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@science2002: Sorry, I can't help you as I'm not currently using WizNote - haven't used it in a long time - though I am still keeping an eye on its development.

@superboyac: Have you been stuck in a timewarp, or something?
haha!  yea.  My life has taken some drastic turns the last 5 years.  I hope it's for the best, and it's not something I look forward to repeating. 

Perhaps you might's somewhat difficult acknowledging this obsession with software, analysis, information.  I love it, it's not a bad thing, but it is a bit alienating.

Living Room / Re: I'm getting married, wish me luck!
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:52 PM »
hey congrats!  very happy for you two.

edit:  Good Luck!

It would be interesting to see if after a bit of time, urlwolf is still usibg it and still feels the same, though
ah indeed!  lol.
btw IanB is the onenote expert i was referring to.

I'm going to stay with wiznote with encrypted notes. Pity because I use a wacom tablet instead of a mouse, and onenote is very good at this kind of pen notes. But everything else is weaker in onenote.
thought id check in here....saw this...

You think wiznote is better than onenote?  interesting!  I used wiznote pretty heavily for about a year, and then they went subscriptions model.  I then started using onenote, with some advice and tips from somebody here (i forget the username, but he is the man with onenote), and now onenote has been my go to for a while.  What does wiznote do better now?

Living Room / Re: Happy 2017, respect to DC friends.
« on: January 27, 2017, 01:23 AM »
lol yea didn't mean anything by it.  Realized I hadn't been here a while, saying hi.

N.A.N.Y. 2017 / Re: My Android Apps for NANY 2017 -- All in One Place
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:32 PM »
I have a very solid foundation for building android apps now, ESPECIALLY ones with complicated collections of items.

I'd love to find some contract work to develop android apps -- so if anyone wants to hire me to create a serious android app for their business, don't hesitate to drop me a line.
will do!

N.A.N.Y. 2017 / Re: My Android Apps for NANY 2017 -- All in One Place
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:21 PM »
hey!  didnt realize you were doing android!  i have my eye on the list thing and the when last.

Living Room / Happy 2017, respect to DC friends.
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:22 PM »
beni bidi beechee.

Living Room / Re: Android - Observations from Long Term Use
« on: May 04, 2016, 01:42 PM »
i've messed around on android quite a bit and keep coming back to this Rom called Dirty Unicorn.  If you use their stable release, it is quite solid.  even compared to a stock rom, I've noticed it does things just a little better, faster, cleaner.  i'm not a hardcore expert on this stuff, you can go to the extreme and use combos of roms and kernels...but the most annoying part is when it comes to updates.  updating will either break stuff, or the process will be long and tiresome.  what i like about DU is they remove the unnecessary stuff from the stock, which a lot of other roms do also.  But they seem to do a better job as far as stability.
It's still not always easy to do a ROM update, but the stable versions last a good long time.  I prefer using DU over stock, and i prefer it over any advantage of other rom/kernels because of the reliability.  best bang for the buck in my opinion.

to try to answer some of wraith's comments:
if i were choosing a new phone, i'd do it based on the rom i want to run.  I prefer DU, so I make sure the phone can run that.  It runs on most rootable phones, so that should be no problem.
i used to care about the sdcard, removeable battery stuff.  not so much anymore.  i feel like the phone's life will be over by the time you really need to consider expanding storage or removing the battery.  but if you need that stuff, probably the samsungs are the best bet.  if you don't care about that stuff, then i'd go with the nexus line.
battery life...not much you can do about that.  android devices should last a day.  i'm impressed with the new iphones and how long they can go.  i don't think most androids can last as long as iphones, but there are so many models it's hard to say.

regarding updating and the os slowing down over time...this is not always true.  but it depends on what is happening.  if you are using official channels and non-rooted phones, this is more likley to happen.  if you stick to a rom like DU, it will never happen.  i have some old nexus phones that are more responsive than the latest quad core stuff now because of the du rom.  i hate samsung's OS stuff, i would root and remove it immediately.  Samsung's also suffer from weird wifi problems and other odd things...but this is what I've seen on stock samsung phones.  I think if you use custom roms, they go away.  if you get an android phone, i strongly suggest NOT using any official channels for updates and stuff.  don't rely on samsung, or google, or att, or anything.  do it yourself.  they will mess up for sure somewhere during the life of your phone.  that's the headache of android and the fragmented universe.

if you don't want to customize at all, don't get android.  get iphone or windows phone.  if you can get by without ANY customization...not too many extra apps, no keyboard tweaks, no theming, no rooting, the windows phone is actually rock solid.  it will not crash or break and will remain smooth till the end.  updates will be headache free, even more so than apple.  but again, the only limitation there is that you can't really do much extra things. 

sometimes other software needs quicktime installed to work.

i am loving onenote so far, it's been several weeks now.  I am now basically committing to slowly moving my other notes into onenote.  thanks Iainb for making me revisit this...i think i had thoroughly dismissed it in recent years.

Living Room / Re: Do we have any musical people on DC?
« on: March 25, 2016, 02:10 PM »
Bach to Moog’
totally fascinating.  thanks!!

why use a product like Adguard?

