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Each of these small programs was coded in response to a user request on the Coding Snacks Section of our forum. These are all freeware programs, but unlike our other programs, they typically do not come with an installer or help file. All rights for these programs are retained by their original authors.

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Timestamp Clamper - for hammering file/folder timestamps into a reasonable range

DC member apankrat writes:

Hi fellas,

Long time, no post. I thought I'd show a little weekend hack of mine -

This is a tool for when you need to replicate files from A to B, but some files have timestamps so far in the past or in the future that they aren't supported by the B's file system. Think, for example, copying from NTFS to FAT and looking at a file that somehow got created in the early 17th century.

No, don't look at me. It turns out to be a common issue with the photographer kind as older cameras did weird things with timestamps. Like leaving them at all zeroes, which translated to whatever the earliest date/time supported by the storage file system was. So there's lots of photos around dating back to Jan 01, 1970 and some such.

In any case:

  • Uses parallel file system scanner, so it's rather fast.
  • Simple UI with in-place error feedback.
  • Drop-down list with predefined ranges for common file systems.
  • Preview / live mode.
  • Copy-pastable log, with full error reporting and summary stats.

Read more and download..

PixCalc - a handy pixel-to-inches/centimeters calculator

Hello, all!

Here's a little program that would have been better for the NANY.
I made it for myself, but I like to share (for free), so here it is!

It is a handy dandy calculator for converting pixels to inches or centimeters and vice-versa. You set the dpi, height, width of your image and it will give you immediate results and automatically copy them to your clipboard. You can also drag-n-drop images onto PixCalc and it will read the dimensions and dpi for you.

It comes with a chm help file.

Download link

I'd like to know what you think!

WildGem Freeware

DC meber Twinbee writes:

I originally posted an idea for a new "find and replace" program here. A couple of people liked the idea, so I developed it into a real application.

It takes the good bits from Regex, but makes the syntax simpler in a few ways. The program is great for people who don't want to get into Regex, but who find the usual find/replace feature in many text editors too limiting. More information on its advantages can be found in the link below, or in that thread from earlier.

For those who missed it, or who want a faster, non-glitchy, updated version of that beta edition, download the latest version 1.1 here: (requires .NET 4)

Here's some screenshots:



Release: Arti (Aspect Ratio Tool for Images)

TitleArti (Aspect Ratio Tool for Images)
Description Small application that lists aspect ratios for images. Exact ratios are listed in addition to a nearest match ratio based on a configurable preset list.
Supported OSWindows 7.  Probably works, but not tested, on Windows XP/Vista/8/10

There really isn't much more to be said than the description above.  This app was written on request from a photographer and its main focus is to quickly view the aspect ratio of images loaded into its interface.  There are columns for exact ratio (determined by straight math) and nearest preset match which can help to see the nearest aspect ratio for files that aren't pixel perfect.  The software comes preloaded with a large list of aspect ratios but this is entirely configurable.  Of course, the more aspect ratios, the more accurate the nearest preset match is going to be.

  • Load images via the menu, toolbar, or simply by dragging and dropping files or folders.
  • Standard listview interface (column widths and order are saved)
  • Export to CSV function
  • Always on top button

Download the zip file and extract its contents into a new folder.  Run Arti.exe to start the application.  Add some images and behold.   :P

(Pre) Release: sChecklist

DescriptionA simple checklist app focused on ad-hoc lists.
Supported OSWindows XP/Vista/7.  Probably works, but not tested, on Windows 8
Website:None yet
ScreenshotScreenshot 2014-06-07 00.12.18.png

Like most of my apps, I wrote this because I couldn't find a simple checklist app that suited my needs.  What I'm talking about is off-the-cuff, ad hoc types of lists.  The ones that, in the course of your (work) day, you find yourself wanting a quick way to set up a checklist, especially one that can be easily used over and over.  Just rows of text entries and a checkbox for each.  No B.S., no time tracking, and no crazy wizzbang features.  In other words, this app is not a time tracker nor is it meant as a full-blown project tracker.  There are plenty of extremely well done apps that already do this.  Task Coach, MyLifeOrganized, & ToDoList are but three that I'd recommend.

