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  • July 20, 2018, 02:09 AM
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Over the next few days we are working on assigning all the Gen3 moves to Gen 1+2 Pokémon, which means as soon as we have done that we can get started on rolling out Generation 3 into the game!

We are working hard to add more and more features into the game, and have recently added slots (where you can win coins to buy extra TMs, pokemon, and more!), and a global market (so no matter which server you are on, you can buy/sell pokemon from your server, no matter who is selling it!).

On top of that we have been running some big giveaways and such for in-game items, and also just introduced our brand-new reward system which gifts you in-game items for simply chatting in our #General channel on Discord!

Take a look guys and let me know what you think!


I have begun the latest project, hope to have some finished photos in a week or so.

I'd love to see how close it ends up looking to the 3D version I did for you :D


Alpha went offline roughly a week or so after I made the original post, and since then the developer has claimed to have been "working on beta".  The attention seems to have turned to milking the 3k people in his server for as many donations as possible, with 0 proof the beta version even exists (8-9 months after the previous build went offline.)

Interesting. So I take it this one is different from PokeWorld?

Very.  This one actually works :')

PokeWorld turned into a "donate to me...even though the bot is never online...and even though I refuse to show any proof that there is even any code for the update I claim to be working on [since October 2017]).

PokéQuest is 100% online, works, and I can confirm it's hugely fun.

(Thanks for reminding me to update the PW post).

DC Gamer Club / PokéQuest - A Pokémon Adventure On Discord.
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:51 PM »
Update: I am now part of the Development team for PokéQuest :)

I'm going to shamelessly advertise a Discord Bot that is very close to me right now! :P

PokéQuest closely follows the original Pokémon games, but on Discord.  At the moment there are ~250 Poké's available (Gen 1 + Gen 2) with more to follow (the bot is still quite new so generations are coming out in order)'s also very graphical! (Not just pure text based!)

In terms of the features available, there are quite a few, some of which I have listed below:

• Searching
• Fishing
• Catching
• Exploring (New feature which allows you to get bonus items)
• Trading
• PvP (Multiple modes)
• Shops
• Gambling
• Gyms
• Trainers
• Much More!

Check out some of the screenshots below!

Screenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_19_45.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_20_08.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_20_23.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_21_05.png
Screenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_21_27.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_21_44.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_22_02.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_23_29.png
Screenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_24_43.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_26_06.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_26_32.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_26_40.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_26_47.png
Screenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_27_09.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_27_17.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_27_48.pngScreenshot - 30_06_2018 , 19_28_02.png

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this bot - it's constantly being updated, bugs are always fixed, the community is fantastic and it's a very fun time-waster! (albeit very frustrating when you can't beat a gym  ;D!!!)

Check it out on the official server:
Invite it to your own private server:



;D  Gotta love GDPR eh.
-Stephen66515 (May 24, 2018, 05:30 PM)

No.  Not at all.  :down:

As a law, it's pretty decent - applying it to a business....pain in the ass :P

 ;D  Gotta love GDPR eh.

That was the approach I was thinking also Deo. 

Idle offtopic wish: That the at-sign did actually signal you in some way on this forum...  it would definitely be a help to bring people into a conversation or signal the person.

Bug mouser about it - the feature exists for SMF and I've tried to get him to add it (to no avail) haha - Perhaps if more people annoy him, he will do it :D

Wait.. Stephen is making sense? When did that start?

That and he doesn't even own a phone?  :P

Well, technically I own's just in bits in a static-proof bag in the wardrobe cause I broke the screen, took it to bits...and never repaired it haha

Wait.. Stephen is making sense? When did that start?

oi!  ;D ;D ;D

Firstly I don't believe for a second that Facebook is "listening to random conversations and somehow turning them into ads".

