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  • September 17, 2019, 07:39 AM
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Which of these programs can effectively post to the Net? (presumably by creating an HTML file).

Allowing that you may have to purchase a domain name and use your hosting platform.
i seem to remember one of the old school ones was good at this like TreedbNotes.  but im pretty sure rightnote can export to html.  onenote cannot directly, but you can export to word and then from word save as html.

Friends don't let friends use word to convert anything to HTML. Just saying...

As an example:
I have an extensive Word document. The docx version is almost 6 MByte in size. After I do a manual conversion to HTML, the resulting document is a bit over 4 MByte in size. When I use Word as converter, the resulting HTML file is almost 17.5 MByte in size. This Word document I have also converted to the AsciiDoc format and that is just shy of 2 MByte in size.

Any version of Word creates a pile of drudge when converting a document to HTML.
yes, true!  lol
MS sucks at import/export.  Onenote is no exception.  It's why I'm currently worried with their latest move to "Onenote" [no version year/number anymore].  Even if you could export, no other software is laid out like onenote.  usually they are hierarchical, not just a big anything goes whiteboard.

@superboyac Just skip an episode of some mediocre tv show and put the time to better use.  ;)
ha good point.  ill sacrifice chernobyl for clibu!

Which of these programs can effectively post to the Net? (presumably by creating an HTML file).

Allowing that you may have to purchase a domain name and use your hosting platform.
i seem to remember one of the old school ones was good at this like TreedbNotes.  but im pretty sure rightnote can export to html.  onenote cannot directly, but you can export to word and then from word save as html.

@SuperboyAC: had to chuckle reading your post! A couple quick thoughts:

First, I completely agree: If I cant access on my phone and desktop, a notes app is no use to me. That's why I use Dokuwiki, even thought it's a little tedious on the phone...

... which is the second thought: I completely agree about the phone rant. I feel like the smartphone is ruining creators. Not in the camera sense (as you mentioned), but the writers, the graphic designers, the etc... input is so tedious with a phone. And dont tell me to use voice recognition for text: there are any number of reasons why I cant/wont speak what I want to write at the time.

Although, benefit of the doubt, I see the desktop world going away as well. Power users are/were/will be a niche market. While computers were a niche, the niche made things for the niche. But now it's all about market. Which is how everything goes. I'm sure a car nut will read this and think we've done the same thing to cars by making everything electronic/proprietary, etc.

Anyway, good thoughts.
the day windows stops offering an installable desktop OS and server will be a devastating day for me.

i do my best with android.  i try to keep input to a minimum.  i just want all my desktop stuff synced to it so i have all that info on me.  but i try to stay away from doing any entry with it.  i dont even like editing my calendar with it.  its all just an interface nightmare.  just think of it from the precision we are used to with the mouse on desktop.  that mouse pointer can select to darn near pixel-resolution without much of a problem.  like think about how easy it is to do the window diagonal resize.  on a phone, yea there are lots of pixels, but your input is your big fat finger.  and if your finger is a "pixel"  there are like 5x10 pixels essentially for input.  and the interface has to get around that.  all those touch-and-hold things.  the little magnification that comes up for selecting words. geezus.  shoot me already.  all the menus sliding in and out from various places, either slower or faster than you would like...

dont you love how they keep changing google maps interface every other day?  so fun.  they must be using all the data to perfect the interface lol.  such a detailed analysis wow.  it takes like 7 taps to actually start driving, right?  type in the place, tap, select from the list, tap, select the correct navigation style (walk, drive), tap, which will always be on the one you DONT the route you want, tap, select drive NOW, tap...ok now we can drive...
oh but they did us a favor and added "Drive mode" with one tap you can, skip 3 of those taps...leaving you with two taps...but most of the time, you will have to go back to correct the original destination you back to the 7 tap process....

oh, but maybe im such a poweruser, im nitpicking the google map app...its perfectly fine for most folk right?  ok how about simply VOLUME CONTROL??  so simple right?  volume up, volume down.  they even have a hardware button yay!  oh but its so knows when you want to control voice volume, or bluetooth volume, or alarm volume, or the other 10 hidden volumes...
volume button (volume dialog appears)
not the volume you want, tap expand
2 more appear, still not the one you want there
tap settings
tap sound
tap advanced
tap developer settings
do not distrub mode
oh i not disturb...i get it, dont bother me with sounds, simple right?
nope.  do not disturb is for notifications appearing on the window, and it has certain pre-programmed conditions for sounds associated.  so simple, i totally get it. :mad:
tap do not disturb settings...
tap advanced do not disturb settings

nevf, ill check it out at some point.  but i can no longer be switching around programs like before!!  ;D :(