Again, rows of text entries and a checkbox for each -- that's what this app strives to provide.

Click to read more and download..

New Skwire Release: sStockQuote

DC Member and prodigious coder Skwire has released a new tool:

DescriptionA simple stock quote application with CSV export.
Supported OSWindows XP or later
PAD filepad.xml


Paste As File

Paste As File has been updated to v2.1.0.0

I have changed the UI to allow easier editing of the file name without having to also type the extension.

It now also supports pasting as RTF (rich text format) files. This will allow you to copy formatted text from applications such as Microsoft Word and paste as a RTF file and keep the text formatting intact. There are some applications that may not keep the formatting when pasting to a RTF file. You will just have to test your application to see.

More info and download on my site:

There is also a write up on Instant Fundas about Paste As File!

Another write up on  :Thmbsup:

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Skwire Empire Release: Comic Book Archive Creator

TitleComic Book Archive Creator
DescriptionAn application for quickly creating Comic Book Archive files for use in such readers as Comic Rack or CDisplay.  Features:

  • Input formats: pdf, jpg, png, gif, tif, & bmp
  • Output formats: cbz, cb7, cbt, & cbr

Due to the WinRAR license, I am not allowed to distribute the rar.exe necessary for .cbr support. Therefore, if you want .cbr support, you must provide your own rar.exe file.  Thanks to lanux128 for the idea.
Supported OSWindows XP or later
DownloadPortable zip
PAD filepad.xml

Click here to read more and download..


DC Member Skwire continues to his path to world domination with another application release!

DescriptionSimple checkbook or bank account register.  I wrote this as a simple way for my daughters to keep track of their money.  As such, there are no fancy features like reporting, etc., nor will there be.  The application, however, does offer export to CSV and HTML formats.  I feel there are plenty of other full-featured account tracking applications out there and I don't want to reinvent the wheel.
Supported OSWindows XP or later
DownloadPortable zip
PAD filepad.xml

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Coding Snack: Scissors - separate .txt file at any specified punctuation mark

blog clipart
A user requests:

"I need to be able to separate text at any specified punctuation mark onto it's own line and then insert a blank line between it and the next separation.  If this can be done simply (I only use a computer, I have no idea of how they do what they do).  I assume this can be done via something like the find & replace box."

Read more and download the coding snack written by dc member timns..

DONE: App that keeps track of money you find

blog clipart
Original request from the Coding Snacks forum:

Very often I am finding money; usually coins or small bills that have been lost or dropped.  Am wanting an app that would keep track of this over time, break-down amounts by currency found and type (coins, bills, some of both) (example: 13 nickels, two $1 bills) and total dollar amount found (examples: today $2.25, 2009 $31.47) and could compare or graph this information.  Would also like an option to enter the location of where it was found, have the app keep track of recurring locations (mall parking lot, city park, etc...) and list or graph totals over time by location.  Was thinking this would almost be a great smart-phone app, but whatever platform would be cool!  Thanks!

DC member kyrathaba has written an app to satisfy this request.  Click here for download links and to read more about it.

Coding Snack: sWavPlayer - Wave file player without any gui

blog clipart
DC member highend01 requests:

I'm desperately looking for a simple .wav player that doesn't have any gui at all.

It should have the following features:
- Can be invoked via a e.g. dos prompt (e.g. wavplayer.exe <file> [option])
option = /exit (quit the player after playing the file)
- Works under x86 _and_ x64 systems (WinXP - Win7)
- Portable, configuration files should not be needed

I've used microwav before I switched to Win 7 x64 which worked fine under any x86 environment but fails under x64.

Click here to read more and download sWavPlayer, a program written to satisfy the request

DONE: HashReplace - Replace all files with identical contents

blog clipart
What it does:
Replace all files in a folder with identical filename AND SHA1 hash as original.file with new.file.

