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Wednesday September 02, 2015


Hack font v.2

Christopher Simpkins and others' hack font, which I neither knew nor have used (obviously) has been renewed. It presents itself as 'a typeface designed for source code' and is open source. I'm trying it right now and it is actually the first font which I think could make me abandon Consolas.

Hack 9 is about the same height as Consolas 10, but a bit narrower (which is not a disadvantage at all).

That screenshot looks pretty nice!

Looking at the website you can see how much work has gone into publicizing the font.

Whenever we talk about programming fonts we also can't forget to mention the Dina programming font, created by DC member Jibz -- which is different because it's fixed width and suitable at very low font sizes:

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

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Tuesday September 01, 2015

Screenshot - 8_1_2015 , 11_59_20 PM.png

Startups and the Big Lie

Often it feels to me like economic success is one big pyramid scheme... Here's an article about the central role lying plays in the startup model where companies raise billions based on a mirage of get-rich-quick success they create.

They have little choice. Funding is contingent on growth, but that growth can only happen if no one really understands the funding situation. Founders have to tell the lie – that everything is fine, that a feature is going to launch even though the engineer for that feature hasn’t been hired yet, that payroll will run even though the VC dollars are still nowhere on the horizon.

Lying is a requisite and daily part of being a founder, the grease that keeps the startup flywheel running.

posted by mouser donate to mouser - September 01, 2015, 03:26:00 PM
discovered on
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AWS security woes

I use AWS for backing up my web sites mostly, though I use it for other reasons sometimes.  I switched to 2-factor, even though it's annoying and I don't use it much.  After all, if I'm only using it for a few things, how much trouble could I get in?

I saw these articles, and realized that 2-factor was a very good idea.

How a bug in Visual Studio 2015 exposed my source code on GitHub and cost me $6,500 in a few hours

Developers, Check Your Amazon Bills For Bitcoin Miners

Amazon AWS Account Hacking and How to Avoid it

How my Amazon S3 account was hacked with 10,776$ in billing.

Check your S3 and secure it... even if you don't use it.  Basically, they login, and then create EC2 instances with bitcoin miners.  They make the money, and leave you with the bill.

Just figured I'd post this as I'd not seen this particular phenomenon before.

posted by wraith808 donate to wraith808 - September 01, 2015, 11:30:00 AM
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Screenshot - 9_1_2015 , 1_54_23 AM.png

AppSumo presents SitePoint Premium deal of a lifetime

DC Member App103 writes us today:

As some of you may know, I have been working for SitePoint/Learnable for a couple of years, now, so when I tell you that this deal is unprecedented, consider where it's coming from.*

AppSumo is presenting a deal for a LIFETIME membership to SitePoint Premium (formerly Learnable) for $49, and that comes with unlimited downloads of all our books and courses.

You pay $49, once, and you get access to all of our book and course that we have now and every book and course we will ever release in the future.

Annual memberships are currently worth $108 per year, so this is a serious unprecedented bargain on something we have never offered before...lifetime memberships. (if and when we do offer this plan for sale on our site, it's likely to be priced at $500 or more)

Now, this is a limited time offer, good for the first 5000 that manage to take advantage of it before they are all gone. So, if you want it, hop on it now and don't wait.


* Disclaimer: I work for SitePoint but they have not encouraged nor offered me any compensation to make this post.

posted by app103 donate to app103 - September 01, 2015, 09:50:00 AM
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Monday August 31, 2015

Forum Upgraded August 30, 2015

Hi all!

Thanks for your patience!
The forum upgrade has taken place -- tons of fixes, upgrades, and changes.

Hopefully there won't be too many problems -- but there are bound to be some.  Please report them here.

A big thanks to dc member Stephen for all the help testing.
And thanks also to hamradio for doing some work on the badges and icons.

And a HUGE thanks to everyone who has donated to the site, especially during the last fundraiser -- it's only because of your support that it's feasible to spend the time on this kind of thing.

Click to read more and discuss..

posted by mouser donate to mouser - August 31, 2015, 08:58:00 AM
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Thursday August 27, 2015

Screenshot - 8_27_2015 , 5_16_42 AM_thumb002.png roundup of ad blocking extensions

Nice roundup with lots of charts showing performance impacts of a variety of ad blockers, on memory, cpu, page loading times, etc.


posted by mouser donate to mouser - August 27, 2015, 05:20:00 AM
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Tuesday August 25, 2015

Forum Upgrade Will Occur September 1st, 2015

Best watched full screen:

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Thursday August 20, 2015


How Much RAM? 4GB vs. 8GB vs. 16GB Performance - TechSpot

Is less memory better for your system? Techspot tries to find out.


