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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: VPR, visual people randomizer!
« on: September 26, 2010, 11:59 PM »
Alright, version 2.0 is done!  (was going to say it was 1.1, but the save files are totally incompatible, so...)

     1. Scoring column enabled by checkbox
     2. Color saving
     3. Fixed the ugly save dialog (that was a bit of an oversight...  :-[)
     4. Double clicks now increment or decrement selections or score
     5. Load simple lists of names as just that - a list of names with no name for the list (defaulting to N/A for list name)

(left click to increment, right click to decrement, double-click on name or # of selections for selections, on the score to inc/dec selections)

With the new save files comes a few quirks in writing them, and because of those quirks for adding special data (color, name of the list) comes the ability to load lists of names.  Just open the example.vrs file in the zip for an example - it's self-explanatory through comments. 

One thing that was unintentional but could be a useful quirk with java graphics - if you write something like
Code: HTML [Select]
  1. <html><i>Italic</i><b> Bold <u>With</u></b><u> Underline</u></b></html>
it will show up as Italic Bold With Underline[/b].  So, names can include html markup.  It's a bit strange to think about, but it could come in useful. 

The html doesn't need to be well-formed. i.e.
Code: HTML [Select]
  1. <html><i>NAME
will still italicize the value NAME.

Apologies for the code boxes - couldn't make it ignore the html tags in the post, and using special variables (&lt;) doesn't seem to work

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: VPR, visual people randomizer!
« on: September 25, 2010, 01:25 AM »
A 3rd column should be fairly easy to do, I just forgot about it as I wrote the list.  For now, if you need to, you could clone the spinner by saving and loading it as a new one, then use the popup menu for scoring (in the cloned spinner).  I'll see if I can finish a third column along with double clicks and the better file loader tomorrow, then I'll work on the rest of the features.

Post New Requests Here / First real release!!
« on: September 24, 2010, 11:55 PM »
   Alright, here's the first one I'd really call a release.  Saves/loads, has popup options to select/downselect names, add/delete, etc.  Colors are customizable, and the dialogs are calling the lists spinners now :P

You can also load lists of names, because the save files are really just lists of names.  There are a couple of quirks:
   A: The first line of the file is considered the name of the list.
   B: With all names of people, if there is an "===" after it, it expects a number after it with the number of selections.  So, don't use === in names.

   Unfortunately, the whole program is very list-name oriented - saving, color setting, and closing all need a name to be selected.  That's the price of not using a panel with tabs I guess.

A few things for the next version that I'll have:
   A: Move list/spinner to a new frame (helps with the name thing)
   B: Save colors.
   C: Clean up the file loader - right now it won't read lines with spaces after the ===
   D: Double-click to 'select' a name. (Increment the selections count)
   E: Even selections (don't select names until everyone has the same number of selections)
   F: Random selections
Bit of a long list, but most of these will take max 15 minutes, so I expect to have it done within a couple of days (bit busy for tomorrow...)

Let me know if there's anything else that you think it needs.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: VPR, visual people randomizer!
« on: September 20, 2010, 06:22 PM »
It's a good thing I read the DC newsletter when I did.  Apparently I wasn't being notified either, and it brought me back to the site...

Anyways, I'll see what I can do. Sound effects will certainly be a while, but I'll try to get that in eventually.

A couple of questions:  Are you looking for any specific actions available when you select a name?  (Edit the name, delete it, etc?)  Also, I need a bit of clarification on that extra column you want.

EDIT:  The original post referred to a NANY release.  Not actually going to do one though, so I had to edit.

Forgot to put this in the other post...

Mouser, please let me know if I can use this as a NANY app :)  Would give me even more reasons to enjoy this little project!

