards.

# Optional stripping of tags from HTML mail with no text part so the text remains readable.

# Address Book which allows addresses to be grouped into multiple categories.

I'm sure there are other features that will be of interest to others - especially those with PDAs.  I don't have one, so when travelling, my mail goes on a USB drive.


I tried nPop once. Didn't like it. I can't remember why though... maybe I'll check it out.

I use popcorn to check my personal mail at work. No traces, just like It should be.

Tried nPOP once?  Maybe that was the Japanese version, whose URL was mentioned in an earlier post?  Try nPOPuk and see if that suits you better.  It's open source, smaller than Popcorn yet offers more, many bug fixes and improvements over the original nPOP, still totally portable, and there are versions for many hand held platforms too!


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