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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Folder Zipper
« on: May 14, 2013, 06:36 AM »
So, you're using WinRAR already? Good for you. I've attached a short screencast video showing you how to create a WinRAR profile + add it the context menu. After doing this, you can zip your files and folders into separate archive files with two mouse-clicks.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Folder Zipper
« on: May 08, 2013, 03:28 AM »
What I want to be able to do is either select a large number of folders and right-click create individual archives for each folder selected,

Try WinRAR: http://windows7theme...vidual-archives.html (for a single click solution: Create a profile and let WinRAR put it in your context menu)

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 06, 2013, 07:53 AM »
Someone posted a more advanced "refresh system tray" script


and also offers the download of a compiled script. If it works, just put NoTrayOrphans.exe" in one of your batch files.

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 05, 2013, 11:20 AM »
It runs fine here, so I'm assuming that you've problems starting the script. It's a function. You need to call it, else it will do nothing. Add these lines at the beginning.


Launch the script. Every time you press WINDOWS+x the "RefreshTray" function will run.

Or, just remove the function part and make it a plain normal script.

   WM_MOUSEMOVE := 0x200

   ControlGetPos, xTray,, wTray,, ToolbarWindow321, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
   endX := xTray + wTray
   x := 5
   y := 12

      if (x > endX)
      point := (y << 16) + x
      PostMessage, %WM_MOUSEMOVE%, 0, %point%, ToolbarWindow321, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
      x += 18

Ever since I started using Windows 7 one of my dislikes was that there was no way to show an icon in the system tray to tell if a PPTP/L2TP VPN was connected, unlike in XP.

I had the same problem and tried and errored my way into a basic AHK script I'm using since 2+ years or so (also to learn this script language). I thought about sharing the tool, but I guess it's too strange or complicated. It features different trask tray icons (connected, disconnect, trying to connect), keeps checking for existing PPTP VPN connections and sends a error message if a connection is lost.

It's written for Witopia VPN connections, since Witopia offers plenty of servers to connect to and back then they didn't offer an own connection utility. Now they do, but I still prefer my script. *g*. It can also be used to be "just" a task tray PPTP connection monitor (with optional error message if connection is lost). Read "read me" file to get an explanation. And if all fails, the source might give you some ideas for your own script.

Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: Attach or upload to FTP utility
« on: January 11, 2013, 03:40 AM »
A little late, but perhaps someone will find it useful.

Nowadays I just use Dropbox to exchange files with family/friends.

But before Dropbox I used "DropUpload". It allows to create "locked" versions of itself. Start the tool, drag files on it and they'll get uploaded to your FTP. Very easy for family or friends to upload files to your server.


Living Room / Re: 1080p playback: hardware discussion
« on: September 11, 2012, 10:30 AM »
4wd already answered it... it's all about the GPU.

I'm using a three or four years old slim-case PC to watch movies on my TV. Some AMD X2 with 2 GB RAM. It couldn't handle 720p or 1080p, but back then it was no issue. As I got more into 720p, I bought 18 months ago a cheap, low-profile, fanless Radeon HD5450 and made sure applications and codecs (FFDShow) supported GPU acceleration. My old PC could suddenly handle 720p or 1080p with ease: CPU below 10%. Yesterday I got a new television. Now my PC has to handle a 1920x1080 resolution and it's still no problem. Even 1080p in 3D. Neat. :Thmbsup:

what affects the smoothness of dragging the seekbar around a video?

I would say a.) software and b.) transfer speed (from harddisk? Network?).

I'm watching movies from a D-Link 323 LAN. Its network speed is about 20 to 30 MB/sec. Searching and dragging the seekbar isn't much fun on 720p/1080p, but if the video is placed on the HDD it's much smoother.

mkv files are the way to go

MKV is just a container and it could contain anything. I guess you mean h264? :)

One of the most effective things for any potential combat, and certainly one of the most under-rated:
 (see attachment in previous post)

Pretty effective against serial killers wearing a mask... but against Zombies? Depends on the "Zombie universe" you're in.

Slow walkers? No need to run. Just walk away and avoid them (as seen in "Night of the Walking Dead")
Fast Runners? Running away won't help. They'll never get tired.

I guess the best way to deal with a Zombie outbreak is hiding in a bomb shelter for some months, until the walking corpses decay. A gun with plenty of ammo is also a good idea, but don't forget a silencer. Zombies are usually attracted to noise. So shoot one zombie, and fifty others will hear you. A cordless nail gun could be a good idea. ;-)

I used to be a "no AV, just common sense" user. But these days are long over. It's just too dangerous "out there". One wrong click or hacked homepage and it's over. Wasting hours of time to get rid of malware... I've done it several times. I don't want to do it again.

