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Nice - Reminds me of a program I used long ago, called gren (which was just a compiled perl script afaik).
Archived page here http://web.archive.o...karpo/gren/gren.html (from 2002)
"GREN can do all things DOS's RENAME can. However, GREN's power comes from being able to understand Perl's regular expressions (REGEXPs)."

I still have the program although I haven't used it this decade - attached for those interested as the archived download link might not work.

Don't install it in program files, it needs to be able to write to a sub folder (history and templates) - Move it to c:\portable\clcl or something like that ("Documents" should also work) - you should have a "user folder" in the old CLCL folder on your other computer so if your user name was
screenshot1  you should have "clcl\screenshot1" in there you will find

regist.dat -> templates
clcl.ini -> duh
history.dat -> clipboard history

copy those files to your new "user name folder" (close CLCL first of course).

Living Room / Re: snipping tool with image editor
« on: December 23, 2018, 08:02 AM »
I like Greenshot myself (also portable) which has a builtin editor (ShareX used to use the greenshot editor) - another option may be Snipaste (also portable) - details

If you're interested because it is/was developed in AutoHotkey, there are various clipboard managers floating around on the AHK forums, two of them listed here

Perhaps the trial reverts to "free" - don't know of course. You may try to find it on an "old download site" (not illegal or something like that but there are websites that keep archive(s) of installers of all versions of popular software. (Won't be able to recommend any in particular but Google will know no doubt)

There are quite a few free ones, a nice overview video here with pros/cons (DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm, Avid Media Composer First, Lightworks, Kdenlive, OpenShot and Shotcut - all free, non-watermarked - windows/mac/linux)

Does the Window Spy see that as a separate control? If so perhaps simply disable the mouse buttons when your mouse if over the control?
See https://autohotkey.c...ocs/commands/_If.htm for the Examples. If Lbutton/Rbutton are disabled you can't move the bars :-)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: autocopy function?
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:16 PM »
Just fyi and if you happen to be an AutoHotkey user (a scripting language for Windows) - there are various scripts that do that - here are some examples (incl. link to an older script) https://autohotkey.c....php?f=5&t=53867 - (as it happens a Lintalist user asked about this hence I recalled this). Using #IfWinActive and a Group you can make work in specific programs only.

General Software Discussion / Re: Rename Open File in Windows
« on: October 31, 2018, 01:20 PM »
Just fyi TC's Quick View can be opened in a separate Lister* window, which updates contents when going to other file. And the plugin that will show the PDF uses SumatraPDF which you can simply update by copied SumatraPDF.exe to the lister plugin folder (so you don't  have to rely on the plugin developer to keep "PDF viewing" op to date.

* Lister is name of the file viewer component of TC which is also used in regular Quick View panel.

General Software Discussion / Re: Rename Open File in Windows
« on: October 29, 2018, 02:43 PM »
My alternative: I use Total Commander - a shareware dual pane file manager - but there are freeware version clones (double commander, multi commander and many more) - These type of filemanagers have a "quick view" option (example https://www.ghisler....reenshots/en/02.html ) that will show the PDF (in this case) in the opposite panel - in the active panel you can now easily rename the PDF (other files) based on what you see - depending on the PDF you could even select text from the "viewing panel" and use that to rename your file.

Now you will often need to do something extra to get PDF viewing to work by installing a plugin (very easy to do) but there are many viewers for many different filetypes. (Quick)  Viewing won't lock the files and you can easily rename them.

Aren't you actually looking for multiple desktops? (where you can then used DesktopOK etc)

If you're using Windows 10 it should be built in - how to here https://www.howtogee...ktops-in-windows-10/

For other Windows you could try:
and no doubt others.

( If you are into AutoHotkey there are various scripts for managing/creating multiple virtual desktops as well )

Yes, the command window can be special depending on the Windows version you are using.

Note that it actually sends shift+insert to paste as that (should) be defined in AltPaste.ini - see for more information - that should work in Windows 10 by default.

If you use Windows 10 you can also enable ^v paste in the command prompt - see https://www.howtogee...dows-command-prompt/ on how to do that. If you do change that you can edit AltPaste.ini and remove [cmd.exe]

If you use any other windows version you should (could):
- open altpaste.ini in say notepad (or other text editor)
- look at the [cmd.exe] section and there you should see "Paste=+{Ins}" - replace "+{Ins}" with "!{space}ep" (sans quotes)
- save the ini file and restart lintalist
(I'll add this to the documentation)

It should now use the alt-space-edit-paste shortcut to paste text, that may not always be the most reliable method but it should work.

If you have any new line chars in your snippet it will "send enter" to "execute" that snippet which you may not want, so either remove all new lines from your snippet OR use linefeed.ini to add

this will replace new lines with a space - see http://lintalist.git...nfiguration-Linefeed

I hope that explains it and is useful.

