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Curious to know what others use to store and fill in passwords on web and phone/tablet (android for me)

Me: Have used Roboform briefly and then went to Lastpass
Originally the premium LP found cheaply via Humble Bundle etc.
LP has some annoying features but works pretty well
Premium price is no US$36 p.a. - wow
Most of the features including use on phone are now in the free version
SO I could stay with that
I am trialing BitWarden which seems to be a very close copy of the LP service
Although it claims the program code is Open Source which is good - but still linked to their website/service
I did install KeePassX and a browser extension as well
It did work too but was clunky to get going etc.
haven't tried on Phone yet

Haven't settled on any one program because it always seemed that some program did something I wanted better than another program that tried to do everything
My issue in a nutshell
Thanks for the list

If you can get around it's quirks, there is PaintStar.

Pretty amazing features for the file size etc
May not quite be what I had in mind but hats off to the developer - shame he didn't open source the code so someone could take it forward

I find GIMP extremely over rated, if it wasn't free it would surely be rated much lower. Minus collages which I would say is a more particular 'niche' task a combination of, Xnview and Faststone has served me well. Photoscape does a few things well too.
GIMP is probably good for some but too big and complicated for many
Agree collages are not important
Care to share what you use each of, Xnview and Faststone for
Thought Xnview and Faststone were pretty similar (and similar to Irfanview which I use/prefer) so why both?

Have tried - similar to GIMP - quite complex etc. - but good price
Affinity looks powerful but if I am going to pay $80 ** and learn a pro program I would go with Photoshop or at least PS Elements

(** I am in Australia and we get hosed on international pricing and exchange rates)

General Software Discussion / Re: easy peasy website building
« on: December 11, 2018, 05:51 PM »
It really cannot be easier than this tool for Windows and Mac: MobiRise
This looks great and a worthy alternative to a Wordpress blog when most content is static - easier to maintain too

Hi all
What software does everyone use for photo/picture edits?
Would like to do simple edits like crop, colour, filter, face swap, background and object removal, collages etc.

There seem to be a ton of android apps that offer this functionality but less for PC
I have tried and use GIMP which is very powerful no doubt but also complex - more pro than consumer
Photoshop elements is expensive and proprietary
I use Irfanview as a viewer and also good for resize and batch - has some functions including 'paint' but not a real editor

Any recommendations for a program that hits the sweet spot of price, features and ease of use?

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: clean the marked text
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:09 PM »
AHK (compile it, place it in start, use it's shortcut when a text with underscores is in the clipboard):

Just a thank you for the AHK script code
I have added this to my always running AHK script and call the cleaning with a different keyboard shortcut - Win+K
I also added a second run to remove the dash and replace with nothing as I need that for certain operations
Looks like this now
Clipboard := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "[_]+", " ")
Clipboard := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "[-]+", "")

Just checked back in for an update - and found one
Replying to say that this is a VERY useful little tool
I don't use it often but when I do - it's awesome
I bet it would achieve fame in office around the world if promoted some how
Thanks again

Mouse without Borders works perfectly for me
I have a HP home server and a desktop - plug server into VGA cable - switch monitor source and share kb&m
Works with laptop on vga too - so long as all on same network (cable or wifi)
It's free so worth a go
Highly recommend ticking the box that makes mouse cursor stay on screen until you hold control key so no accidental slides off screen

The App-Store has turned me from a gamer into a game collector :o
Exactly - The Humble Bundle collections are even worse for me!

Like many I was a long time FF user due to it's extensions - many but particularly Tab mix Plus and Download Them All (and Adblock but most have that now)
FF has slowed whilst Chrome is fast and I am a heavy Google user anyway so ...
Have consider Chromium and SRW Iron but not that concerned about privacy as I am Google's b1tch already :)

My major gripe with Chrome is the stealing of focus
With FF (and Tab Mix plus) I could use Tweetdeck or an email program and click web links which would load in tabs in the browser in the background without stealing focus from the current app
Would love to have that capability from Chrome but not possible
Does Opera do this? If so I might give it a try

I am still using the original Air based TweetDeck. I tried a BUNCH of other clients - Sobees and Seesmic came close to doing the job - but none of them did as good a job as Air TweetDeck.  I can't seem to find the Air installation program for the last Air release of TweetDeck,