I'm running an antivirus (MSSE), anti-malware (Malwarebytes) and WinPatrol. They won't catch the latest and newest virus in the wild, but what are the chances of getting a 0-day malware?

There's not much difference between USBSR and Zentimo IMO (

They gave Zentimo away for free some week ago ( Missed that. Well, they had free giveaway of USBSR and Zentimo all the time, I'm sure there'll be another giveaway.

Living Room / Re: Looking for password "scheme" suggestions
« on: January 25, 2012, 01:19 PM »
I'm using KeePass to store my passwords... since quite some years. Right now there're 839 entries in my database. ;-)

The KeePass password generator (a lot of options) creates random passwords, so each site has a different 8 chars password (examples: exoI5uAG, pUdgy8Mh, 39_8rm1E). For very important sites I'm using 18 chars passwords.

Many sites have problems with too long passwords, or special chars (! $ % & [ ] < >). For KeePass it's easy to generate passwords like "Õ¼1êyûq "äÔÐlAW" or "Ò³Îu¾øfÍ", but I can't use them. ;-)

I also like using "LastPass" to log into my accounts.

FWIW... already seen Gibson's "Haystack" site?

He claims the password "D0g....................." is stronger than "PrXyc.N(n4k77#L!eVdAfp9"

I'd like to test it. Could you zip all files (including sound files) and send it to me (attached to a PM)?

Living Room / Re: How to destroy yourself on the internet in 24 hours
« on: December 29, 2011, 06:42 PM »
Your post has obviously made my life very difficult and I have not slept yet dealing with all the spam and personal information intrusion as well as my family being smeared on the internet.

I've seen "Contagion" the other day. In this movie there was a blogger with 12 million viewers he could influence and who would do what he says. In other words: He had power. He used it to make cash, but what would've happened if he complained about some support guy? A lot of his 12 millions fans would've made the life of this support guy a misery.

About the same happened here. I hope this "Gabe" guy from Penny-Arcade is happy. He used his site (4 million viewers) to destroy one customer support guy.  IMHO not funny at all...

I want to copy text strings that are seperated by newlines or commas or tabs and I want to paste each one after the other (as I would read that text) by hitting a hotkey


here's a quick Autohotkey script. See attachment.

1. Go to and download/install the tool (AHK_L 32 bit unicode)
2. Copy your comma/tab/newline separated text in the clipboard
3. Start the script. It'll read the contents of the clipboard
4. Press CTRL+T to paste the text, or CTRL+E to exit the script

#SingleInstance force

x := clipboard
y .= ((If y = "") ? "" : ",") . A_LoopField
msgbox,CTRL+T to paste text`nCTRL+E to exit script


z := ""
If (Trim(A_LoopField) = "")
if (z = "")
z .= Trim(A_LoopField)
y1 .= ((If y1 = "") ? "" : ",") . A_LoopField
y := y1
y1 := ""
If (z = "")
ToolTip, Nothing more to paste...
Clipboard := z

Welcome to the pseudo-random random of computers.   :D

I hate it when I put 20h of music in Winamp, click "shuffle" and within two hours I hear the same song three times. ;-)

Not sure if this really is a bug, but I feel RandomPlayer could play stuff more random than it does. It's more of a feeling than an exact measure... so maybe it's just selective attention.

The script writes a history file to remember what it played. Let's say you got 15 files in your songlist. It won't repeat any file, until it played all 15 files. Then it erases its history file and starts again. Of course, this is not perfect. If you're in bad luck, file 15 and file 01 can be the same file. Guess such situations happen to you ocassionally, making you wonder why it's sometimes "less random".

If it wouldn't erase the history file, but keep the last 5 entries, it would be better. But this would've been more code lines than the whole "random history" thing.

Anyway, adding more files to your playlist is the best you can do.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: WinPatrol lifetime $5
« on: December 08, 2011, 12:08 PM »
That's a terrific deal on a very nice security app.

What exactly does this thing do? The site didn't really seem to clarify how much of what (if anything) does it scan in realtime.
It's no AV or Malware scanner.

It checks if something changed. Like autostart entries, browser toolbars, default search / start page in browser, HOSTS, file associations, scheduler entries, and so on.

It can even do more. Try the freeware version. :-)

Double billing was the least of my worries some years ago... ;-)

Years ago I was using GoDaddy. I got some shared hosting account with 100 gigs space (USD 75 a year). Of course I didn't know this space is for web hosting only, and not for backup purposes. So after one year or more I got an email telling me of my wrong-doing, I've to erase the files, else they'll be erased... bla bla bla... so there, my fault, no harm done. I erased my backup files and since I didn't need the 100 gigs account I downgraded to some smaller account, with 5 gigs....

