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I was exactly looking for this.
With most of the task management solutions I have the problem that you cannot easily store enough project data within them (you bloat them somehow). With most of the note taking solutions I have problems to get the things done: no reminder, no metadata to get order in the many snippets.
The first kind of software I found that does both well was Taskmerlin (but I didn't like the used database: Microsoft Access Jet).
IMHO even better is Swift To-Do List a very capable but very easy (natural) to use application. It seems not to have any bugs and has a very good databse backend (so you can get much data in it), very good export (your data is not locker) and with the new version also the option to put memos into the tree (like a 2pane notes outliner).
The notes I put in it in three ways:
- notes field of the task
- Memo in the task list tree
- attachment

At the moment they seem to beta test an online synchronisation and an web companion for phones: http://www.dextronet...ift-to-do-list-sync/


how about these (cheap, portable, easy to use):


I used them for some weeks and was very content.

A way to oganize files "within" AM-Notebook is to use Local Website Archive from the same author. AM-Notebook has a tab to display the Local Website outline, but you cannot mix this with the notes-outline. On the other hand Local Website Archive is very good at archiving websites and is also able to store different files (f.e. email messages and PDFs) within it's outline.

Please consider AM-Notebook. I rely heavily in work on this program and recommend it, because I'm so content with it (and I used many tree outliner).

Latest Version:

It supports RTF-Notes (TRichEdit), tables (with Excel like formulas) and now also diagrams.
It never crashes (Use it everday since half a year.).
Responsive author.
Completely Unicode, small, portable, clean interface, good export
You can have multiple tabs, but not like most tree outliner with a tab for every tree, but a tab for every note in one tree (much better IMHO).
Extremely secure:
- unlimeted undo
- documents stored as separate files on harddisk, no database that can get corrupt
- automatically save sdocuments and saves last three versions (can be more if you want)
- daily autobackup of all data
Fast open/find notes: press Ctrl+F5 start typing the name of the note, press Enter voila.
Share notes collection with other users over network.
No Candybar-Look: rather bare bone but clear and functional (I like that).

General Software Discussion / Re: Must-have Windows Programs
« on: February 16, 2010, 10:47 AM »
Only three must have progs:

Jescopy http://software.thom...details/jescopy.html

I use these for some time now: very reliable, not bloated, small progs.

General Software Discussion / C-Organizer new version
« on: August 25, 2009, 01:29 PM »
Have you tried C-Organizer There is a brand new version.
Great calendar (yearly planner, great printout ...), great contacts.
Categories for all types of items and filters, combined with the foldertree very flexible for organizing.
Really nice looking, clean, fast and contrary to many other very solid.
Cheap because all updates are free.


I think you can use your system with many ToDo-List progs. F.e. my preferred ones: Tudumo (using tags for your priorities), Note Thing.

Tudumo seems to get online synchronsation soon.

BTW I much prefer DIT (Do It Tomorrow: closed lists) over GTD because it's much simpler, and it is easy to set up.

Note Thing

I don't know if Gazette (linked notes, wiki type notepad) is exactly what you are looking for, but I use it and like it very much - it's beautifull in it's simplicity (like the other software at Zeno Systems:


Found this one - although not free (but not expensive: 20 $): NotePro
Supports tables, spell check, styles. Small, easy to use prog with clear and modern GUI.
Good supported (corrected a small bug within days).

Polyedit is great: fast, small, easy to use, all the features you need without the bloat. Try it.
The professional version is cheep and has additional features.
Also good and free: Atlantis Nova.
Nice and free: qjot (from

Be careful, don't replace text inside a word file with a tool suitable only for plain text files (txt, html, xml, ~rtf).
The only one I know that can replace inside word files are:
Advanced Find & Replace
HandyFile Find and Replace
I think both use ActiveX or ... to make a Word-component  to do the search/replacement in background, so Word does have to be installed on your computer.
I use the first one with rtf files and it works fine (you cannot use a use plain text replace tool to replace non ascii characters in rtf-files, like f.e. öäü € ...).

> Another user stated, I don't want to chance having to move/convert my data files to another
> application if the one I choose goes bust or stops being supported.

The first thing I check in a new application is, if it is possible to export the data in a usable format and on the other hand if it is easy to import data. The worst case for me is to have a big amount of data confined into a software and not be able to get it out.

I did not try Action Outline, but like you I tested many double pane outliners the last weeks and settled on
It's fast, small, full featured but not bloated, Outline + Tabs and contantly develloped. The best of the bunch IMHO.

Perhaps XChangeCL:

I did not try it, but I use daily their Search Program which is great and the author is very resposive.

General Software Discussion / Re: Notebook / Todo list manager
« on: November 24, 2008, 02:23 AM »
I very much like Swift To-Do List: Dextronet.

It's very easy and clear (3-panel layout like email-programs) but has many features.
I use it for notes organization and for my to-do-list as I prefer to have my reference information and tasks all in one place.
It has a very capable database backend: VistaDB.
The author is very responsive.

I tried many todo-list/notetaking programs but like this most.

(not affiliated just a happy customer)

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