Ah - OneNote - I tried that and hated it.  I began using KeyNote and loved it, but developement wasn't enough to make it entirely stable.  I ended up with TreeDBNotes which is totally wonderful, but it needs some fixes and the developer must have died or moved to Mars.  I'm still using that, but wish there was something like it.  If you are really bored, that could solve your OneNote problem! are living in the past.  keynote was good in the 90s (sorry tranglos if you are still here, you are still the MAN).  treedbnotes is good for 2005.  lol.

if you like treedbnotes, you should look at rightnote.  rightnote is the best currently for the old school way of doing things.

Idea #2:  software RAID for windows
there was a pretty nice windows product called traid flexraid.  it just went down (out of business for good).  what it did was you can stick in a bunch of random disks and pool it into one storage.  Drivepool is a good product now that does this.  but drivepool doesnt have parity built in like traid did.  so its not great.  if you could make either a standalone solution that can do the pooling and parity (for WINDOWS!!!)....OR create a parity only software that plays easily with Drivepool (not like snapraid which is what most people use now as its basically the only option)...then thats another sorely needed product.

Have you looked into Gluster? I don't know much about it. I just saw it was used in this Linus Tech Tips video:

But it does seem to have some kind of parity or recovery options in the case of a failed drive. It's not exactly for Windows, but it can be installed in a VM. But I suppose that's probably not what you're looking for.
i've heard of it, but haven't looked deeply.  it would intimidate me from what i can tell.  I tried at first using freenas or something, but was super intimidated especially when i saw all the command line stuff and it would be very difficult to expand/contract disks later on.  traid was so good for stuff like that.  the ONLY problem traid had was the developer is really pretty impossible to deal with in every way.  and thats the dealbreaker.  but the product was unique and fantastic.  now i have to consider moving to drivepool+snapraid.  if the drivepool company would create a real-time parity product they would DOMINATE the entire scene.  don't know why they dont.

with traid, it runs on can jam in a bunch of any kind of disk and just create a pool, with real time parity, works great.  so easy.  cant even really mess it up.  you can swap disks out if they go bad, no problem.  nothing else like it.  unraid is similar, but the fatal flaw is that it doesnt run on pure windows, and doesn't really support using existing ntfs drives...but otherwise great lol.  storage spaces is frightening to rely on.  all other solutions (other than drivepool) are command line-y and anxiety inducing.  i tried so many and i often felt like id lose 20TB at any given moment lol.

The answer to all of your points is "FORTRAN".
I blame YOU for my unfortunate transition to Onenote! lololol

Greetings all,

I have a seemingly large amount of time to spend with myself and all the bits on this computer I could flip to my heart's content. However, my ability to keep that heart beating as fast as it does for using my computer could be greatly improved if I made adjustments myself. I find two of my online worlds colliding a lot and wish to have them sorted through my own program to help define the commonalities between the two social networks. Nothing like this currently exists which brings up what I've run into a lot and I call my "developer's dilemma".
  • If I intend to make a program that does not exist in one form or another, is it worth making at all?
  • Would maintenance on the program outweigh its usefulness over using the two platforms non-integrated?
  • If I made this in a language which used external modules, am I prepared to have my software bloat from the unneeded components?
  • If I did want to write it from scratch in a new language, what should I write it in?

I am not certain if other developers (or the self-proclaimed developer like myself) get this or not, especially when FOSS becomes involved.
I will give you two great ideaas right here that ive been dying for....

Idea #1:  windows/android hardware input device that has programmable buttons etc.
something like from the black mirror episode:

there are NO bluetooth programmable devices. 

Idea #2:  software RAID for windows
there was a pretty nice windows product called traid flexraid.  it just went down (out of business for good).  what it did was you can stick in a bunch of random disks and pool it into one storage.  Drivepool is a good product now that does this.  but drivepool doesnt have parity built in like traid did.  so its not great.  if you could make either a standalone solution that can do the pooling and parity (for WINDOWS!!!)....OR create a parity only software that plays easily with Drivepool (not like snapraid which is what most people use now as its basically the only option)...then thats another sorely needed product.

regarding the original question...
i'd be careful about making something that ties social networks together.  You will be at the mercy of the social networks as they war with each other and constantly change their api's and remove features that allow the kind of thing you are talking about.  Over the years, most of these efforts have been destroyed by such things.  try syncing facebook calendar/events with anything.  try getting all your contacts into one place with good management features and contact photos that dont get reduced to 16x16 pixels eventually.  if iwere you id do one of the things i listed above.  lol  :P

oh yea  forgot the whole point here...
with smartphones, things just gotta be able to sync easily and be in both places at all times.  I cant really stomach any longer having a desktop application like rightnote without being able to pull up the same info on my phone.  and that goes for anything else.  which is why im on onenote for the most part.