And now the fun started. After the downgrade their system registered me with "hosting space overdrawn", because their "space used" calculation is following another cycle. So I got automatically billed hundreds of "Additional 100 MB" packages, which made about 7,000 USD. I found out about it, because I got an email telling me they tried to charge the money from my credit card, but it got rejected. I've been in a lot of luck, because it exceeded my limit only by a couple of hundred euros.

Anyway, no matter what I tried, the support insisted in paying the bill. After a while, I just gave up. They eventually suspended my account. I thought they'd send some lawyer after me, but perhaps someone figured out their mess.

There's no need to argue, it's clearly a design bug.  ;)

So, there, here you have it. "Force next" as it should be, ignoring everything and just play the next sound.

It's completely untested, but I hope it works.

General Software Discussion / Re: Any (Free) VPN service to recommend?
« on: September 10, 2011, 03:43 AM »
Would you be so kind to provide a few speedtests? European servers would be sufficient.

Here you go.

AT -> without VPN
Speedtest Bratislava: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475538905.png

AT -> Witopia PPTP Prague, CZ
Speedtest Prague: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475511071.png
Speedtest Bratislava: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475512448.png
(To get max upload I need several upload threads.)

AT -> Witopia PPTP Amsterdam, NL
Speedtest Rotterdam: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475534305.png
Speedtest Amsterdam: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475535322.png

AT - Witopia PPTP Frankfurt, DE
Speedtest Frankfurt: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475528408.png
Speedtest Landshut: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475530692.png

AT -> Witopia PPTP New York
Speedtest NY: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475526864.png
Speedtest NJ: http://www.speedtest...esult/1475525900.png

General Software Discussion / Re: Any (Free) VPN service to recommend?
« on: September 09, 2011, 06:27 AM »
I've been using Witopia since six months. The prices were just too good to be true... $40 for a year PPTP VPN with unlimited transfer sounds unreal. So I just tried them, hoping the connection speed would be useful enough. But hey... servers in Europe even max out my connection. Impressive. Since 6 months no issues.

I suppose I should not use the same technique as I use on password fields in websites (or email fields) where I copy it to the second field...

The script is of course useless if someone would copy and paste... Never thought of that.   ;)

Edit: Script updated, see first thread. Won't allow clipboard pasting anymore.

I thought I share a little AHK script I made a while ago and use quite often. Perhaps someone finds it useful.

Type something in twice, and it informs you if both entries are the same. If yes, the entry is copied to the clipboard.

That's it.

Compiled script and source attached to this forum entry. Enjoy.



Why I made it (if you're interested)
At my workplace I've to install updates for a telephone software. They send a DVD and a letter with a really long serial number. The serial has to be entered once and there's no "serial is wrong" check. If the serial is wrong, the app continues to work for some time, but eventually starts telling "no data found" for every query. Yes, as silly as it sounds, but that's their idea of copy protection. To help myself, I typed in the serial twice in notepad and compared if I got it right.

As I had some time to kill I played with AHK and created this script. The idea is, that I wouldn't enter the same error twice. I use it to type in serial keys, TAN numbers, bank account numbers... just anything important, where's no margin for error.

The script is pretty basic. The #If Routine is the only AHK_L in there. The most advanced part of the script is the coloring of the fields. This routine isn't done by me. Proper credit is given in the source of course, but it demonstrates real nice that AHK was never intended as programming language and has to be forced to do such things.

Usage example
Let's say, you got a list with 50 TAN codes for your bank account and want them imported in your password app like KeePass.
Enter the TAN codes in Simple Text Verifier, activate "Write Log". If typed in correct, it'll be saved in the log file. Press CTRL+L to open the log.
You've to enter every TAN twice, but at least you know it's 100%.

Edit: Script updated to v3
Since I keep using this little script and missed some features, I updated it:

  • I always liked the auto-hyphen if I type in Microsoft serials. Now the script can do the same.
  • If there's a difference, it'll tell you where it is.
  • Positive results can be written in a log file (easy collection of TAN numbers)
  • Write chars upper-case and stay-on-top.

Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: Add cover art to MP3 from command line
« on: September 07, 2011, 12:32 PM »
If you can't get wr975's solution to work, I would recommend using mp3Tag for this...

Hey, why didn't you tell me earlier? :) Could've saved me some work.  :D  :)  :P

I didn't know MP3tag could so such thing. Sounds like a great program.

My search for a command line MP3 tagger (to import cover art) led me to eyed3 (
It's a standalone Python script ("" guess that's what you need) or a Python library.

I'm not sure if you need to install the libary to use the script, but anway. It works under WIndows, but the default installer is Windows unfriendly. So attached to this post is a customized setup. You'll still need an installation of Python.

