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Windows XP Myths

blog clipart
For the rest of us not switching to Vista the minute it hits the shelves, take a couple of minutes to skim XP Myths.

Nice tips and well worth knowing when applying random tweaks to XP found throughout the web.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

C++ Builder Programming Contest Update - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO AUG 14th

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We've extended the deadline of our C++ Builder Programming contest for 30 days, until August 14th.  This will be a one time extension, and no submissions will be accepted after that date.

The contest web page has been updated to include much more detailed prize package information:


We've also clarified the rules to make clear that you may still sell any programs you submit, as long as you make the current version available as donationware for personal use.

This is your last chance to enter to win a share of the $25,000 worth of programming prizes!

UPDATE: You can now get an early preview of and try out some of the current entries.

Visit the forum to try some of the current entries..

Flocking out to get the new browser

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Flock is a browser based on FireFox that is tweaked to let you socialize more easily, and they've released a new beta version. Last week, I got a letter from Flock asking me to try the newest beta version. I tried it out for awhile and now you'll know what I think of it.

Here are some of the services Flock uses or interfaces with ... Flickr, Photobucket, Del.icio.us, Blogger, MySpace, Live Journal,  Ebay, and RSS feeds.

This is a mini-review done by cliff_notes about the Flock service, which allows you to easily read news you care about and want to hear about.

Read the full mini-review here

Cool collaborative drawing site.

Screenshot - 7_15_2006 , 1_58_00 AM.jpg
Check this out, some of the work here is really amazing:


It records the total history of the workspace, which is really wonderful to watch. And if you go to the main site:


then you can draw on the shared canvast yourself and your own process is recorded. Very cool concept and quite cleverly implemented.

Nvu: crossplatform wysiwyg webpage editor

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 07_12_AM , Jul 13 2006_thumb.png

Nvu (pronounced N-view)
Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (which stands for "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.

looks nice.
posted by mouser donate to mouser
discovered on www.shellcity.net discussion forum
(permalink) (read 11 comments)

Within A Deep Forest - Candidate for Best Game of the Year


It's a great oldschool type of platform game with simple but beautiful and cute graphics, great atmospheric background music, cute sound effects, and a simple enjoyable gameplay.

This is a deep, oldschool game that is just dripping with personality..
NOTE: This is a downloadable game not an online game.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

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