Post New Requests Here / VPR 0.1 (not 1.0, 0.1)
« on: July 13, 2010, 06:37 PM »
Alright, here's a simple teaser.  Apologies for taking a few days - it was a debugging nightmare.  Ended up hitting dead-lock at one point...  Anyway, its not configurable, but given the number of settings there would be, I've decided to attempt working with XML config and save files, so bear with me as I work on it.  There are also quite a few quirks in the spin when you've got multiple one's going at once, and the lists are fixed, but I am working on it.

My screenies, from the final (and successful... sort of) test... are attached.  Someone tell me how to display attachments inline, and I'll edit this post.  First one is regular winXP theme, second one is my usual dark theme.  (mainly cause it looks cool to me :P)

All suggestions welcome ;)  Have fun with it!

P.S.  The program is the jar file in the zip file...  can't attach jar files to posts here.

EDIT: Another link to the current release, since this post is so much more visible.   :D

Wow, thought someone would have picked this up by now  :huh:

I'll see what I can throw together for you.  Using names, not pictures.

EDIT: I did end up picking this up, so here's a link to the current release!

Heh, totally forgot this was here.  Ended up stuck with other projects.  Perhaps I'll make a more sophisticated version at some point  :D

Thanks though!

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Pledge: Mouser App
« on: May 26, 2010, 10:58 PM »
Careful what you ask for!  ;D

*Examines numerous definitions of "feedback" and puts microphone and amp close together*

People are looking for NANY app ideas already.  Hmm... maybe I'll create 4D tic-tac-toe.  That'd be interesting  >:D  Impossible to play though

@Lanux: I'll do it at some point.  Haven't even started yet, making java apps is quite the process if you want to make them extensible.

As it was a bit of a late reply, if lanux doesn't pick the features up in couple of days, I'll see what I can do.  Probably be java, but it should still work.  You AHK people are crazy, you program too fast.

Just a note that I might try it anyway, so I may end up with something here even if lanux keeps going.  All the things I'm working on are in the planning phase, so I need something to do.  The coding snacks seem to be running dry, not many new ideas recently :( Programming is addictive, and this sounds cool.  I'm addicted to programming and I'm in grade 10.  Not good, but slightly humorous  ;D

Coding Snack Guidelines / Re: REQUEST: Live Auction App
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:12 PM »
Turns out I can't get it done... I got swamped with even more work and won't be done it all for too long.  Wish I could have done something or do something, but I'm out of time and it doesn't look like I'll have a chance anytime soon.

Coding Snack Guidelines / Re: REQUEST: Live Auction App
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:55 PM »
Has this been done yet?  If it hasn't been, and you still need it, I could possibly throw something together (hope you can run Java though... I've got a hell of a week, but this sounds interesting.  Still, java only).  This sounds like it has a lot of potential, so I may keep going after I get something together for you.

SingingBoyo: actually, I'd say that with free software, if what you have now is working, you probably don't want to update: the developer might have introduced new bugs :P

What, is this a beta version? Or worse, alpha?  Just deal with the bugs now, then you can get the developer to fix them before you actually NEED the new features :P

Rule #1 of free software... the newest version is best.  (Assuming its a standalone... if its a
multi-module project, be careful, but this isn't)

Just realized something important I forgot in the readme. :o  To exit, enter 'exit' (lowercase only!), and to wait for the timers to terminate (all alarms set to that point to finish beeping) enter 'end'. (again,lowercase only).

Apologies to anyone who got stuck without being able to exit.  I'll make sure this is in the next version of the readme!

Finished Programs / Motherboard Alarm - Simple Timer/Alarm Utility
« on: April 14, 2010, 11:00 PM »
We all get bored sometimes, but I must have been REALLY bored to make this.

Motherboard Alarm is a currently command line timer program.  It lets you enter a time value, creates a timer, and when the given time period has elapsed, causes the motherboard to beep.  I haven't tested it on anything but my own computer, so any feedback/testing is greatly appreciated.  It will only work on Windows boxes, and though it should be portable between windows OS's, the only one I've tested is Windows XP.  