If it's too much hassle, you can also try Metamp3 (just Google it). Excellent command line tagger for Windows, but not supporting unicode... like it removes German umlauts from ID3 tags... so I can't use it.

Command line reference of
How to Use eyeD3
The 'eyeD3' utility program can perform most ID3 tasks, and it is also the best example of how to use the API. It supports the following features:

    eyeD3 [OPTS] file [file...]
    --version             show program's version number and exit
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  Tag Versions
      -1, --v1            Only read/write ID3 v1.x tags. By default, v1.x tags
                          are only read if there is not a v2.x tag.
      -2, --v2            Only read/write ID3 v2.x tags.
      --to-v1.1           Convert the file's tag to ID3 v1.1. (Or 1.0 if there is
                          no track number.)
      --to-v2.3           Convert the file's tag to ID3 v2.3
      --to-v2.4           Convert the file's tag to ID3 v2.4
  Tag Data
      -a STRING, --artist=STRING
                          Set artist
      -A STRING, --album=STRING
                          Set album
      -t STRING, --title=STRING
                          Set title
      -n NUM, --track=NUM
                          Set track number
      -N NUM, --track-total=NUM
                          Set total number of tracks
      -G GENRE, --genre=GENRE
                          Set genre. The argument is a valid genre string or
                          number.  See --list-genres
      -Y STRING, --year=STRING
                          Set a four digit year.
                          Set comment
                          Set lyrics
      -p STRING, --publisher=STRING
                          Set the publisher/label text
      --remove-comments   Remove all comment frames.
      --remove-lyrics     Remove all lyrics frames.
                          Add an image to the tag.  The description and type
                          optional, but when used, both ':' delimiters must be
                          present.  The type MUST be an string that corresponds
                          to one given with --list-image-types. If the IMG_PATH
                          value is empty the APIC frame with TYPE is removed.
      --remove-images     Remove all image (APIC) frames.
                          Add an encapsulated object to the tag.  The description
                          and filename are optional, but when used, the ':'
                          delimiters must be present.  If the OBJ_PATH value is
                          empty the GEOB frame with DESCRIPTION is removed.
      -i DIR, --write-images=DIR
                          Causes all attached images (APIC frames) to be written
                          to the specified directory.
      -o DIR, --write-objects=DIR
                          Causes all attached objects (GEOB frames) to be written
                          to the specified directory.
                          Set the value of a text frame.  To remove the frame,
                          specify an empty value.  e.g., --set-text-frame="TDRC:"
                          Set the value of a user text frame (i.e., TXXX). To
                          remove the frame, specify an empty value.  e.g., --set-
                          Set the value of a URL frame.  To remove the frame,
                          specify an empty value.  e.g., --set-url-frame="WCOM:"
                          Set the value of a user URL frame (i.e., WXXX). To
                          remove the frame, specify an empty value.  e.g., --set-
      --play-count=[+]N   If this argument value begins with '+' the tag's play
                          count (PCNT) is incremented by N, otherwise the value
                          is set to exactly N.
      --bpm=N             Set the beats per minute value.
                          Add a UFID frame.  If the ID arg is empty the UFID
                          frame with OWNER_ID is removed.  An OWNER_ID MUST be
                          Set the encoding that is used for _all_ text frames.
                          This only takes affect when the tag is updated as the
                          result of a frame value being set with another option
                          (e.g., --artist=) or --force-update is present.
      --remove-v1         Remove ID3 v1.x tag.
      --remove-v2         Remove ID3 v2.x tag.
      --remove-all        Remove both ID3 v1.x and v2.x tags.
  Misc. Options
      --rename=NAME       Rename file (the extension is not affected) based on
                          data in the tag using substitution variables: %A
                          (artist), %a (album), %t (title), %n (track number),
                          and %N (total number of tracks)
                          Use the specified character encoding for the filename
                          when renaming files
      -l, --list-genres   Display the table of ID3 genres and exit
      --list-image-types  List all possible image types
      --strict            Fail for tags that violate the ID3 specification.
      --jep-118           Output the tag per the format described in JEP-0118.
      --nfo               Output NFO information.
      --lametag           Prints the LAME Tag.
      --force-update      Update the tag regardless of whether any frames are set
                          with new values.
      --no-color          Disable color output
      --no-zero-padding   Don't pad track or disc numbers with 0's
                          When saving tags do not add a TDTG (tagging time) frame
      -F DELIM            Specify a new delimiter for option values that contain
                          multiple fields (default delimiter is ':')
      -v, --verbose       Show all available information
      --debug             Trace program execution.
      --run-profiler      Run using python profiler.

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