Exactly the same boat my friend. Tried Sobees and Seesmic etc. Interface is not superior in anyway. no web interface comes close. Can't believe there isn't a better option available. Was hoping someone knew one.
I can help you with the Air Tweetdeck though
The last version was 0.38.2
here's one link but google has a few

I understand that if you don't use Facebook AND Twitter then some of these elements may not be an issue for you
There would seem to be some nifty Twitter only clients
Much fewer FB clients that achieve these results e.g. TD allows me to see status updates and photo updates in a column but without all the dross that infects timelines like game scores and random likes etc.
It is like FB distilled down to a Twitter like form of just genuine user messages via status updates
If you don't use FB or you like to play Farmville (etc) then this won't matter to you I guess

Anyway always keen to try new programs so if anyone finds something give me a shout :)

I have tried lots of programs that 'aggregate' my social media status etc
Specifically I use multiple twitter accounts and Facebook
Was a fan of Tweetdeck and still use the last Air version before they were acquired by Twitter
The new Twitter version is the same as their web app and isn't as good
One specific functionality I like is to be able to order the status by time so I can see the oldest to newest and then mark them read as I go
Don't want to miss anything you know!
No other desktop or web app has this functionality afaik
So I am curious what the knowledgeable users here utilise
And maybe plant a seed for someone to pick up the design ideas from (original) Tweetdeck and build a new program that improves on it rather than waters it down
From my web research I can see lots of people like me who are searching and might pay for a new program (hint hint)
Cheers from downunder

General Software Discussion / Re: email program
« on: March 20, 2012, 08:23 PM »
I am sure Thunderbird can do what you want with treeview etc as it is highly customisable natively and with plugins
Personally I went away from desktop email to gmail exclusively
I would set up gmail to retrieve your ymail and deal with all from there
If you use something like Boomerang for Gmail (free for limited use) you can mark email to 'boomerang' to you in a certain timeframe if you don't get a reply

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Release: DCDisplay
« on: May 23, 2011, 11:16 PM »
Hi there,

It looks like a nice program, but it crashes as soon as I try to start it.

During the first setup, it installed directx9 and XNA.
During the second setup, it says that directX9 en XNA are present.

It's probably something windows. Maybe I should reboot first, so that windows loads XNA correctly.

Do you have any idea?

Exactly the same for me I am afraid - not operational at all On Win 7 Home Premium 64
Tried running in XP compatability and run as admin - no go
All the extra look good but need basic functionality first I guess
Good luck with development

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Mini Review - DeVeDe
« on: July 30, 2008, 08:26 AM »
I have been looking for a decent program to convert a number of video files into a 'standard' DVD
I have a number of cartoons in avi files I would like to burn to seasonal DVD for my kids and nephews
I will be giving DeVeDe and DVD Styler a try
Thanks :)

I agree with Carol and wraith
I could not wait to read my Langalist newsletter each time and always paid my subscription without a 2nd thought
My paid subscription to Windows Secrets would be lapsed if I didn't have the choice to nominate my own figure
I pay $2 per year and frankly given the quality of stuff available for free on the net I think that is fair

My name is Matt and I live in South Coast NSW Australia (about 3 hrs South of Sydney)
We have the best beaches and climate in the world This pic is from the headland near my house
I am 37 married with 2 boys 5 & 2 and my family is the best thing I ever did and ever will do
I run a business in the insurance industry with my brother
I have always loved computing starting with a Commodore 64 way back when
I have a lot of hands on experience on Windows and Office and am pretty handy in the face of most PC problems
I am Mac & Linux curious and just bought a G3 iBook so I can play with Mac OS-X
I help to moderate a PC users group and I post a lot of messages and problem fixes at this blog
I am new to DC and just made a Donation to become a supporter
(Sorry it wasn't $50 but every bit helps right?)
So anyway nice to meet you all and see you around the net
Cheers  :)

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: List of disc catalogers
« on: January 22, 2008, 08:19 PM »

I have read through all the information here and the work done by some is amazing
Weel done Tomos & Crush

Does/is anyone using one of these programs to catalogue a music collection, specifically an LP record music collection
I would love to here what program you use and why

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