I'm not thrilled with how the notetaking world has gone the past 10 years.  the smartphone influence is too strong, which is bad for people like me who are still windows desktop "powerusers".  we are still in the ridiculous infancy stage for smartphones.  like, instead of the phone features...what is the thing 99% of the people are concerned about with phones? cameras.  this is not good for people who care about apps, and productivity around that.  like, who really cares about the camera?  but if you are not a nerd who is trying to be super efficient and productive...then most likely you are getting an iphone because its a status symbol.  and then the only thing you are really going to use is the camera and chatting.  this is 90% of users.

so the smartphone has destroyed the windows desktop experience AND the phone experience.  in essence, all poweruser options on devices have been relegated to niche category.

I'll give more examples...
we need more buttons and input ability with phones if we are really going to go poweruser with it.  this is why i say we are still in infancy.  the phone is still the same goddam phone from 2008.  a big screen (oh lets get the bevels 10 years of getting the bevels 2 mm smaller, big whoop), a volume rocker, power button, and 3 virtual buttons, or NO buttons on the screen.  swiping sucks because it is more work to swipt then to tap....already bad for powerusers...gestures suck.

whats the solution?  so easy.  first, put all sorts of controls along the sides of the p hone where the buttons are.  add like 3 more buttons that can be customized.  put in a scrollable clicky wheel like some of the audio players that can be used for scrolling or customized.

also dont need it to be so thin.  i dont care.  make it 1mm bigger.  all these phones have stupid camera bumps.  instead of a bump, make the camera flush with the back, and use the extra volume for larger batter, more buttons, a HEADPHONE JACK!!!  id rather have 1mm thicker phone with headphone its not that big a deal.

we've now had 10 years-ish with touchscreens, and touchscreens pale in comparison to mouse input.  10 years.  what do we need?  things like that Black Mirror episode where they had that handheld metal keyring thing that was basically a metal wheel they can scroll very easily with.  great idea.  well never get that...ive been asking for that for now TWO DECADES...even on windows desktop.  good luck finding a bluetooth controller with programmable buttons for windows or phones.

its all a clusterf--- of an industry trying to appease people taking pictures with a phone and chatting with friends.  thats the whole industry.  yesterday, the big features being bragged about with the new iphone....the GREEN COLOR??!!  who    gives   a     shit!!!    the slightly larger battery?  yay.

surfulator?  infoqube?  I feel like i traveled back in time 10 years.  ;D

Man...what a journey....
When i originally was doing all the note software stuff here, smartphones still weren't prime time yet.  Now, the smartphone has made me change everything.
i definitely moved to rightnote around 2010 for most of my notetaking purposes, and web capturing even also.  I migrated most of my evernote stuff into rightnote.  I had previously moved away from Surfulator.  I did also use Cintanotes for a while.

Eventually, I transitioned everything over to onenote.  i've been primarily on onenote since 2016.  I am concerned now that the latest onenote is now totally different, you cant use it without an account, and they ruined it by obliterating all the nice interface elements.  I also think they removed probably any poweruser feature and now its an app that can like 3 things instead of 20.  So I'm sticking with onenote 2016 for the time being.

Infoqube is another animal.  I dont really use it anymore, but I would for any kind of light database or excel-ish type things that needed more organization and calculations.  Infoqube is a nice, unique program...but i fear it will soon lose its audience entirely.

i remember way back when i really wanted that Zoot program to work.  Hey!  i just checked, zoot is still around and it looks actually interesting!

but onenote had the best overall experience.

someone here was talking about importing and exporting....
very important.  onenote is frustratingly bad at it.  you can import export single pages to pdf word, but as far as batch pages or doing a bunch all at once, it sucks.  and the whole backup restoring, anything around that is not great either.

rightnote probably is the best for importing and exporting.  the developer really tries to make users happy with that and has done incredible things that NO other notetaker developers would typically do.  like his evernote import...

So for the second day I'm sitting here listening to my (sata) hard disk drive make that sound that it's being used -- sounds a bit like ticking, etc.  And it's going on for hours.

