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  • March 19, 2018, 03:29 PM
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Ehm, the Kirby Software site is alive and kicking, and they officially support sending e-mail. Have you tried getting support there?
Hi, Yes ,I have emailed them, I just thought id try here also, as awaiting reply from 'Kirby'  :P
Kirby Alarm is a great program - I still it use it on (sigh) Vista Home Premium.  But Kirby Alarm is somewhere around the same age.  Its last update was April 13, 2008.  Well, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Screenshot Captor / Re: Links to Reviews and Comments - Add yours!
« on: February 28, 2018, 04:01 PM »
Whatever the merits of the foregoing, it's crystallised something about this blog for me.  Whoever writes it is very prolific, and tends to offer uncritical announcements.  Getting a heads-up on something I didn't know about has value, but I'd rather have deeper analysis, and especially discussion of the relative merits of different programs that do more or less the same thing.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Links to Reviews and Comments - Add yours!
« on: February 26, 2018, 05:36 PM »
Short and imperfect ("free" rather than "donationware") comments on the TrishTech blog, concluding:

Screenshot Captor is a complete screen capture tool with multi-monitor support. It can capture the screen or part of it using a number of methods. You can also use it to annotate and edit he captures screenshots easily.

FileLocator Pro (payware version of Agent Ransack) has a NEAR operator that works within a certain number of characters.

I think it's "replace" syntax for Unix 'sed' Stream EDitor, see e.g.

For the sake of completeness, but the Word-enabled ones are payware:

Silver Age Software

Text Aid Kit: 
    provides basic search and replace (grep) functions;
    search and replace text in small, plain text ANSI files;
    supports regular expressions.

Office Edition: 
    in addition to Text Aid Kit's functions:

    search and replace text in Microsoft Office documents;
    collect text from multiple files.

Text Workbench:   
    surpasses the junior editions in every aspect:

    search and replace in UTF-8/Unicode, MS Office files;
    process files directly on an FTP server;
    has a built-in text editor;
    multilingual user interface;
    supports scripting and automation via COM: new ActiveXObject("TextWorkbench.Application");
    handles files of up to 263 bytes (8 exabytes).

General Software Discussion / Re: Long Path Fixer
« on: March 13, 2017, 04:44 PM »
New Max length of long file names?
xplorer² now supports path with lengths of up to 32768 letters. That should cover the most verbose file organization cabinet!
With a file name that long, who needs file contents?

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: March 13, 2017, 04:41 PM »
Aliette de Bodard's trilogy
Aliette de Bodard is one of the panellists in the 2017-03-13 edition of:
BBC Radio 4 - Beyond Belief, Science Fiction
Science fiction has perhaps been unfairly dismissed by many critics and academics; seen by some as a niche genre, not befitting the elite group of literary works deemed to be 'high art'. While some examples ofscience fiction could be criticised for perpetuating fantasy clichés, others undoubtedly explore the biggest questions of life. Fans argue that the Sci-Fi universe allows the audience to suspend their disbelief about what is conventional, and opens up a space to explore philosophical, ethical and religious ideas in a relatable, absorbing and entertaining way. So how has religion been explored in the most influential works of science fiction? And what does science fiction have to tell us about faith and religion?

Robert Beckford discusses the role of religion in science fiction with Aliette de Bodard, a writer with an interest in the interplay between science fiction and religion; Roz Kaveney, a writer, poet and critic; and Dr Sarah Dillon, author and Cambridge academic who explores science fiction in literature and film.
Podcast available from the web site above.

Another piece of software you could try: RJ TextEd
It sort of grew over the last seven years:    9446479   2009.03.05
rj-texted.7z              99580128   2016.12.26

Notetab - no macro as far as I can see.
I should have been clearer.  It doesn't have "watch my fingers, record and repeat" macros.  Instead it has a macro programming language, what they call a clipbook.  That is, you have to write code.  In the attached screenshot, the tabs along the bottom of the editing window are some of the different clipbooks Notetab Light ships with.  The narrow pane at the left is the contents of the selected clipbook.  Toggle that pane on/off with F4.

After installation, looking around for macro features, then closing and relaunching, the trial period is over and one is sent to the Purchase website. ha!
I wouldn't have expected that.  Still, save yourself some money and try out the Light version.  You can download it here.  I used it for the screenshot to show it has the clipbook system, though I'm told its engine works a bit differently than Notetab Pro.  Apart from the Help file, the best place to get help on the Notetab editors is the three Yahoo! Groups for beginners, clips, and scripts, of which clips is by far the most popular.