No problem, most new options and fixes are based on user feedback so suggestions and reports are always welcome :-)

v1.9.7 -

You can automate it if you wish and/or need to using PhantomJS - a headless browser (its portable, just unpack it) - example code
(note you can adjust the view port so you could grab a page at various resolutions e.g. mobile vs desktop)

N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: File Replicator
« on: July 01, 2018, 05:39 AM »
For those searching this program: The filereplicator website seems to have gone offline (July 2018) - I could find a download link for the installer on a third party website.

You can download the installer here - http://api.256file.c...replicator_setup.exe (at your own risk of course)
filereplicator_setup.exe (1 / 67)
SHA-256   2550725dca42347dcfea50692ca8cbd5b6780bd2f461f8e3757cbf300c261c7c
File name   filereplicator_setup.exe
File size   859.89 KB
Source https://www.virustot...300c261c7c/detection
After UniExtract-ing the installer, there are three files in {app}:
  • FileReplicator.exe (see virustotal below)
  • FR_readme.txt
  • File Replicator Manual.chm
which would make it portable.
FileReplicator.exe (0 / 57)
SHA-256   cc3f1ceb7107fc597eccdd33067b8707311138257a723639801b334d94d9b1d1
File name   FileReplicator.exe
File size   219.42 KB
Last analysis   2017-02-07 10:11:41 UTC
Source https://www.virustot...4d94d9b1d1/detection

General Software Discussion / Re: Wanted: Simple EML viewer
« on: June 20, 2018, 03:25 PM »
If you use Total Commander (a shareware dual pane file manager) you can use a plugin
The plugin may also work with Double Commander (a freeware dual pane file manager very similar to TC)

Advantage of using TC/DC is that you can install a variety of plugins to view a lot of different files quickly without the need to open another program. Here is a screenshot of quick view (showing an image but could be PDF, EML, Word, Excel etc) https://www.ghisler....reenshots/en/02.html

Pretty sure its spam (same user name post on other fora with similar content)


counter:=SubStr("000" 123 + A_Index, -3)

Phew, glad to hear it worked ;D

sourcefiles:="Full-path of source.txt" is not correct, but it doesn't matter. I updated the code above once more.

You can now try and "see" what the script "sees" remove the ; before one or both of the MsgBox lines so you can "check" if the source.txt  is read correct and if the source/targetfiles are correct. If you have many files pressing the MsgBox each time is tedious so try with a source.txt file with only a few files in it or cancel the script (scripts tray icon, right click, exit)

Finger Crossed 3 :-)

I'd deleted the source:= line I see, added it in the script above, the source.txt should like you have posted it as above e.g. just filenames, no paths.

Fingers crossed 2 :-)

This should do it
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. source:="G:\User\xxxx\Family\Scans\Final_Sorting\xyz\"
  2. target:="G:\User\xxxx\Family\Scans\Final_Sorting\"
A_ScriptDir is also a path, so the way you had it it would be C:\temp\G:\User\ or something like that (where c:\temp\ was the script folder). Tabs/space have no influence in the scripts. (unless something goes wrong when copying the code from the forum but I doubt it). BUT...

You can do it differently, in your filemanager sort them the way you want, I trust your filemanager has a way to copy the list of (selected) files to a file or clipboard (TC has, so Dopus must have it too). Save it to a file, say "source.txt"
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. sourcefiles:="" ; don't edit this, you can omit this or leave it empty.
  3. ; source.txt is a list of files saved in the order you want them to be processed, sorted in your filemanager
  4. ; replace "source.txt" below with "full path to source.txt" sans quotes
  5. FileRead, sourcefiles, source.txt
  7. source:="G:\User\xxxx\Family\Scans\Final_Sorting\xyz\"
  8. target:="G:\User\xxxx\Family\Scans\Final_Sorting\"
  10. sourcefiles:=trim(sourcefiles,"`n")
  12. ; remove ; before msgbox below to confirm it has the proper filenames
  13. ; MsgBox % sourcefiles
  15. Loop, parse, sourcefiles, `n, `r
  16.         {
  17.          If RegExMatch(A_LoopField,"i)a|b\.jpg") ; if we have a|b.jpg skip it
  18.                 continue
  19.          SplitPath, A_LoopField, OutFileName, , , OutNameNoExt
  20.          counter:=SubStr("000" A_Index, -3)
  21.          ; remove ; before msgbox below to "see" what it tries to find
  22.          ; MsgBox SourceFile: %source%%OutFileName%`nTargetFile: %target%%counter%.jpg
  23.          FileCopy, %source%%OutFileName%, %target%%counter%.jpg
  24.          IfExist, %source%%OutNameNoExt%a.jpg
  25.                 FileCopy, %source%%OutNameNoExt%a.jpg, %target%%counter%a.jpg
  26.          IfExist, %source%%OutNameNoExt%b.jpg
  27.                 FileCopy, %source%%OutNameNoExt%b.jpg, %target%%counter%b.jpg
  28.         }

Fingers crossed :-)

Edit: Source.txt must be in the same folder as the script, if it is not adjust it to full path:

FileRead, sourcefiles, G:\User\xxxx\Family\Scans\Final_Sorting\xyz\source.txt

Edit2: source.txt is just a list of filenames, no path, added source:="" line back in the script

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