That being said, your client has likely had those adverts shown to them before, and not really paid any attention to them...but now they are talking about the subject they have become more consciously aware of the subject matter and as such pay more attention to that advert being shown.  I've noticed it myself (and I don't even own a phone) where the mrs and I will be chatting about something random whilst on a walk (neither of us having phones) and then think we have become psychic once we get home and there are adverts on TV for a film we said we have not seen in years, or an advert online for a product we didn't think existed but chatted about. 

Our minds are highly susceptible to taking background information in (the brain is very spongy) but it's not very good at keeping that information in a place where we can make conscious links.

Given the amount of online advertising that people see every day, there is a strong argument that it is pure coincidence - that perhaps the advert has been served before unobserved and is only now noticeable because of an unrelated discussion.
Quote from:

Or...perhaps I'm wrong and the whole world is bugged and listening/recording/serving based on voice-prints :P

My mutt and other creatures! kids

I know you're a supporting member...but people with 1 posts, posting a random link = doesn't look good.

Can you embed the images on the forum? :)
-Stephen66515 (April 29, 2018, 03:30 PM)

In my opinion, if someone is supporting, I wouldn't even say anything, unless going on proves it to be wrong.  They paid money at some point to support the site.  Surely that counts for something...

He also joined back in 2013 and only made his first post today - account could quite easily have been hijacked or...well anything really (also it only takes 1cent to become a supporting member).

At any rate, it was only a friendly suggestion which was met can see above haha

Interesting. It seems I never got it the first time around.

Either that or I deleted it and forgot about it. But that would be out of the ordinary for me; I usually archive those kinds of emails.

Same - I got the one from earlier today, but no other earlier in the month.

hi Hammerhead,
we get a lot of spam here (probably like most forums). People like Stephen (Stephen66515) give of their spare time to delete said spam and keep the forum clean.
I saw your link (on the previous page) and decided to *not* follow it. Maybe you've been lucky online, but I've experienced a few viruses simply from visiting a site.

So whether you post the images here or not, is your choice, but I think it would be nice to be nice to the people that keep this forum up and running.
Sorry. Don't want to be rude. First time I've on any forum in years. Now I remember why, so many self appointed "experts". No need to reply, I won't be back. As for getting a virus just by visiting a web site you must be utterly clueless how to protect yourself.

Not entirely sure how we are coming across as "self appointed experts" when simply asking you to post the pictures directly onto the forum, rather than expecting the world to trust a random link by a random person (something, by the way, every ACTUAL expert in the field would strongly advise against).

Also, by starting out your sentence with "Don't want to be rude", then continuing with what came across as a very rude statement...Quite the contradiction.

I know Hammerhead said they won't be back, but the website is (at the moment) completely safe and it's a great picture - hint: check out the background.
[ Invalid Attachment ]

I did see this myself (I checked via an API I use which snapshots websites without you needing to actually visit them), but the original point of "random people with zero trust ratings cannot be trusted" still stands :P

Also...That guy was VERY rude.

Anyhow:  Let's all get back to the topic at hand...


My mutt and other creatures! kids

I know you're a supporting member...but people with 1 posts, posting a random link = doesn't look good.

Can you embed the images on the forum? :)
-Stephen66515 (April 29, 2018, 03:30 PM)
You need to get another hobby!


My mutt and other creatures! kids

I know you're a supporting member...but people with 1 posts, posting a random link = doesn't look good.

Can you embed the images on the forum? :)

Living Room / Re: Wrist watch voice recorder
« on: April 28, 2018, 08:21 PM »
OK is there any suggestion for my Original Post please?
I am struggling to find a satisfying solution.

I think this particular thread got stuck on the 'creepy' tag -- it's kind of hard to move on from there.

EDIT// I would suggest you look elsewhere for help with this one.


Living Room / Re: grab urls
« on: April 25, 2018, 02:17 PM »
Like Stephen, I can't post a checksum of a file that gets immediately removed by Defender.