You could do it with Notetab Pro, which supports PCRE, though I'm not sure if the latest version.  I don't know if freeware Notetab Light can also do "clipbook programming," their name for Notetab's macro language.

Otherwise, MilesAhead's suggestion of sed is sound.  Another useful source is the seder's grab bag.  If sed can't do what you want, or its syntax is too cryptic, try AWK; Awk  FAQ.  Notetab Pro knows how to run AWK scripts, also Perl scripts.

Another approach: try Andrew Pipkin's Minitrue, a Search / Replace Utility (Named after Orwell's "1984").  It supports extended regular expressions.  If you're on Windows, you might want to try the version of Minitrue recompiled by Jason Hood to better support Windows LFNs.

N.A.N.Y. 2017 / Re: My Android Apps for NANY 2017 -- All in One Place
« on: January 18, 2017, 03:44 PM »
That would make sense, because "My apps & games" has two columns, one for (currently) "Installed," the other for "All."  I was a bit concerned they might be monitoring actual usage.

3 months is pretty insane.  Unless it has very frequent updates, which would beg a different question.
Upgrade price is $14.95, but note their version history, given above - it's evidently been five years since the "initial release."  That presumably means the initial release from Starre Software, because they bought it from the original developer, Lincoln Beach Software, and straightaway wanted a new registration fee for no change.  Whatever they've done to make it move forward, there don't seem to be any new features to encourage one to upgrade.  I agree the "3 months" is bad, and they aren't consistent about it.  I asked why didn't my license key work?  Here's part of their reply:

Your original registration information will not work with version 4, since they are for version 3.

Here is an explanation of why the codes do not work, along with the available options for you.

All of our software comes with a full year of support and free upgrades/updates.

You originally purchased the software well over a year ago.

As you might have noticed, we have upgraded our software to include many new features
and functions since your original purchase date. 

A full year?  New features and functions?  Looks like a canned reply, but they could at least be consistent about the time period.

I think BHO was one of the first reasonably well-known organizers, and is still one of the few three-pane ones.  But the field has moved on, and I'm not disposed to upgrade.

N.A.N.Y. 2017 / Re: My Android Apps for NANY 2017 -- All in One Place
« on: January 17, 2017, 05:29 PM »
How do they rate "Active" vs "Total" installs?

General Software Discussion / Black Hole Organizer updated to v.4.00
« on: January 17, 2017, 05:27 PM »
I had assumed this one had been abandoned, but here is a sign of intended progress;

Black Hole Organizer Version History Version History:

3.30 - 2/21/2012
Initial release of product.

4.00 - 1/4/2017
Version upgrade. Fixed/Corrected many internal issues, updated interface. Prepared internal structure for further updates.

Majorgeeks: 'ClickOff automatically clicks button on error messages that come up all the time.'
My first thought on this is more like: let's find where the error messages come from all the time [...]
More like automatically clicking maddeningly repetitive confirmation dialogs, e.g. this from tinyapps blog:
Automatically click OK (or any button) with ClickOff
While running SysClean on a heavily infected system, the following message kept popping up:

    Damage Cleanup Engine (DCE)
    Virus Found:TSC_GENCLEAN

Each time, the virus scan would not continue until OK was pressed. After several dozen times, this became rather annoying. Thankfully, the small and lightweight ClickOff made short work of this otherwise unpleasant task.

Coding Snacks / Re: Drop file to rename it according to list of names
« on: December 26, 2016, 03:18 PM »
Does it have to be drag and drop?  Wouldn't a batch file be better from the point of view of automation?  At its simplest, you'd just have a series of lines like

if exist ren widgets_report.txt

and you could add in refinements like moving the file to a different location, making a backup and renaming it using something like BRC (the command-line version of BRU (Bulk Rename Utility), and triggering the whole thing automatically using one of the various folder-watching utilities, e.g. perhaps NewFileGo to name a recent free one (that admittedly I haven't tried).

Living Room / Re: Looking for smartphone
« on: December 19, 2016, 03:31 PM »
best camera in a smartphone under 250€ / 300$US appears to be the Lenovo Moto G4 Plus.
The opinion of UK reviewers seems to be that the Moto G4 is not only the best budget smartphone (for a given value of "budget") but better than most mid-range phones.  If you want something a bit cheaper, and physically smaller, check out its small brother, the Moto E.  See e.g. this Expert Reviews roundup: Here are the best budget smartphones in 2016.