But I can't figure out what process could be doing it.. The standard ctrl+alt+del process lister doesn't seem to shed any light..

Anyone use any software that might shed some light on what might be going wild on my disk drive?

I assume it's some windows background process or low level service, but I'd really like to find the culprit.

EDIT: May have been a false alarm.. I banged on the case near the fans for a bit and the sound stopped.. So perhaps it was just a fan rattle that sounded to me just like a hard disk drive seeking sound..  Either that or my banging woke up some snoring creature living in my computer, or convinced my hard drive to stop making a racket.
im sure you know this...

but anytime i hear a hard drive clicking, i immediately order a new replacement drive.  ill have it sitting there ready, because with clicking you never know.  sometimes ill end up with 2-3 extra drives, but totally worth it for that one time when it fails.

the ALL powerful MOUSER!

the bat is going ribbon??!!  ugh.  pretty unnecessary.  it better be very customizable.

Alt-L....yea...i totally gave up on microed many years ago.  i just cant see a single practical advantage to microed.  i just use the plain windows option.  i just want it to wrap with the window size automatically.  i dont want to force it to wrap after XX characters.  just wrap with the window LIKE EVERY OTHER WINDOWS PROGRAM. 

I'm surprised there are not more email clients out there. 

lol Steven, just noticed your thread on the Bat forum.  nice.

Yea, i wish they would do legit, noticeable improvements.
Fix the editor, get it modern.
Fix the contact syncing.  It does not work.  It's also very weird in general.
so many others.
how about autofilling addresses?  can we get that to make some sort of sense.?  i feel like, as with most autofill technologies, they always want to choose the worst possible choice.  somehow, every single time, the AI knows exactly which choice i DONT want and thats the one it chooses.  quite brilliant, actually.

(still great program)

I have Ctrl+F'ed through the revision histories and "editor" is mentioned rather often - usually the HTML editor though. I'm not on my The Bat! computer here, so I could evaluate it later. Never searched for boxes, honestly.

Soon, they'll want more money from me. The Bat! 9 is around the corner. Sigh!
I *may* have gotten banned from the ritlabs forums permanently for complaining about the editor like 10 years ago!  lol
And guess what...10 years later, STILL THE SAME.  LOLOLOL

honestly, most of the issues comes down to one thing....wrapping.  like, can you just make the editor wrap like a normal window?  maybe a little checkbox to enable/disable?  nope maybe in 20 years.

Living Room / Re: Buying a 2TB SSD to replace my 2TB HDD
« on: August 19, 2019, 06:38 PM »
i will add this from a reddit thread i came across once.  This guy apparently has researched all this fairly thoroughly and this flowchart is his method of choosing SSD drives...

Foobar can do this as well.
probably the best rec.

ill just add that if you can pay, dbpoweramp is the best.

General Software Discussion / Re: Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption
« on: August 15, 2019, 05:19 PM »
to the OP...
not sure.  I use syncovery pretty heavily, but mainly with files.  So I haven't tried the onenote syncing....but the program can do it natively (as it is written on the website).
4wd's test seems to confirm that.

syncovery is one of the best programs ive ever used.

General Software Discussion / Re: Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption
« on: August 15, 2019, 05:15 PM »
I know I am not such a frequent user as I used to be, but it always feels good to visit. It's like a home away from home (eeehhhh actually I don't have a home any more, since I became a nomad - Hahaha)

Greetings to @mouser and all the lovely people at Donationcoder - one of the best software communities on the web!
same here!  :Thmbsup:

dc has clearly suffered as social media has taken off in past 10 years.  I know what affected me the most...reddit.  and changes in life.  but this is still the OG home!  much more civilized, we are not trying to get points and stuff so we have more honest discussions here.  mousey got married, ha!  anyway, glad to be back.

Living Room / Re: N.A.N.Y. and the Too Many Projects Phenomenon
« on: August 13, 2019, 01:20 PM »
As some of you may know, I usually have a dozen unfinished projects in my pipeline. So many ideas, but only such a limited time!

When I started participating in the N.A.N.Y. contests, it motivated me to get some of these projects done instead of just having them float around as a rough TODO list. Now some of these projects take too much time, so I publish them early in the next year. That leads to a certain feeling that I should probably write more code until the end of the year is approaching fast, because it feels wrong to submit projects twice. ;)

Now my increased productivity - or, at least, I hope that's what it is - has an interesting side effect: When I'm working on a project and I am stuck, I start another one for the time being. I usually choose a different toolset for each, so I'm not stuck in the same place in more than one project at a time.

