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Screenshot Captor / Re: Change request - Captor File Naming
« on: October 14, 2019, 04:28 AM »
Great response - as usual.

That works with allmy issues dealt with, though I chose custom date so I would get yymmdd
Screenshot - %customdate%  - %numinc%

Custm Date = %y%m%d

Screenshot Captor / Re: Change request - Captor File Naming
« on: October 12, 2019, 05:57 AM »

Thanks for your response.

I believe I am already using the naming convention you suggest. - see screenshot.

Hopefully the screenshot gives a better explanation of what happens and what I would like to happen.

I started to day with screenshot 1 - it is saved as Screenshot - 191012
I would like it to be named Screenshot - 191012 001
Screenshots 2,3&4 were named as expected Screenshot - 191012 002, 003, 004
I moved screenshot 003 to a new folder (thus no 003 in the folder where Screen Captor saves files).
I took screenshot 5, it is named Screenshot - 191012 003 - I would like it to be named 005 (fifth screenshot today)

I hope that is a better explanation.

Colin K

Screenshot Captor / Change request - Captor File Naming
« on: October 08, 2019, 10:22 AM »
Screnshot Captor is saving me lots of time, particularly last years favorites sizes feature.

Request1 - add a suffix 001 to the first screenshot of the day. (see screenshot attached)
I have set up my file naming format as YYMMDD. The first screenshot of the day is eg

Next files and subsequent files are named eg
191018 002, 003 etc

As I often do screenshots in matching pairs sequential numbering is important, but when I sort by file name order ascending in Windows Explorer the first file of the day ends up at the bottom of the list.

It would be helpful if 1st file of the day could be named with suffix 001 eg 191018 001
This would also mean when I sort files in explorer as icons in 2 columns, the matching pairs would be together

Request2 - When files are removed from my Capror folder continue the same numbering format for the day - do not start again.

Looking at the attached screenshot, if I move Screenshot - 191008 033 to a different folder, the next file I save will have the same name, so I cannot move it to the same folder (I need to move to a temp folder then rename).

Same thing happens if I move filename Screenshot - 191008 004, next file has identical name and following screenshots continues with Screenshot - 191008 034, 035 etc

Similarly If I move all of todays files to a new folder and do the same number of screnshots (same day) I end up with two sets of files with exact same name.

I realze this is a bit more complicated to implement that request 1, but perhaps the following would work.

Instead of creating a new file name based on the "lowest missing or un-named file name" eg 191008 004 or 191008 034 could you save the last file name somewhere in the app then add 1 for the next new screenshot (for that day) - irrespective of whether or not the folder for saving still contains or does not contain previous screenshots for that day.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Top row numbers work fine, numeric keypad does not (even though it is on).

Happy days!

It has been over a year since I used this great feature (toggle region capture through Favorite preset sizes) - It was me who requested the feature.

Unfortunately it seems I have managed to forget how to use the 0-9 keys, and re-reading the thread has not helped me.

The region capture window opens with my default preset - but pressing keys 0-9 does nothing. I know I am missing something obvious. - see screenshot attached.

Thanks for this added feature (1-9), it makes it very easy to do consecutive screenshots with minimal key presses:

ctrl+alt+(my key), choose 1 to 9 (if not using preset favorite), Enter

I also found that after the screenshot the red box remains in the same place ready for another screenshot or use arrow keys to move box.

Great work!


Maybe I have misunderstood something. Your instructions worked great for Fixed Size

CTRL Shift + (my key), gives me a fixed size red box, drag + 1 click, now copies to clipboard and saves.

My secondary question was how could I have multiple preset sizes or use the favorites to do the same task, with minimum clicks.

Mouser's instructions let me use all my favorite's but requires lots of clicks and right clicks.

If I understood you correctly you were going to add some code to allow user to cycle through a number of preset sizes, with minimum key presses and clicks (or use the Favorite sizes) within the preset capture process (not sure which solution you were suggesting.

Single preset working great with minimal keys and clicks
Favorite sizes working, but would prefer to use same process for Presets plus a single key press to select desired size

Thanks ColinK

Thanks for your prompt response.

I have latest version - v4.21.1

I have been successfully using the preset sizes for screen capture for a few days.

Today my setting for 420x236 are being captured at 418x234, same 2px difference for all sizes.

Does not matter where I paste the image to - still looses 2px

Did a force stop with Task Manager, same issue when re-started.

Fixed Size capture is capturing correct size

Any suggestion?


I really appreciate the prompt reply and helpful answer - tomas

Unfortunately that process does not save to clipboard, based on the settings mouser suggested for fixed size capture - a dialogue box opens and I need to make choices - eg Save (1) it then copies to clipboard.

Is there an easier way to force these screenshots to copy to clipboard and have no dialogue box or no further options to select eg (1 to 4)?

If I read mouser's suggestions for modifying the fixed capture options this sounds much easier with fewer clicks.

Thanks again for your reply.

I am still not clear of the purpose of the Favorites or how to use them - you say they "are easily toggleable from the redbox region capture mode" - I have looked in help and forum and cannot find anything on favorites or "red box capture mode".

I think you are saying that you will add code so that wheh I select a preset size I will be able to easily to toggle through the preset sizes  - this will be very useful.

My best case procedure would be:
CTRL+SHIFT+(my chosen key) - opens dragable red box, with size from 1st in list - drag + the following options
click to save (same as current)
Numeric keys 1,2,3,4,5, resize red box, drag, click to save

Perhaps this is what you are describing

Thanks ColinK

Thanks that was helpful.

It would be good to be able to choose from several pre-set sizes.

Is there a way for me to use "My Favorite preset sizes" to do the same / similar to above for any area of the screen (not a specific full window)? see attachment

Thanks ColinK

I am trying to use Captor to replace Snipping Tool and Give me a fixed size capture window with minimum clicks.

With Snipping Tool I need 2 clicks start a dragable capture window, when I let go image is in clipboard

First how do I move Captor out of the notifications area so it is always in the taskbar?

I managed to find how to set preset sizes in my favouritres (not intuitive) - but how do I get one of those to be the default from some shortcut (then easily choose another)?

Currently IL
click Alt Ctrl PrntScrn - that puts a capture window around the current window
I then right click on red area (top left) then choose a size eg 420x236 - window changes size
BUT - as soon as I move my mouse to the resized window, it resizes to full size and moves partly off screen

What am I doing wrong - how do I get my 420x236 capture window on screen with minimum clicks then save to clipboard with minimum clicks?

Thanks ColinK

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