I don't know the basis of Expert Reviews, but they seem to have all the reviews that are published in the UK's Computer Shopper magazine.

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: December 19, 2016, 02:37 PM »

Where do you get your nice cover artwork from, please?  Clearly not from scanning actual books.

Deal is apparently over. Price is now back to $49.99 and with no freebies.

Oh well!  :-\
Don't worry, if you've ever had any dealings with Serif, you'll know that another special offer will be along shortly.

General Software Discussion / TED Notepad, version 6.1.1.beta released
« on: December 06, 2016, 05:57 PM »
A rare update of the excellent small editor TED Notepad:

New release of TED Notepad, version 6.1.1.beta, is available
 at its homepage. See for details.
 What's new in version 6.1.1:
 + Added: Support for IME composing window.
 + Added: Added support for DPI-aware scaling.
 + Added: Push Line Up and Push Line Down for moving lines around.
 + Added: Drag&Drop editing; moving text by mouse is available via both buttons.
 + Added: Setting: Auto-save Untitled documents (into the Temp path).
 + Added: Setting: Store auto-save files in the Temp path instead of current directory.
 + Added: Setting: Store backup files in the Temp path instead of current directory.
 + Added: Setting: Temp path for storing autosave and backup files to, with relative paths support.
 + Added: Setting: Create backup files with hidden attribute.
 + Added: Setting: Create multiple backup files and rotate them.
 + Added: Setting: Warn on loading binary files.
 + Added: Setting: Ignore case in quick Sort tools.
 + Added: Check for Updates and Automatic Check for updates.
 + Added: If there is a new version available, hint is displayed in the StatusBar.
 + Added: Command line parameter: /u Check for Updates.
 + Added: Command line parameter: /l Goto Line accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
 + Added: Command line parameter: /c Goto Offset accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
 + Added: Command line parameter: /s Set Selection accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
 + Added: Command line parameters: /l Goto Line and /c Goto Offset can be used together.

- Fixed: Italics fonts are no longer clipped.
- Fixed: Selection background does not clip nearby characters anymore.
- Fixed: Each tab character now enforces at least some minimum visual extent.
- Fixed: Selected end-of-line extent and visible end-of-line extent were unified.
- Fixed: When switching to another instance of the same document, no unexpected questions are asked.
- Fixed: Message about another instance takes precedence over message about lost auto-save found.
- Fixed: Document is not auto-saved if there are no modifications since last auto-save.
- Fixed: The user is now warned that it is necessary to save recovered document.
- Fixed: Auto-save file was not always removed after successful recovery.
- Fixed: Canceling Revert operation no longer removes current auto-save.
- Fixed: Chosen encoding or code page is no longer reset during Revert.
- Fixed: Overwrite flag is no longer reset during Revert or Re-open.
- Fixed: Creating a new file during loading adds such new file to Recent files.
- Fixed: Relative paths are supported for Template file and are not updated during loading.
- Fixed: Changing current encoding also changes BOM flag to reasonable default.
- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon no newlines in the loaded file.
- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the loaded file when No mixed newlines are in force.
- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the document if No mixed newlines are turned on.
- Fixed: Lists of available codepages split into categories for easier navigation.
- Fixed: Shift+BackSpace deletes previous character just like a simple BackSpace.
- Fixed: Insert Recently Inserted text was needlessly unavailable sometimes.
- Fixed: Sorted Complete Word dialog was inserting incorrect suggestions.
- Fixed: Right-click menu could appear on a wrong position upon several displays.
- Fixed: Scrolling by mouse via selecting text outside of edit window has been slowed down.
- Fixed: Message is displayed after successful replace and no further occurrences.
- Fixed: Replace tool used empty string upon undefined back-references, instead of skipping such occurrences.
- Fixed: Propper icon recovery while re-starting crashed Windows Explorer.
- Fixed: Keyboard focus was not relinquished properly upon Hide to Tray.
- Fixed: Saving widnows position and/or size and restoring them was reviewed.
- Fixed: Config INI file is only updated upon actual changes in the config data.
- Fixed: Some funky edge cases were fixed in various tools and features.