So I am currently trying to finish one COBOL, one Pascal and one Perl project until Dec 31, and I am mostly sure that only the Perl project will be done within the time frame (because it is already "done", I only need to adjust the GUI and tweak the performance before I consider it release-ready). One of the big problems with projects which have no paid deadline is that you just don't care enough anymore...
You must keep the momentum going! Always Finish! It's good for the soul.

TheBat! has some very good features.  One is fundamental to my usage, virtual mailboxes.  This is like the Linkman keyword metaphor. If I have a biz vendor, or a Bible subject, I can make up a virtual box, and all the email related to that subject are there. No matter how good your filtering, you could never achieve the same. Plus you limit many to x number of days, since you want virtual mailboxes to be 10-100 or 200 emails, and not thousands.

Does anybody else have similar, easy to setup virtual folders?  (Virtual mailboxes in TheBat! you usually set up as a follow-up to a search.)


On the other hand, Eudora (with Hermes files) trumps TheBat! in many ways. TheBat! has glitch and annoyance difficulties you rarely (never) see in Eudora.  The Eudora editor is suburb, and its stability is legendary. It is fun to work with.  Pandora is trying to get there too, buts it does not quite have the comfy feel of Eudora. Hermes will be essentially Eudora, very modestly modified, mainly in areas like certificates and TSL encryption.

So I redirect the more important email from TheBat!, to a Runbox POP box, leaving behind legions of forum mail and stuff unidentified.  I pick it up with Eudora POP download.  I can handle the redundancy, as I generally work out of TheBat! but like having the leaner Eudora mirror.

Ironically, TheBat! redirect filter has a glitch, or I do not understand something, and it redirects too much, when I do not want it too, so I just put that question on  TheBat! forum.


TheBat! has a long history, I think they do some improvement, my kvetch is that they do not search out and fix many petty annoyances. I put that concern on their forum where they were discussing what we want in the new v. 9. (I am on 7.)  I would rather have the dozen or so petty annoyances (including memory errors that you have to click away in certain areas) than add new features. Annoyances show up in areas like color groups, row layout types, and duplication of email boxes in folders, and more. None of them really crimp operations, but they will give a cheezy feel to a purist.

i agree 100% with all you said.  your dual email client usage is pretty interesting.  The editor in the Bat really is quite weird given that were in 2019.  I thought it was weird in 2009!  And guess what....NOTHING has changed lol.  10 years of updates and no changes to the editor, the primary place you spend most of your time.  But the program is solid and there really are no good alternatives.

I'll start poking around eudora.  I used it pretty heavily back in the 90s.  It was a great program.

why would you use Eudora and the Bat?  I imagine you might be doing different accounts on each.

Eudora was the first email client i ever used, i think i've written about it here.  In the 90s.  Good program.  then I moved to Pegasus.  And then about 10 years or so, mouser convinced me to use the Bat, and ive been on the bat since.

the Bat is good, very reliable.  But they are stingy on features and will likely NEVER fix or address things that are bothering you.  They have made lik all these major versions over the years with almost no noticeable change.

I've also spent some time with emClient, which is a good outlook-type replacement, but I would not replace outlook with it, no real point.  It has some slick features though.  I use it specifically to manage my cardav sync with my phone etc.  why?  because it wont degrade your contact photos.   if you let android or ios or outlook manage ANY contacts, all your high-res contact photos will become potato quality.  even emclient can only do about 600-700 pixels max.  btw, the bat's contact features are SH!T.  like cmon.  i am so worried one day the bat is just going to go extinct and that will be it for the poweruser email experience.

Living Room / Re: For those with a CrashPlan...
« on: July 30, 2019, 05:25 PM »
when you say want a cloud service right?

No, what I meant was, I don't need a hosting service if I just use software to backup to my own NAS device in another room.

I still think it's important to have an online offsite backup service these days, but I don't need versioning on that, so a simpler solution would be possible.
I'd recommend syncovery with versioning options enabled.  For files.
For images, I suggest Terabyte Image for Windows, or Macrium Reflect.

Living Room / Re: For those with a CrashPlan...
« on: July 30, 2019, 11:27 AM »
Another thought: I have a NAS now (synology); do people have recommendations for a non-hosted VERSIONED backup system that would backup to my local network nas?
didnt i learn my backup methods from YOU??!!

when you say want a cloud service right?  i have no idea what to use, i dont do it.  i do use backblaze so you can do the versioning locally and backup to backblaze.  but sounds like you want the full service.  not sure, am interested.

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