I use it because:

  - AdMuncher stopped being effective for some things
  - I got a decent deal on AdGuard
  - at the time I found the situation between uBlock and  uBlock Origin confusing
  - I can't remember why I decided against Adblock Plus
  - AdGuard seemed to have active, decent support on their forums

AdGuard is working well enough for me. Someday I might reexamine that decision.  Some of my browsing is slower than I'd like, and I get the feeling that AdGuard might be factor with that.
Regarding that last bit...I have definitely noticed the performance hit as well.  But if it's slower because it's blocking stuff, that's fine.  If not, then I may not really need it because ublock is just plain faster.

around the time ublock got popular, adblock was beginning to not work very well.  I don't remember why exactly either, but i think it had to do with the whole https thing with google, youtube, flash, etc.  it all seemed to happen at around the same time.

ok, just went through this.  Man, I'm glad someone did these tests.  So here's my question...why use a product like Adguard?  (I switched to this from ad muncher recently).  ublock origin is clearly the best of the bunch, and it works as a plugin.  is there any advantage to adguard, which is different than plugins in that it runs as a separate software service, not really a plugin although it behaves the same way in browsers.  I think someone here did a great review on it.

The only reason i can think of is that it blocks things other than browser stuff.  Supposedly, it blocks it directly at the source, whatever that means.  But the advantage of this was supposed to be that it's even faster than just a plain ol plugin blocker. that these tests are out, that is not really the case.  So why use it?  You would think it has additional features a plugin doesn't, but i can't really think of any that a plugin doesn't have.  Like, I just use the white and black list features for the most part, and all blockers have that.

Damn, today OneNote's capability to copy text from pictures saved me hours of typing. Really neat function.
totally agree.  i had no idea it was that good.

is there a way to control the container of a note?  they are too big.  i keep trying to create new notes around existing notes, and especially below them, the software assumes i'm adding to the existing note, and the margin extends a good 3-4 lines below the content.  i want the container to end pretty close to where the content is.   i don't want all that space, it is very annoying.

Living Room / Re: "Great Service" Awards for Software
« on: February 29, 2016, 08:50 PM »
syncovery...this developer has been doing daily updates for years now.  i've gotten to the point where i just habitually check for updates thinking "there's nothing today" and there always is!  lol.

ok...thanks IainB for all the explanations.

What is the status of being able using Onenote in a completely on-premise type situation?  No cloud storage, other than for temporary transferring back and forth.  I have an online MS account, but I don't want to use it for my notes.  I can use an enterprise local onenote/sharepoint setup for syncing onenote across all devices, right?

There seems to be an issue with this for onenote 2013, from some things I've read on the web.  However, I also came across a comment from a MS onenote employee who said that on-premise syncing will be coming in office 2016.  But does that mean it's not currently available?  I find that odd, as I imagine a lot of companies want their stuff handled locally.

interesting.  I'm not ready yet to start cloud unifying everything, so I'm still in the phase of multiple client notebooks on 2-3 devices.

I just became annoyed at the web clipper...which doesn't allow me to save clips to a local/offline notebook.  what the hell?  this is using the extension for firefox.  i'm going to try with the desktop clipper.

So far in my experiment, I am liking Onenote.  I am warming up to it, and I can see myself committing to it long-term.

The latest changes/updates in MS Office 2013 (including especially OCR features in OneNote) have helped to make life easier for notetakers.
[ Invalid Attachment ]


The audio clip transcription on the first page here is blowing my mind a bit.  that's great.

initial thoughts:
i'm not syncing anything right now yet in my experiment, so my onenote files are per device right now.
if i unify/sync everything...wouldn't all these audio/video/media clips bog things down?  and what if i don't want to use cloud syncing and instead use local or local enterprise syncing?  I ask because if i start committing to use onenote a lot for media stuff, these databases are going to get huge.

lifeweaver, thanks!  sorry for the delay.
I'll be trying this out today.

Can't this be done by turning off Tablet mode? There's usually a shortcut for that in the Action Center.

[ Invalid Attachment ]
I think that's only windows 10.  I'm still on 8.1.

But an update...I updated the firmware and about 1 gig of windows updates, and the problem seems to have gone away.  Thanks DZ!!

As usual, I'd be willing to pay for this.  Here is the request...

Whatever MS did in it's latest updates, they have removed some option to disable completely the automatic popup of the screen keyboard (OSK).  This is very annoying to me.  I need someone to make a button that i can toggle on/off so that the OSK NEVER pops up. 

the reason why is because I use a third party bluetooth keyboard instead of the one that MS sells with the tablet (this is the Surface Pro, not the Surface RT...meaning it is running full WIndows desktop).  Before the updates, I just disabled the OSK compeltely, and put a button on my taskbar to toggle it on or off.  So, if I needed it I would trigger it manually.  MS decided it's best that the OS automatically decides when the keyboard pops up, and somewhere along the line removed this manual control that I like.  I can still turn the OSK on/off manually, but now if I put the cursor on a text field on a website, the OSK will popup, even though I'm using a bluetooth keyboard already.  SO it's annoying, I always have to close it to type.  There is not solution for this anywhere on the web that I can find.  The closest I have come is to disable the OSK completely, but then I can't bring it up manually either.  SO I need a button that turns on/off or emulates the presence of the MS official Surface Pro keyboard so it thinks the keyboard is there so that it won't popup the OSK. 

This is just my idea of the best way to do this (the emulation, that is).  I'm assuming there's no other way to program it because if there was, someone would have done it by now.  But maybe I'm wrong on that. 

MS wants the tablet to function like a smartphone...where whenever you tap on a text field, the kyboard pops up automatically.  it would be very annoying on a smartphone for it to be manual.  But on a hybrid device like the surface pro, it's a different scenario.  Also, because it's a full Windows device, you can use all sorts of accessories as far as keyboards, mice, input devices this kind of automatic stuff needs an additional level of manual control for those oddball scenarios like mine (it's not that odd, btw). 


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