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General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Countdown Timer Showdown
« on: December 14, 2020, 01:34 PM »

Updating again. Kids grew up and we go to sleep at 2am again and not getting enough sleep.

Any relevant apps? :)

It is great to hear from you! :)

I'm afraid that with the birth of kids, my free time dwindled drastically :( I have the warmest feelings to this forum, the apps, and to all the wonderful users and of course mouser. Stay as awesome as you are and keep going!

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Countdown Timer Showdown
« on: November 27, 2013, 12:44 PM »
A quick update on the whole "sleep reminder" thing.

Like I said before, having a girlfriend does nothing, except causing both of you going to sleep late.
Having kids, on the other hand... Nothing makes you go to sleep like knowing you are going to forcefully awaken at 6am.

We now go to sleep at 11pm! Great success!

Sounds good. If I make something opensource some time, I'll make sure to apply and give it a whirl!

(Oh, you may want to fix the typo in the opening post. It says exactly the opposite of what you want it to say! :D)

Oops! Thanks!

Hey guys,

We've added a new license model to BugAid - It is now free for open-source projects!
Since quite a few of you are donating your coding time, I am sure it might be useful to at least some of you.

You can apply for a free license here.


It looks great! I'd be interested to try it once it is a bit more mature but I love the UI already. Well done!

I know the feeling :)
During some time in a big software company, in which I was coding about 2-3 lines a week, I started to get weird hand-shakes. Feeling relieved only after I started coding at home.

Anyway, when you're back to code-world, try us out and let me know if you have any questions!

You have done a great job. This is really a very nice & effective project. I am looking forward to buying it actually have to work with it.  So guide me through more on this that how can i buy it?

Thanks for the compliments, jamijlex :)
You can buy BugAid from the following link:

If you have any further question or issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

It works perfectly for me with the GTalk client - I find it a bit irritating that the chat Window always seem to pop up in GMail when running GTalk on the same box, but I can live with that. Having conversations stored and available from the web interface, searchable with Google powers, is pretty awesome.
Does anybody know if the GMail integration only happens with the GTalk client, or if it happens with any Jabber/XAMPP client?

GMail integration works with any client that you can use to talk on GTalk, which means any Jabber supporting client.

Regarding my original post, the only solution I found so far is to enable "Desktop notifications" in Gmail. These only work in Chrome, in theory, but using this extension it is possible to make it work in Firefox as well.

This allows me to close ALL Windows clients and just rely on open GMail for chat.

I am using Android, web (from different computers) and from my android.

One feature that I love is that if I start chatting with a friend on Android, the talk window in Gmail automatically fills with dialogue. That means that I can chat on the bed and then continue chatting from Gmail while seeing the whole conversation on the window.

Sadly, it only works inside GMail, Google+ and Android. In the windows clients: Google Talk for Windows, Digsby, Miranda and Pidgin there is no such feature :(, even worse, if I chat with someone from the android and then sit on the computer the chat sometimes would skip the windows client completely and just go to gmail/android, causing lost messages.

Anyone has any solution?


Thanks for the kind words, everybody! That's really great to hear :)

Please remember to let me know, when you try it, if you experience any issues or there is anything you'd like to improve. Your enjoyment of BugAid is a topmost priority!

Update - 12/Jan/2012: BugAid is now free for open-source projects - Apply here.

Hi everybody,

I am proud to present to my favorite internet community:


Name: BugAid for Visual Studio
Goal: Improving and enhancing the debugging experience in Visual Studio
License: Commercial (60-day trial)
Developers: Omer Raviv and Vitaly Belman
Features (full list)

Note: Best viewed in full screen and in highest resolution

Search and filter complex objects by their members and values


Compare objects or track how a function changes your object


Bring the important properties to the front


Please let me know if you have any question or comments, I'll be happy to provide more information.

Vitaly Belman

I've settled for now to use Remember The Milk with OneNote. I am using the notes and links feature of RTM to link it to paragraphs in OneNote. I guess it will have to do for now. One major gripe I am having is that OneNote has no Android client. The closest thing is MobileNoter and so far it isn't quite good. But I guess I'll wait.

Woah. For some reason I stopped getting notification to this thread and was :o to see all the responses.
I'll avoid the philosophical debate and just respond to the suggested options:

Ultimate To-Do List: As pointed out, lacks rich-text options, which makes it a not very good note app.
Task Merlin: I didn't look too deeply because it seems to be lacking phone integration.
Swift To-Do List: Looks most fitting, especially with upcoming phone integration. However, I'll wait to see what kind of integration they will be coming up with.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

P.S In the while, I am sticking with RTM and OneNote

By proper task management I mean the whole deal, recurring tasks, reminders, postponing, setting a task to be "next tuesday". Think remember the milk :)

My hands are burning to do the whole myself, but I know this project is a bit too big for me right now :(

I tried WorkFlowy and it is indeed nice... But not what I am looking for.
It doesn't have proper tasks, reminders, etc.
It is more of a note taking tool (and imo OneNote & Evernote are better at that)

I've been using notes applications and task management for a long time. However, I always felt that these two should be united. Too often I found myself entering a note that I wished it was a task and vice versa. Also, in the end, when I am looking for something, I end up having to search two different applications to find it.