Defender Definitions v1.267.267.0 (so below Deo for both, but mines showing no updates available on either - I wonder if those are regional or something.).
-Stephen66515 (April 24, 2018, 07:39 PM)

I was on that version of the definitions when I started making the post but decided to check for updates just in case a newer version would result in the file not being flagged. The file was still flagged on the newer version. So I put down the newer version as what I was currently running.

Yep, also just updated to the latest and it still flags.

Actually, it's can't manage stuff.
-cranioscopical (April 24, 2018, 10:22 PM)

Hey! That's my nickname!

Living Room / Re: grab urls
« on: April 25, 2018, 10:16 AM »
Are you guys all positive you're downloading the same file?  How about posting some checksums?

I'm not overly willing to allow the file to stay on my system (IE Force Chrome to allow it through even with the warnings).

However, I can run the route that I get the file from:

2. Click "Windows"
3. Get redirected around the internet for awhile:

4. Prompted to download the file from Mega
Install JDownloader .rar
243 KB

I am then met with this:



Just wanted to join in?  ;D

**Edit:** I have no idea wtf happened with that quote
-Stephen66515 (April 24, 2018, 03:47 PM)

I post another post, you can't quote right... pfsh.  :P :tellme: ;D

I clicked quote on your other post and it comes up with "Home" in the text...I have no clue why O_O  It works now clue what happened haha

Living Room / Re: grab urls
« on: April 24, 2018, 07:39 PM »
I'm on Windows 10 version 1709 (Build: 16299.371) Defender Definitions v1.267.267.0 (so below Deo for both, but mines showing no updates available on either - I wonder if those are regional or something.).

Just redownloaded and Chrome (or Windows Defender...I don't actually know which is murdering it...I just know that Chrome says "Virus" but the more info button opens caught it again.

Official Announcements / Re: DonationCoder 2018 Fundraiser
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:25 PM »
I shall presume it doesn't contribute to your thermometer goal, but thank you for setting up the Patreon.
-mediaguycouk (April 24, 2018, 08:32 AM)

There is a patreon for DC?  What's the URL?

« on: April 24, 2018, 03:53 PM »
Forward Why Would Anyone Learn This Stuff?
Amazing! You're actually reading this. That puts you into one of three categories: a student who is being forced to read this stuff for a class someone who picked up this book by accident (probably because you have yet to be indoctrinated by the world at large) or one of the few who actually have an interest in learning assembly language.

Egads. What kind of book begins this way? What kind of author would begin the book with a forward like this one? Well the truth is I considered putting this stuff into the first chapter since most people never bother reading the forward. A discussion of what's right and what's wrong with assembly language is very important and sticking it into a chapter might encourage someone to read it. However I quickly found that university students can skip Chapter One as easily as they can skip a forward so this stuff wound up in a forward after all.

So why would anyone learn this stuff anyway? Well there are several reasons which come to mind:
Your major requires a course in assembly language; i.e. you're here against your will.
A programmer where you work quit. Most of the source code left behind was written in assembly language and you were elected to maintain it.
Your boss has the audacity to insist that you write your code in assembly against your strongest wishes.
Your programs run just a little too slow or are a little too large and you think assembly language might help you get your project under control.
You want to understand how computers actually work.
You're interested in learning how to write efficient code.
You want to try something new.
Well whatever the reason you're here welcome aboard. Let's take a look at the subject you're about to study.


Assembly language has a pretty bad reputation. The common impression about assembly language programmers today is that they are all hackers or misguided individuals who need enlightenment. Here are the reasons people give for not using assembly:
Assembly is hard to learn.
Assembly is hard to read and understand.
Assembly is hard to debug.
Assembly is hard to maintain.
Assembly is hard to write.
Assembly language programming is time consuming.
Improved compiler technology has eliminated the need for assembly language.
Today machines are so fast that we no longer need to use assembly.
If you need more speed you should use a better algorithm rather than switch to assembly language.
Machines have so much memory today saving space using assembly is not important.
Assembly language is not portable.

Potato Sauce:


Just wanted to join in?  ;D

**Edit:** I have no idea wtf happened with that quote

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