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  • Monday June 17, 2024, 5:24 am
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General Software Discussion / Re: Any new "List Hotkey" apps?
« on: January 04, 2024, 10:43 AM »
Oh and I total forgot to mention the absolute undetectable:

- e) keylogger type, they simply hook on again more than one possible location to record any keyboard input, I will not go into detail about the "how" since it is harmful but I can tell that such can of course also be used to do actions when a specific keyboard state is signaled = hotkey-like and as the other soft-hooks (I call them that, option c to e), untraceable.

General Software Discussion / Re: Any new "List Hotkey" apps?
« on: January 04, 2024, 10:10 AM »
From a professional point of view where really all is listed reliable = Impossible.

I am just aware about HotKeyList what is pretty useful to find out current used to know if your dream combination is free.
There are several way how "Hot Keys" may get triggered, to name 2 where there is a possibility to get an link for an executable is
- a) the registry (again several locations)
- b) the desktop (splitted into file shortcuts and registry links), to get them you would need to parse every shortcut from the desktop and the startmenu and the taskbar

For both of them an accurate success rate is given (after checking if target/destination still exists) to get what you was asking for, HotKey + Executable.
Them I personal call System hooks.
But Windows wouldnt be Windows if there are not more possibilies  :P

- c) on the fly hotkeys, them you cant figure out plus there is no relation to any executable stored.

What the heck he talk about?
If you ever played on Windows a game and cheated with a Trainer (a memory resident tool that wait for a special keypress combination) them you can't figure out and those type of hotkeys are very wide spread among many kind of application since they are mostest simple to handle.

- d) application specific hotkeys, they are just triggered while the application has got the focus, mostest easy example "ALT+F4" = "Terminate Application", them you only can order to an application by doing a lot of checks to really determine if "Alt+F4" comes from the focused app or from somewhere else

As you can see, your needed task is not easy to put into code and even more hard to make it halfway reliable.

Sorry that I am more talking pessimistic than optimistic but good luck on that project, you got all my love for it!  :-*

Maybe I misunderstand, if so - I feel sorry, on Windows you can download for free TCPView from SysInternals/MicroSoft.
That shows you pretty easy an overview of all processes and the domains they are connected with.
Anyway, every major Firewall support such feature including block (App/Domain).

Many online sellers offer app for mobiles to do your shopping. There you can rate and write review(s). Does that match your criteria?

N.A.N.Y. 2024 / Re: NANY 2024 - Network Adapter Info by KodeZwerg
« on: November 13, 2023, 06:18 PM »
I tried.
Appear the black window of a console. And data.

How can I obtain an inform in a txt file or something ?
 :-* :P
You can pipe it to store result into a file.

How to:
open a command line and switch to folder with AdapterInfo.exe
type "AdapterInfo.exe > AdapterInfo.txt" (without quotes) and press return, wait a little and press again return, when the caret is after a prompt, the operation is done.

From my point of view you would need two things.
1. A HTTPS WebServer with some kind of Database/SQL and PHP support
2. Modify your apps to be not executable on its own, instead only per Launcher/Loader

Technical aspect is, Launcher offering a registration/login page, that can of course be stored for automatic usage later, on the registration page you offer your service to let people pre-paid their account, that information gets stored on the WebServer Database, now each time user runs an application a specific amount gets cutted from that Database until there is nothing left to cut.

That would be my way of handling such.
All of this can be realized in any programming language since you do just external web calls.

General Software Discussion / Re: How to edit a titlebar from a dll?
« on: November 06, 2023, 03:19 PM »
Library Titlebar???
So I guess whatever app you are starting it uses a library as a container and maybe even create a Window-like application out of it but per se a Library does not have anything visual where you can modify a Caption.
Even that you already solved your problem the proper way would not to patch the binary, the proper way would be to write a small loader that patches the memory on the fly while app is running by doing a simple search for a Window and continue with other Api calls to modify the content in whatever way you like, possible is everything from a coders point of view.

I want it to be like the one at but in Delphi/C++.
Are you asking for a program, as stated in your first post (written in Delphi or C++), or do you ask for programs source code, since a program you have found already.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Show in the desktop PBOL
« on: August 19, 2023, 12:14 AM »
You put up lots of work into that request so I guess it aint that important.
If I am wrong, teach me better, and describe in here again what you actual want, and if that PBOL is taken from here, add a link to it so interested coders can take a look on without needed to waste time to search for it.

From technical side spoken, if mouser has created the Mainwindow and hides it without destroying, it is possible, if there is just an icon in taskbar that creates the window, it is impossible by Winapi in a generic way to show something that isnt there.  :D

The only thing I do know in that direction is BgInfo from Sysinternals.
Does that satisfy you?
No , it is not the same . PBOL is a productivity software for reminders.
 :-* :P
Your screenshot showing me system statistics thats why I showed you also system statistics, maybe my eyes getting bad  :P
please be very clear

The only thing I do know in that direction is BgInfo from Sysinternals.
Does that satisfy you?

I begin to ask in other forums
Well, why not ask in a proper category if someone, maybe I, can program something for you?

I really wonder now why "NICs:" starting with a comma, shouldnt be possible at all.  :'(

It is physical connected to your Pc, no?
FWIW a little bit of PowerShell:
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. (Get-NetAdapter -Name * -Physical | % { Get-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 -InterfaceAlias $_.Name }) | Format-Table -Property InterfaceAlias, IPAddress
What my app parse for NICs is similar to the PowerShell command you gave me.
So when my app list it, PowerShell would do the same. Please verify again.

