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Screenshot Captor / Re: Black screen captured
« on: June 09, 2014, 07:28 PM »
When Webroot Secure Anywhere first detects the presence of Screenshot Captor, it will add an entry for it in the 'Active Process' list and another entry in the 'Application Protection' list. Webroot correctly identifies Screenshot Captor as a screen grabbing application and as its default behavior, denies Screenshot Captor access to the screen data, thus resulting in an empty capture frame.

There are at least two ways to set Webroot so that Screenshot Captor operates correctly that I know of. Both methods are located in the Identity Protection section, accessible from the WebRoot main dialog box.
Clip 005.png

The first method disables the Webroot Identity Shield. This disables all of the protective measures Webroot deploys to try and keep the various nefarious entities from snitching an on-line identity. To use this method, click the 'On' switch next to the Identity Shield label.

 It changes to 'Off' and the dialog box color scheme changes from a greenish to a brownish appearance to warn of the reduced protection state.
Clip 007.png

The second method preserves the full protection of the Identity Shield function, but isolates Screenshot Captor and allows it to operate correctly. To use this method, first, click the settings icon (Gear) next to the Identity Protection label.
Clip 006.png

[Note: This dialog box provides a second opportunity to disable Identity Shield.]

Click on the Application Protection tab.
Clip 008.png

In the Application Protection dialog box, Screenshot Captor should now be visible and the protection setting should be Deny.
Clip 009.png

I'm not smart enough to know the difference between the Protect and Allow options, but I do know that selecting either one of them will enable Screenshot Captor to grab screen data.

There are two other places in Webroot that haven't caused me any problem, but they both have the ability to block Screenshot Captor. The first method is located in the Active Processes dialog box. Access this from the WebRoot main dialog box under Utilities and then System Control.
Clip 010.png

Under Control Active Processes, click the Start button.
Clip 011.png

The list of active processes is now displayed and Screenshot Captor should be in this list. Take note of the three states available for Webroot protection to the right of the application name.
Clip 012.png

Here again, I'm not smart enough to know the difference between Allow and Monitor, but I do know that selecting either one will allow Screenshot Captor to operate correctly. I'm also too dumb to understand the difference between Monitor in this dialog box and Protect in the Application Protection dialog box.

The next place Webroot can affect Screenshot Captor is from the Block/Allow Files dialog box. From the main dialog box, click the settings Gear next to the PC Security label.
Clip 013.png

Then click the Block/Allow Files tab.
Clip 014.png

Here, Screenshot Captor should be seen, although I don't recall if Webroot put it here or I added it. So, if it's not here, be happy.
Clip 015.png

Notice that this dialog box uses the same three protection states as the Control Active Processes. They are in fact, ganged together. If the protection setting is changed here, it will also be changed in Control Active Processes and vice versa.

One last observation regarding the three protection options - If an application is set to Block on the Control Active Processes dialog box, that application is removed form that display. It won't be seen there, so it can't be un-blocked from that dialog box. To un-block a previously blocked application, the Block/Allow Files dialog box must be used.

Are we tired, yet, of all the ways Webroot is "helping" to protect us from Screenshot Captor?.

Not having posted with images, hopefully, the images will be visible.

Feel free to contact me if there any points of clarification I must make.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Black screen captured
« on: January 07, 2014, 06:12 PM »
It appears I may have used this thread in error. I apologize if that's the case.

I have resolved the issue with capturing a blank screen and it was the Webroot security software. I  uninstalled the Webroot and that made SSC 4.8 work with both browsers.
Reinstalled Webroot and SSC 4.8 continued to work.
Rebooting the machine returned SSC to capturing blank screens.
Prowling around in the low levels of Webroot I found a configuration screen that allowed me to bring SSC in from the cold.
All is now well.
My thought about installing SSC 4.7.2 and having it work is Webroot had not run a scan and so SSC was left alone. If I would run a Webroot scan after installing SSC 4.7.2, I'm mostly sure it would have blocked SSC.

Thanks for pointing me down the right path!

Screenshot Captor / Re: Black screen captured
« on: January 05, 2014, 09:57 PM »
Yes, it seems odd (to me) that browser-specific settings for both FF & IE choose to target screen-capture utilities, but I'm sure they (security tool companies) have their reasons.
What I find interesting is that SSC 4.7.2 works just fine with either browser running. I will do some deeper digging and uninstall Webroot and see if that fixes it. Then I'll at least know if that's causing the problem.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Black screen captured
« on: January 04, 2014, 04:14 PM »
I checked Webroot and it had SSC 4.8 classified as 'Monitor'. I set it to 'Allow', rebooted and SSC 4.8 captured an image of my desktop. I launched Firefox (26.0) and went to grab a screen shot of the WebRoot window to include in this response and - no joy. The capture was all white. I minimized Firefox and got the same thing. I closed Firefox and opened a bunch of different apps and SSC 4.8 worked with all of them. I fired up IE (11) and got the white screen.
Is there something else I need to change on my system configuration?

Update: In one of your posted links, I saw the browsers mentioned and went into Firefox and disabled the Webroot Add-on. Rebooted, still got the white screen when trying to grab a region (or print screen) when the browser is running.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Black screen captured
« on: January 04, 2014, 10:45 AM »
My issue is not with games, but I installed version 4.8 on my system and each time I try to grab a screen shot, the screen goes all white. I reinstalled 4.7.2 which works fine, then uninstalled 4.7.2, reinstall 4.8 checking the box to remove all elements of any prior installation, and I'm back to a white screen.
I'm running Win 8.1 Pro 64 on an HP Envy Intel box that uses Intel graphics hardware.
For now, I'm back to 4.7.2, which works fine for me.

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