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Issue with scale not a 100%.

I have my laptop main screen 1920x1080 with scale 100 and external 4K monitor with scale 150%. if i want to capture top screen is magnified and i'n not able to capture anything on second screen. (if scale is 100% on all screen I have no more issue)

Can you verify that Screenshot Captor can take into account scales different from 100%

Hi Mouser,
Menu Icon make SC cleaner  :Thmbsup:
I was looking for new graphical feature "did you add some?"

For Website snapshot, i do not use SC as it is too slow or the result is defective... I can advise another freeware that really do the job of capturing a web page (unfortunately from an url). Nirsoft Site Shoter

Screenshot Captor / Re: Request : hightlight pen feature
« on: May 19, 2009, 12:53 AM »
its actually a really good request -- i will work on it.

Did you make any progress on it ??

Screenshot Captor / Re: Request : hightlight pen feature
« on: March 26, 2009, 07:43 AM »
its actually a really good request -- i will work on it.

cmpm: thanks for fielding this request initially -- i was thinking exact same thing as you, so i'm glad to read the back and forth here, helped me understand what as being asked for  :up:

Thx, i use all the time Screenshot captor specially for open source software bug "report" i use highlight with border only and no shadow because shadow add a dark effect behind the region if transparency is set.
To be honest, I mainly use Text Object as it provide exactly the same feature.

As asked by cmpm, the highlight should not change.
We could have 2 new options and ome more tool :
option 1 : "sharpen | text | cleartype like" mask in order to see text very well.
option 2 : shadow only outside object to avoid dark effect behind the complete region.

tool       : round pen with diameter size.   

The clipart object folder is very convenient once you know where you have to add and organize your stuff.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Request : hightlight pen feature
« on: March 26, 2009, 01:02 AM »
Nope my dear, the feature is not here !
The main idea is to have a punchy yellow/green/pink/magenta as highlight color instead of having a watter washed one and playing with transparency.
You can see the difference between the both highlight region tool in the attached image.
(left Screenshot Captor - right fastone screen capture)

Screenshot Captor / Request : hightlight pen feature
« on: March 25, 2009, 10:04 AM »
I'm using screenshot captor since a bunch of time now thx for your work.
I've lately tested FastStone Screen Capture and i found a fantastic feature that is missing to screenshot captor :(

The feature is the highlight pen (and highlight zone) that does not change font color => so highlighted give almost the same effect as using a stabilo boss pen. ( see attached picture )

do you think it could be possible to add such in Screenshot captor ?

Find And Run Robot / Re: Alias score ???? Grrrrrrrrr
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:02 AM »
i made a uni alias and it showed up and searched fine and scored fine.  if you want to email me your myaliases.alias file i can have a look to see if i see what is wrong ([email protected]).

as for the scores in aplugins, you have found a bug -- it's not listing them properly on that list.

can you explain this more, i didn't understand:
you should also add a no alias search with a core alias  (ex !) 

Ooops the concern is about alias defined by/for plugin the uni is a replacement for the FARR uninstaller plugin (default unstall replaced by uni and default score of 300 replaced by 1000) in the plugin setting dialog.

About the !, i personally think that a one letter code at the beg of a search could replace the following:

could be *
could be $
could be !

Find And Run Robot / Alias score ???? Grrrrrrrrr
« on: August 05, 2008, 03:17 AM »
I've a question regarding score for plugin alias !
In the the current setting i've override a setting of 1000 for a "uni" alias for uninstalling programm but :
When i tip "u" i do not get my alias showing up in the search list.
When i tip "apl", i never get the aplugins showing up .....

in aplugins scoring is shown as 100 ????? -> always less than my folder/files :(

Why allias are not always in top score ??
you should also add a no alias search with a core alias  (ex !)   

Do you have any idea when the next version will pops up ?
(I hope that the next version will not be erased by McAfee av :(  :tellme: )

*still there* with version v2.34.01   :-[
As is is very useful to not have any background color for when can we hope for a bugfix ?

(i do not like to add the text in ms-paint  afterward !

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