Sorry for the delay, completely slipped my mind :-[
No worries  :-*

That worked  :Thmbsup:
Amazing to hear  :-*

BTW, would it be a good idea to indicate which interface the local IP is applicable to?

Local IP: (WiFi)
Everything is possible  :-*

In the case of multiple connected NICs it might help identify which is the one with the highest metric.
This is what "Local IP" shows  :D

Updated my first post
 - added tested features to final version
 - tinkered a little with the text that it display, now more informations for the last things included (ip + name (if it has one))

I hope now everything works everywhere like it should.
Your KodeZwerg!

@4wd, I attached another version of my main app, replace the .exe with this new one, the libraries are not included.
App will run its normal job but
 - i fixed the interpretation for "Local IP: "
 - i added a new "PowerShell IPs: "
The app needs now longer to parse and compute the new PowerShell input.

Tell me if this version would be okay so I can update my first post and close this issue.

FWIW a little bit of PowerShell:
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. (Get-NetAdapter -Name * -Physical | % { Get-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 -InterfaceAlias $_.Name }) | Format-Table -Property InterfaceAlias, IPAddress

Code: Text [Select]
  1. InterfaceAlias IPAddress
  2. -------------- ---------
  3. WiFi 
  4. Ethernet 3

I am working on it and get already same result within my test application but I am not that familar with PowerShell yet, your "script" works well and display me exactly what you've posted.
Now here's the $1 million dollar question, how do I need to modify your PowerShell call that it just return me the LAN IP (exclude the wrong "WiFi"-IP)?
Since you get ATM 2 results, I would not know how to seperate them, but I would be able to have them shown in my tool.
With a little help we get this thing working correct!  :-*

The output is looking now very wierd to me, beside localhost nothing is revealing its IP adress at all.
I am not sure if I can find a way to make you happy  :o

0x00000010 (16) (Ethernet 3)
"Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE Family Controller #2"
Info: for all ethernet-like interfaces, regardless of speed, as per RFC3635
        Link encap: ethernetCsmacd (6) HWaddr: 58-11-22-B7-AC-0B
        inet addr: Mask:
        MTU: 1500 Speed:0.00 Mbps
        Admin status:UP Oper status:NON_OPERATIONAL
        RX packets:0 dropped:0 errors:0 unkown:0
        TX packets:0 dropped:0 errors:0 txqueuelen:0
As far as I understood that is your LAN connection, but it shows in that moment no information to my app.
And when I watch on output of Project4, it uses a OPERATIONAL item
0x0000000B (11)
"MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 Wireless LAN Card-Virtual WiFi Filter Driver-0000"
Info: radio spread spectrum
        Link encap: ieee80211 (71) HWaddr: 34-6F-24-D9-64-49
        inet addr: Mask:
        MTU: 1500 Speed:866.70 Mbps
        Admin status:UP Oper status:OPERATIONAL
        RX packets:7549 dropped:0 errors:0 unkown:0
        TX packets:5468 dropped:0 errors:0 txqueuelen:0
What is also hiding its IP  :'(    (thats why you now got a empty line)

No local IP reported  :)
:huh: Dang...
I've added a test application, can you show me what it is reporting to you please

I neither have WhatsApp nor LBC installed but to find out what .exe is getting executed when you run an application, with its path to find it on your local system, I'd suggest to install process hacker from sourceforge.
(Just one of dozens possibilities...)

Updated version in first post.
Should now reliable resolve local IP.
Added friendly name support and display also now in decimal the adapter number.

4wd, can you try attached zip please?
In best case it returns really just one ip....

oops, somehow i got virus warning for the zip, i apology, dont know why, i can assure it aint a virus or trojan or whatsever.

I see and can confirm that error plus apology.
The things that I tried show on my test environment same "error", it gets back what windows reports when I try to get the IP for the Host direct.
I need a time to find out how I can resolve this issue.
Thank you for finding and reporting bug to me!

N.A.N.Y. 2024 / Re: NANY 2024 - Adapter Info by KodeZwerg
« on: July 05, 2023, 03:30 PM »
You might want to make it more explicit that you're aiming at networkadapters... I have a lot of adapters in use, but only a few are networkadapters...
I apology, thought by mention Local/Public IP that it's clear that I aim ethernet and not soundcards or whatsever, updated my first post.   ;D

N.A.N.Y. 2024 / NANY 2024 - Network Adapter Info by KodeZwerg
« on: July 05, 2023, 05:06 AM »
NANY 2024  KodeZwerg's Network AdapterInfo v1.0 Final

Application Name Network AdapterInfo
Version 1.0 Final
Short Description Display all network adapters with informations
Supported OSes Microsoft 64bit Windows
Download Link Zip attached

This application simple lists all installed network adapters.
Additional it display:
- Host
- Local IP
- Public IP
- physical Network Interface Card(s) (NICs)

None that I am aware of  :D

Planned Features
Maybe port to a GUI application.

Unzip anywhere

Using the Application
run AdapterInfo.exe

Delete it manual.

Recent File List tipps for VB6.
From way of coding, you either having a fixed numbered menu list what you fill at runtime or an endless long one by having a method that adds menu items with content.

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