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General Software Discussion / Re: ghacks christmas 2009 giveaways
« on: December 10, 2009, 11:49 AM »
Always a great read with something for everyone. Many thanks as always..

Living Room / Re: What's your favorite LOL joke?
« on: November 27, 2009, 04:08 PM »
Joe wanted to buy a motorbike. He doesn't have much luck until one
day, he comes across a Harley with a 'for sale' sign on it.

The bike seems even better than a new one, although it is 10 years
old. It is shiny and in absolute mint condition.

He immediately buys it, and asks the seller how he kept it in such
great condition for 10 years.

'Well, it's quite simple, really,' says the seller, 'whenever the
Bike is outside and it's gonna rain, rub Vaseline on the chrome. It
protects it from the rain.'

And he hands Joe a jar of Vaseline.

That night, his girlfriend, Sandra, invites him over to meet her
parents. Naturally, they take the bike there.

But just before they enter the house,
Sandra stops him and says, 'I have to tell you something about my family before we go in.'

'When we eat dinner, we don't talk. In fact, the first person who
Says anything during dinner has to do the dishes.'

'No problem,' he says. And in they go.

Joe is shocked. Right smack in the middle of the living room is a
Huge stack of dirty dishes.

In the kitchen is another huge stack of dishes. Piled up on the
stairs, in the corridor, everywhere he looks, dirty dishes.

They sit down to dinner and, sure enough, no one says a word.

As dinner progresses, Joe decides to take advantage of the

So he leans over and kisses Sandra.

No one says a word.

So he reaches over and fondles her breasts.

Still, nobody says a word.

So he stands up, grabs her, rips her clothes off, throws her on the
table, and screws her right there, in front of her parents.

His girlfriend is a little flustered, her dad is obviously livid, and
her mom horrified when he sits back down, but no one says a word.

He looks at her mom..

'She's got a great body,' he thinks. So he grabs the mom, bends her
over the dinner table, and has his way with her every which way
right there on the dinner table.

Now his girlfriend is furious and her dad is boiling, but still,
Total silence.

All of a sudden there is a loud clap of thunder, and it starts to

Joe remembers his bike, so he pulls the jar of Vaseline from his

Suddenly the father shouted....'I'll do the f****** dishes!!!

Living Room / Re: What's your favorite LOL joke?
« on: November 27, 2009, 04:05 PM »
 An older, white-haired man walked into a jewelry store one Friday
 evening with a beautiful young gal at his side.

 He told the jeweller he was looking for a special ring for
 his new girlfriend. The jeweller looked through his stock and
 brought out a $5,000 ring. The old man said,

'No, I'd like to see some thing more special.'

 At that statement, the jeweller went to his special stock and brought
 another ring over..
'Here's a stunning ring at only $40,000' the jeweller said.

 The young lady's eyes sparkled and her whole body
 trembled with excitement. The old man seeing this said,

'We'll take it.'

 The jeweller asked how payment would be made and the old man
 'by cheque if thats ok. I also know you need to make sure my cheque is good, so I'll
 write it now and you can call the bank Monday to verify the funds and
 I'll pick the ring up Monday afternoon,' he said.

 Monday morning, the jeweller phoned the old man.

 'I've been worried about the ring sale Saturday and Sunday.
The bank tells me there's no money in that account.'

 'I know,I know ' said the old man,

 'But let me tell you about my weekend!'  :P

Great work. Thanks. Kids will love it.

Another great newsletter. Keep it up guys.

I've been a member since the early days.I can confirm that I have had not spam from any members on this site.

Spammers should be taken outside and shot........................with rusty bullets. Then hung out for the crows.

Fantastic idea. This is a keeper. Hope you continue to work on this but if not many thanks

( I know work gets in the way )

It may seem strange and a bit of a go at blowing my own trumpet but its possible for free.

Years ago I had a D.I.Y shop. I placed a coffin in the window that I borrowed from an undertaker. I put a price on it of £56.00. I then had a friend inform the local newspaper. They ran an article about it. Front page for free. It then went in the County newspaper ( part of the same company ). I think front page again. It was picked up by the national newspapers and snowballed. Every Sunday paper ran it. The BBC turned up with a Radio crew. They in turn passed it on to the BBC TV network. The ITN TV crew from Calendar News filmed. ABC Radio in America did a live interview for a thousand stations. Meanwhile every time that it was on the TV or National news , the local paper ran another piece. It went on BBC World service , Japanese TV came and filmed a piece for a full day ( I was paid for my time on a day off ). USA Today and The Soir Newspaper in France ran pieces. The Coffin was mentioned in a government report and of cource I managed another local story. Then it died ( no pun ). For maybe 3 or 4 months nothing was said. The Humanist Society mentioned it in an article about D.I.Y funerals and off we went again. I probably had 18 months of free advertising.

This was not the last bit of newspaper and TV reporting that I manipulated. When my wife was due to give birth I delivered my son  before the midwife arrived. Free reporting again.

The moral is: Getting the coverage is easy - what you do with it is not.

Extracted from an article by Steve Nicholson, Gainsborough Lincolnshire UK.

I think you may be better off sending me the $999. I will set up a simple plan that a chimp could follow. To be honest I really do need the money and it will be put to good use........honestly.

One of the best newsletters I recieve. Well done as always.

I admit to being a download junkie. I save the webpage for the program as an MHT file and zip it with the program in my spare drive. With the right name I can find programs and the authors details from years ago.

yan4.2.exe becomes a zip file containing;

yankeeclipper.exe,yankeeclipper.mht and sometimes yankeeclipper.txt  containing passwords and sometimes my own review.

Works for me.


Additional note from brotherS: What MHT is:

Finished Programs / Re: Save a page URL
« on: December 23, 2005, 03:38 PM »
Thanks for that Luckman212

General Software Discussion / Re: software i love
« on: December 14, 2005, 04:29 PM »
Did'nt see Irfanview on this superb list.

Graphis, MP3, slideshow, resizer. My one program that on every computer I own.

Finished Programs / Save a page URL
« on: December 08, 2005, 11:45 AM »
On Internet Explorer I often browse with several windows opern. Sometimes I'll save a page for viewing later by  FILE , SEND TO , DESKTOP AS A SHORTCUT . This leaves a short cut on the desktop which I put in a folder to visit later. How about a quick way to the URL of a page direct to a folder of my choice ? Changing the name would be a plus.

 Many thanks

 :up: Wanderer

Mini-Reviews by Members / Cachesort
« on: December 07, 2005, 04:29 PM »
A marvellous little program. Still learning to to you it but I am very impressed so far. One little point. After use and and after claring the internet cache by usual method, remember to also clear the Cachesort folder on the C drive.

Have fun.

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