Here is a basic list of requirements such a solution would require:
  • Proper task management - OneNote has some task management, however, it is very very basic. A proper task system requires recurring task, due dates, alarms, etc, etc.
  • Android support - Since Android is always with me it is critical for me to be able to view my notes and add tasks while I am on the go.
  • Quick task/note adding - I love Remember-the-milk's quick add feature. Basically just by writing stuff like "Call Doctor tomorrow" you create a task with a defined due date. All the other alternatives I've seen require you to do click through too many checkboxes and listboxes for every task you add.
  • Rich text editing - Since it is going to be my main notes application, it must support rich text editing in its notes.

Currently I am trying to use MyLifeOrganized as a solution, however, it is far from perfect. While its task management is superb, it can be a bit TOO complex, has abysmal note management abilities (no rich text editing, no attachments) and its Android support is in early beta.

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions on the subject.


Living Room / Re: Decided on RAID 1 - SSDs or HDDs?
« on: June 01, 2011, 05:12 AM »
FWIW I'm synchronizing more often than I'm doing traditional backups these days. I like having two immediately usable copies of my files. And my data footprint is now big enough that what I think of as a traditional backup simply takes too long and is too inefficient. Plus, I really don't trust most backup software. It's almost a truism that the one time you absolutely need to get something restored, your backup program will abort about half way through with an "archive corrupted - unable to restore" message.

I can't emphasize that enough. I was severely harmed with "archive corrupted", specifically by Acronis TrueImage. I ditched in favor of Cobian Backup (freeware). It can do incremental/differential/full backups with usual plain files.

Of course it won't save you from reinstalling all your apps so you can also do an image backup, but I wouldn't trust it alone to handle all my file backup.

If you have 2008 installed, try it too. I am REALLY unsure which version I made it for.

hey i followed the steps in the first post but the plugin wont compile as
using FARRCSharpSDK
show an error that it cannot be found and the referance assemblies $project_name$CSharpSDK.dll and $project_name$RCW show exclamation marks.
edit: i use visual studio 2010 ultimate

Hi AksX,

It is very possible that it won't compile in VS2010 as I never tested it with it (I think I was using 2005 back at the time).
I'm afraid I can't fix the template issue right now, however, you can take any of the other existing c# plugins and try to compile them in VS2010 and I believe they will.

You can then go ahead and just delete most of the plugin related code (which is quite separated from the the API that is used to communicate with FARR). To get started, I suggest to compile the latest plugin I made, FARRTunes

Good luck!

Living Room / Re: Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds?
« on: June 11, 2010, 08:37 AM »
OkCupid is the best Geek/Nerd/Weird/Alternative/Intelligent dating site I know. It encourages people to write, about themselves, a lot more than other sites and it has a really good matching service that is based on never-ending series of questions.
I found some great dates there - great, as in people with interesting personalty. If you're looking for a pick-up, this is hardly the site for you.

However, my current (and longest running) girlfriend I've met at work.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Countdown Timer Showdown
« on: August 12, 2009, 05:56 PM »
I'm trying Shade's idea - Using a girlfriend application. However, I must say so far it is quite buggy:

[1:47 AM] VitalyB: I am very strict today
[1:47 AM] VitalyB: I even quit civilization
[1:47 AM] VitalyB: like 10 minutes ago
[1:47 AM] VitalyB: Even though I was only 90 turns from the end of the game
[1:47 AM] Agni: wow! only 90???
[1:47 AM] Agni: you could finish it in like... what?
[1:47 AM] VitalyB: yep. 90 turns is about... 20 minutes of gameplay
[1:48 AM] Agni: then it's 1h and 20?
[1:48 AM] Agni: well
[1:48 AM] Agni: yes
[1:48 AM] Agni: you can do it!
[1:48 AM] Agni: cmon
[1:49 AM] VitalyB: tsk @ girlfriend-causing-bad-influence
[1:49 AM] Agni: you have 8h to sleep???? it's too much!!!!!!!!!!
[1:49 AM] VitalyB: I am going to find that forum topic now
[1:49 AM] VitalyB: and send them this log now


Do you mean MSE actually deleted your files? Did it have real false positives?

Anyway, I installed and it works great. Really pleased with it so far.

General Software Discussion / Re: Microsoft Songsmith
« on: January 13, 2009, 02:01 AM »
Hey, cheesy or not, it got the tool more publicity than most anything.
Anyone actually tried it?

Err. The examples ARE using ActionItems and ActionLists. See iTunes plugin for example.

All the documentation is in the first post.

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