* Esc key cancels any ongoing mouse operation.
* Right-click can also be used to select text before the Right-click menu appears.
* Paste from clipboard thru Ctrl+Right-click occurs only upon releasing the button.
* Selected lines are slightly accentuated by double-drawing the text.
* ODO meter and Trip meter were added to the Utility info dialog for amusement.
* Overwrite mode menu item added to Options menu for convenience.
* Date/time glue setting moved from the Tools page to the General page.
* Warning is show in the Status Bar upon saving Unicode file with no BOM.
* Document title is always displayed in the taskbar and caption, even if also showing the full file path.
* Stay on Top is saved along with other common options in the Basic Options category.
* Newlines are now decoded in Could not find messages; with a new setting to disable this.
* Progress percentage during re-wrap has been rewritten to give a more linear user experience.
* The .reloc section was removed from executables in a hope all future Windows will accomodate.
* Executable code was moved back to the .text section where it belongs.
* Read-only data was moved back to the .rdata section where it belongs.
* Text storage engine improved to support files with truckload of lines.
* Text storage engine memory usage and general behaviour optimized.
* Edit box behaviour and other code optimized.
* Utf-8 recognition algorithm fortified.
 Don't type, ted-it!
jsimlo, TED Notepad

General Software Discussion / Re: Total Commander v9.00 Public Betas
« on: November 28, 2016, 04:19 PM »
Quoting their email:
As usual, the update is free for all registered users.
I bought my license in 1999.  That's 17 years without needing further payment...

Are you saying the following?

1) Usually, nothing much happens
2) Corporate demand a report anyway
3) Corporate further demand said report be written as if the nothing much that barely happened was an exciting event worthy of poetic response
4) Corporate never read the reports

If so, I'd consider Corporate to be stuffed with supernumaries engaged in making work for other people, to justify their own existence.  A bit of culling is indicated.

However, if you must endure this silly situation, you might possibly get at least part way with mouser's Form Letter Machine:
The Form Letter Machine is a program that will help you to write letters and emails by mixing and matching from pre-written paragraphs.

It's useful for people who regularly need to send out emails which include different components in different circumstances. For example if you field technical support requests, or if you need to reply to various inquiries, etc.

Someone would have to write a multitude of templates in the first place, and I also wonder if FLM's variables are sufficiently sophisticated.  Besides, you seem to need something like FLM cross-bred with one of the Corporate Bullshit Generators you can find on the Web.

FLM's Help quotes only one similar program, a commercial one: Blitzdocs:
Blitzdocs is the fastest and most powerful document automation and document assembly software. It helps you quickly design and generate common and specialized documents and forms for a variety of purposes, including agreements, invoices, letters, etc.

Document assembly, at the most basic level, is the creation of new, complete documents from the combination of 1) new, and 2) existing information.

Reusing existing information is more efficient than retyping the information into the computer. Although document assembly may take on many forms, it is this basic concept that makes it so appealing to law firms.

Why do I need it? To save time and money by lowering the overhead of document production and its staffing.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: [free] Paste As File giveaway
« on: October 01, 2016, 04:29 PM »
Of related interest for plain text operations, a freeware by Horst Schaeffer:

ClipTX 0.10 - Clipboard to file

ClipTX appends (plain) text from the clipboard to one of several predefined target files. ClipTX only acts on hotkey or mouse click (no automatic collection). The "Quick save" function (hotkey or click on system tray icon) saves the clipboard text to the default target file.

I used to make current awareness bulletins, partly by clipping press releases etc. from the web into HippoEDIT (HE).  I defined a tool inside HE that would save the file temporarily: run a batch file that ran an AWK scrip to pick out the first non-null line of the file: convert any characters that were illegal as file names to legal ones (e.g. colon to semi-colon): write that to a new temporary file: then use Horst's command-line program ClipText to send the title to the clipboard (ClipText is bi-directional, clipboard to file and file to clipboard, unlike the built-in Windows tool).  That way, when I went to save the file in HE and it presented the standard Windows Open/Save dialog, I could paste in the meaningful title.  As a bonus, if the clip turned out to be unicode and I tried to save it as .TXT, HE would ask if I wanted it saved a unicode or text, and when the answer was text, convert the unicode on the fly.

General Software Discussion / Re: window killer
« on: September 28, 2016, 04:37 PM »
If you mean anything like I think you mean, I suggest you search the forum for "PTFB", and similar software.  Many threads mention it, e.g this one: Recommended replacement for Push The Friggin Button (PTFB)?

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