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Best Of Blog - An Exciting New Feature at DonationCoder.com

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Announcing the DonationCoder.com Best Of Blog

I had the idea for this feature almost a year ago, but only just recently bit the bullet and implemented it.

It's basically a blog-like view into the "best" posts on the forum at any given time.

In some sense, it turns the forum into a kind of digg-like cauldron, where the most notable posts can be recognized and promoted to the Best Of Blog page and presented for more casual viewing, in a form similar to lifehacker.  Clicking on an entry brings you into the forum discussion of that post where the reader can join in on the discussion.

This post on our forum describes the basic ideas behind this new Best of Blog page.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Software Discussion: Best Photo Panorama Creation Tool

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Thought I'd show off a panorama I took the other day. All three images are thumbnails - click on them to see the full image.

... I tried three different applications on basic settings (just whacked in the photos and used all the default settings).

... Other applications I tried were Panorama Factory (latest version, $70) and PanaVue Image Assembler (version 2.12a - current version is 3, $64-$129) and Autostitch (free beta version - time limited, available in other commercial products at a price).

... This is a very unscientific test really - one stitching job on default settings is hardly good practice - but then I was really impressed with the accuracy and colour matching of PTGui...

This post started a debate about the best panorama tools, and may be the precursor to an upcoming review.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Found Website: ReligionFacts Big Religion Chart

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 11_06_AM , Jul 10 2006_thumb.png
The ReligionFacts Big Religion Chart is an attempt to summarize all the complexities of religions and belief systems into tiny little boxes on a single, quick-reference comparison chart. Yes, this is impossible. As we always warn with our comparison charts, this is no substitute for reading about religions in greater detail, talking with real-live religious adherents, etc.. But this religon comparison chart can (hopefully) be a useful and accessible way to "get the gist" of some unfamiliar groups and compare basic beliefs and practices of the world's religions and belief systems.

Now this is cool.

Rubik's Cube Solving Robot

blog clipart
I just stumbled upon this interesting website which features a robot that solves rubik's cubes - all by itself!

That website, however, has given in to the latest hype of presenting any moving pictures as flash film. Thanks to youtube we will soon have poor quality images with desynchronized sound tracks...

Anyway, it is a fascinating robot nonetheless :)

Found Website: Candy Blog

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 08_57_AM , Jul 07 2006_thumb.png
A blog about candy, things made with sugar, things made with chocolate, you get the idea ... open your mouth, expand your mind.

yumm!!!  i want some maltesers..

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Keepass Password Safe mini-review

I have, just recently and thanks to dc.com, come across this fine app. This app is an open source password manager that is freely available from the URL above. It has many advantages over other password managers, which will be discussed later on (the advantages), and it appears to have a terrific rating wherever you look. Now, onto the review.

Josh (The Shamurai) presented us with a fantastic minireview of KeePass, an app that is definitelly worth checking out!  You can also watch a screencast of KeePass: here.

Read the full mini-review here..

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