Bottom line of the article seems to be that 8gb is the sweet spot and makes a real difference over 4gb, but that 16gb doesn't yield much of an advantage over 8.
posted by lanux128 donate to lanux128 - August 20, 2015, 06:57:00 AM
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Tuesday August 11, 2015

Trout (audio player) update v1.0.6

Application Name Trout
Short Description Small, simple audio player (Freeware)
Supported OSes 95/98/ME/2k/XP/Vista/7
Web Page None
Download Link Installer
Zip (portable)

My main audio player for many years has been, and will remain, foobar but there are some times when I just want a simple "load'n'play" type of player.  An application that comes very close is Billy.  It's a FANTASTIC little app that fits in with my preference in software...standard controls, no skins, etc.  However, it only supports MP3, WAV, OGG, & FLAC and it also doesn't display tags.  My audio collection comprises many more formats than that and I tag files religiously.  So, with that in mind, I've always wanted to write my own simple player.  A good friend and I have wrapped the BASS audio engine in AutoHotkey and I've written a player (in AutoHotkey as well) called Trout.

  • Supported audio formats (standard): AIFF, AIF, AIFC, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGA, OGG, WAV, MO3, XM, MOD, S3M, IT, MTM.
  • Supported audio formats (w/ plugins): FLAC, WMA, WMP, WMV, ASF, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, WV, WVC, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, APE, AC3, SPX, TTA, OFR, MPC, ALAC.
  • Basic freeDB support for audio CD track titles.
  • Support for internet radio streams.
  • Supported tag formats:
    ID3v1, ID3v2.2/3/4
    OGG/FLAC Vorbis comments
    APE, OFR, MPC, AAC (APE tags)
    MP4/ALAC/AAC (not available under 9x/ME)
  • WinampAPI support for external control and display.
  • Commandline parameters for external control (/play, /stop, /prev, /next, /mute).
  • Extremely customizable hotkey system.
  • Basic custom string formatting (see Options screenshot).
  • Basic album art support (folder.jpg)
  • Horizontal/vertical "minibar" controls (see main screenshot).
  • Toaster style popup.
  • Play modes (Play file, play list, repeat file, repeat list, random, shuffle).
  • Simple tag editing (not available under 9x/ME).
  • support.

Planned Features
  • Equalizer.
  • Playlist saving in .m3u and .wpl formats.  It currently reads these files just fine.
  • Lyrics support.
  • Auto updater.
  • More...

Main interface and some different looks.  Windows 9x/ME users will have regular slider controls for the seekbar and volume controls.
Minibar controls
Options dialogs
Toaster popup

posted by skwire donate to skwire - August 11, 2015, 01:56:00 PM
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Friday August 07, 2015


Firefox users, here's a security flaw you'll need to fix

Another day, another security flaw -- this one affecting Mozilla's Web browser, Firefox. But this one is easy enough for you to fix.

On Thursday, Mozilla revealed a vulnerability in its browser that was discovered by a Firefox user. An ad on an unnamed news site in Russia was able to tap into the vulnerability to upload certain files from a user's computer to a server apparently based in the Ukraine. Exploiting Firefox's PDF Viewer and its use of the widespread JavaScript code, the hack seems to capture only "developer focused" files -- think FTP (file transfer protocol) -- at least in Windows. Your personal files and data aren't caught in the attack, but the hack is still alarming.


posted by Stephen66515 donate to Stephen66515 - August 07, 2015, 07:29:00 PM
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Microsoft is open-sourcing its iOS to Windows porting tools

Back in April this year at Microsoft’s annual Build conference, the company revealed that Windows 10 would be able to run Android and iOS apps with a little bit of tweaking. Now that Windows 10 is out, Microsoft is releasing its porting tools to the public and making them open-source for anyone to use and have access to.

Previously codenamed ‘Project IslandWood’, the Windows Bridge for iOS is opening up today with all of the source code freely available on GitHub. The iOS Bridge will let developers bring iOS apps over to both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 with mobile support heading to us in the future.

Source: http://www.kitguru.n...ndows-porting-tools/
Microsoft's Full Announcement:

I also heard about them doing the same for Android > Windows - This should be interesting to follow!!!

posted by Stephen66515 donate to Stephen66515 - August 07, 2015, 03:33:00 AM
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Wednesday August 05, 2015

Screenshot - 8_5_2015 , 2_23_23 AM.png

New printers that come with refillable ink tanks?

We've talked before about the racket with inkjet printer ink -- practically giving away printers and then charging you an arm and a leg for miserly ink cartridges.

A recent article discusses Epson's new plans to offer consumers an alternative -- a more expensive printer built to be refilled with cheap ink.

Epson, the maker of my nightmare printer, has finally put an end to the horror of ink cartridges, at least for people willing to throw cash at the problem up front. The five new EcoTank series printers look like normal models, only they have containers on their sides that hold gobs and gobs of ink. How much? Years’ worth. Enough that your children—or at least mine—could go on a two-hour coloring-page-printing bender and you wouldn’t even notice.

posted by mouser donate to mouser - August 05, 2015, 02:25:00 AM
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