I plan to expand it rapidly, so if you have any ideas for it, post them, and I'll see what I can do.  However, please don't ask for user interfaces, as I'll get that done in my own good time.

See the Readme file in the Zip for more details, along with a few example sessions, and feel free to ask any questions.

Edit: V1 had major bugs, and has been taken out.  V2 fixes these bugs.

I'd suggest finding the original GridMove thread and posting there.  You'll also need to provide more details as to what you did.  You'll almost certainly get better support in that thread than by posting a new one.  Not to mention that this thread may be moved, as it is not a new request, rather a comment on an existing one.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: logout when monitor turns on
« on: April 13, 2010, 10:29 PM »
Win+L is basically the equivalent of switch users, in hotkey form.  Your program should stay running.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: logout when monitor turns on
« on: April 13, 2010, 01:38 PM »
And it still appears that its almost impossible to do it reliably.  It's almost definitely monitor-dependent, and I don't think its something you can do as a small, simple program.  However, Win+L works great, and if you really want to log off, log off properly! (As Stoic Joker said, forced logoffs are great for losing data.  Its sort of like holding down the power button because you can't wait for the computer to turn itself off.)

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: logout when monitor turns on
« on: April 11, 2010, 11:20 PM »
@agentsteal Looks to me like thats video devices, such as webcams and possibly video cameras.  Possibly USB devices in general, but I doubt it works for monitors.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: logout when monitor turns on
« on: April 10, 2010, 12:38 PM »
I may be wrong, but if I understand you right, then there's no way to do this.  XP logs out after screensavers by default, but I don't think you can tell whether the monitor has been turned on or off.

Cross platform is this big mantra... but sometimes, it's just added *stuff* that you don't need...

Eclipse beats Visual Studio every time...
Ummm... what?  Eclipse is bloated (which is saying something compared to a Microsoft product), and visual studio only supports Windows and .NET languages because it's Microsoft?  Just because something has a focus doesn't make it worse- in fact, at times, it makes it better.  And having used both, I can say that I like VS a lot better.

...dammit, I can actually delete my files completely from Eclipse!...

About cross-platform... maybe I'm biased, but really, I think the fact is that writing cross-platform software or OS-independent software just increases your consumer base.  I realize things like games can't be done easily in an OS-independent way, (Nor should they need to be... Windows and OS X can take the games, leave the other OS's for developers!) but for things like word-processors, it's definitely beneficial.

Bloated Eclipse may be.  Again, I'm probably biased, but I just don't think I could ever do my development in VS.  Eclipse is bloated because it supports so much.  I just happen to be one of the people who need all the plug-ins it supports.

As for the file thing... Have you ever tried to delete a file off the filesystem from within VS?  I could never do it, though they may have changed it since 2003, which was the last version I used.  I'd delete it out of the solution only to realize later that it was still on my system.  Either that or my memories fuzzy (it was 2005 when I last really used it!)

Eclipse beats Visual Studio every time... free, open-source, awesome plugin architecture, and dammit, I can actually delete my files completely from Eclipse!  I'll admit that VS has some good points, but when you write in so many languages that it doesn't support, you start to hate it.  Eclipse is too big for VS to compete any more. Also as soon as a major programming language comes along, or a major update, Eclipse supports it.  VS, on the other hand, sticks with the Visual and .NET languages, and isn't portable. I can use Eclipse on any OS, but VS only works on Windows.  Portability is far better... what would you do if you had to program in Java, or use a Linux box?

Eww... Microsoftisms... ugly.

As much as you possibly can, look for cross-platform languages.  Python, Java, and Arlix if I ever finish it ;)

I learned with Java.  It's an awesome language, and since all I do is GUI programs, I have extreme difficulties with C/C++ (until Arlix... I may be cured).  Python is ok, if not my language of preference.  PHP is awesome for websites, but I'll never use it for anything else.

Maybe this will help someone later on!

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