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A rant on programming language syntax and verbosity: Why Ruby is not for me

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When looking at the new programming languages, sometimes i feel like i'm alone in the wilderness in advocating for verbosity and the value of longer and clearer code.

I've never understood the desire to find shorter and shorter ways of expressing code.  In fact one of the things i always try to hammer home when helping people learn to be better coders is that it's better to write 10 lines of understandable code than 2 lines of perfect concise incomprehensible hacks.  But perl seems to have mainstreamed this obfucation-contest flavored coding style, and now here comes Ruby..

Read about the section of the Ruby manual that is a deal breaker for me..

Extremely well done 3rd person stealth flash game: Stealth Hunter

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 04_07_AM , Jul 13 2006_thumb.png
wow this one is really well done and cool.  highly recommended, especially for people who want a nice combination of casual play and fun stealth puzzle solving, plus some nice violent neck snapping action  8)


Amazing driving flying watersurfing remote controlled toy

the video of this thing is amazing, and it's in stores now?  this has to be the gift to get your kids.

mycaps Screenshot - 002 , 04_29_PM , Jul 12 2006_thumb.png

Click to watch the video and read more..

Microsoft Virtual PC is now free!!

blog clipart
“Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is available immediately for free download. In addition, Virtual PC 2007, which supports Microsoft Windows Vista, will be available for free in 2007”


this is a big deal - everyone should have a virtual machine program installed.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Paul Graham's Essays - "What Business Can Learn from Open Source" and more

blog clipart
From "What Business Can Learn from Open Source" (http://www.paulgraha....com/opensource.html)
The third big lesson we can learn from open source and blogging is that ideas can bubble up from the bottom, instead of flowing down from the top. Open source and blogging both work bottom-up: people make what they want, and the best stuff prevails.

Does this sound familiar? It's the principle of a market economy. Ironically, though open source and blogs are done for free, those worlds resemble market economies, while most companies, for all their talk about the value of free markets, are run internally like communist states.

There are two forces that together steer design: ideas about what to do next, and the enforcement of quality. In the channel era, both flowed down from the top. For example, newspaper editors assigned stories to reporters, then edited what they wrote.

Open source and blogging show us things don't have to work that way. Ideas and even the enforcement of quality can flow bottom-up. And in both cases the results are not merely acceptable, but better. For example, open source software is more reliable precisely because it's open source; anyone can find mistakes.

Paul Graham wrote a book called "Hackers and Painters" (http://www.paulgraham.com/hackpaint.html)
he publishes interesting essays online that might be worth a read.

Tools for double-click phobia: Bump-n-Run

blog clipart
'Bump-n-Run' puts a thin line, 1 pixel wide down the top left edge of the screen. You dont have to be very accurate with this
- Simply 'bump' a icon into the top left edge of the screen and away she goes.
- drag a file in windows explorer, bump left edge and the file will execute.
and a bonus
- bump mouse agaist left edge, and a button menu of last eight 'Bump-n-Run' is shown,in history order, allowing quick 1 click access.

Bump-n-Run v1b.ahk

Forum reader DanD asked this question on our forum recently:

My attempts to double-click on an icon don't always work -- my hand may move too much, or the clicks are too far apart, or I actually only clicked once after all. But I never have problems dragging an icon and dropping it.  It would be nice to have an "Open" or "Run" icon on my desktop so that I can open documents or run applications just by dragging their icons and dropping them on the "Open" or "Run" icon.

This post shows how fun donationcoder can be - three different solutions to the problem were implemented using small ahk scripts, including one by skrommel that did exactly what Dan asked for, and then this one by db which works a little differently..

See other solutions in the full thread here...

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