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  • December 13, 2018, 04:55 AM
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Author Topic: SharedView: Free tool to share your desktop with others for viewing / control  (Read 4062 times)


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There are quite a few tools to do this kind of stuff, but Microsoft's new free one looks good..

Effective collaboration requires getting everyone’s ideas and input, and doing it in a way that is clear, easy to follow, and produces usable results. With Microsoft SharedView, it’s never been easier to put your heads together and see results instantly:

Using SharedView, you (or anyone else in the session) can share your Desktop or an application.
The sharer has initial control of a shared application or desktop, but any session participant can request control at any time so everyone can actively contribute. The sharer can immediately take control back by simply clicking the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard.

Not in control? Relax! Even if you are not in control, you still have a voice. Each participant has a personalized pointer to use to point out specific items or highlight an area--perfect for keeping everyone involved and making sure details aren’t missed.

You want to track results and contributions? Easy! When working in a Word document with SharedView tracked changes, each change is clearly marked and identified with the name and a custom color of the user making the change.

Here is yet another cool feature - any participant can provide handouts that other participants can download. No email required. Great, isn't it?



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nice approach by Microsoft.. i wonder if it can be used for providing technical support over the internet? a program like that would be fantastic.. :)


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You may also be interested in CrossLoop.

It's basically a simple front end for TightVNC which allows you to control another computer by entering a code given by the remote user. It's very easy to use. No MSN account needed.

The features in SharedView do sound very interesting and unique in comparison though. I think I will take a look at it. :)
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Or try LogMeIn Free. A commercial product free for personal use. I'm very impressed about this product (performance and features) and wonder why they offer it for free. The only downside is the client install. In the free version it's not "hands free", you've to enter your own passwort. So I use CrossLoop to install the client for LogMeIn Free. ;)


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crossloop is good for computer to computer use, sharedview is good for a large group, such as a website development group, to work on a webpage in a single program, or things like that. Sharedview does sound pretty good though, I'll have to try it out when I get home.
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