Use Cases
Say I have updated the contents of a php file that is used multiple times throughout my project, and now I want all other copies of that file to be updated as well.
In most cases the following code would work:
Code: Text [Select]
  1. replace some_file.php c:\projects\example_project
However if the file is readme.txt or config.php for example, then you'd have overwritten many wrong copies. Using HashReplace only files with the same name and same contents will be overwritten with the new contents.

Source, Executable and Test files

Overlap Wallpaper

blog clipart
I promised to make an App as a thank you to DC members, so here it is.

Description (of the application) :

Displays a photo on the desktop wallpaper in overlap manner, so that one can have the photo of loved ones on different wallpaper images on desktop. The overlapped photo can be sized, and positioned on desktop as required; and also can be made semi transparent.

Benefits (of using it) :

I like to have my family photo on my desktop (who don't). Now sometime I come across a good nature image as desktop wallpaper (I like nature, abstract etc.). To have my loved ones photo over the nature's wallpaper, I open up image editor, adjust the two images, save and set as wallpaper, done. In another few months, I find a breath taking image of water fall and want it as my wallpaper. Open image editor, and ... done. When I need to change the family photo with the latest naughty one of my son, I look for the image editor, and ... done.

Well as a developer, somewhere inside me I was not feeling good. I wanted the benefit of both worlds and in automated manner.

Googling gave me many freeware wallpaper changers and some with collage facility. All these does the job but not as I required. I wanted the wallpaper to change the main background image but keep my family photo overlapped on it.

I made one, which does as required. It shows the given image overlapped on the existing desktop wallpaper. Further one can use a wallpaper changer and have the loved ones photo always overlapped on different wallpaper images.

My colleagues, who wanted the same but could not use image editor properly, love it. We all have our religious photo (looks like we all turn religious as the pay day nears), overlapped on different wallpapers on all our desktop now.


( in case the above link does not show fully)

Hope you will find this software useful.


Click here to discuss..

SFV Ninja

Name SFV Ninja (Simple File Verification application)
Short Description SFV (Simple File Verification) application.  I wrote this several years ago for my own use but cleaned up the code for a public release.
  • Two verifcation modes.  The first will verify all files in the list like any typical SFV application.  The second mode will only verify any newly added files.  This second mode allows you to "update" an existing SFV file without having to verify all of the files.
  • Recursively scan a folder for SFV files and load them all at once.
  • Uses relative paths whenever possible when generating SFV files.
Supported OSes Unicode version (WinXP and up), ANSI version (Win2k and below)
Web Page Website
Download Link Download
Author Jody Holmes - Skwire Empire

Coding Snack: Regex Sorter

RegEx Text Sorter can sort a list of text lines using criteria specified in a Regular Expression.

Click here to read more and download now..

Excel2Html: Excel to HTML Commandline Tool

blog clipart

A command-line tool to convert Excel data into html like the Mail Merge feature of Word. Created as a resolution to this until now unfinished Coding Snack, during the March 2011 fundraiser event.

Convert Excel data into 1 big html table (singlefile mode) or each row into a single html file, or multifile mode where the names of the file can either be based on row number of column data (multiple columns can be used), and each column can be output anywhere the html based template allows.

Click here to read more and download now..

Fundraiser Day 3 - Part 2 - New Software Release: sWeather

To celebrate the fundraiser, DC member skwire has released a new application: sWeather.

But before I describe sWeather, I need to say a little bit more about Skwire.  Over the last year he has released an absolutely astounding number of brand new freeware programs over the last year - almost all in response to requests from everyday people who have stopped by and posted on the Coding Snacks Request board.  He's almost threatening to break the record for releases by DC member Skrommel.  It's great fun to watch Skwire create new tools based on user requests.

Ok back to the new app, sWeather.  It's a tray-based weather tool.  There are a few of these kinds of tools around, some good, some bad.  sWeather is nice because it looks great while being pretty minimalist, and does all of the important things well.  There are tray icons for weather condition and temperature, and it's easy to switch quickly between locations and perform update checks. Overall a very sweet tool.


Important Note: During the fundraiser we ask people to make new donations into the site.  And these donations help cover site hosting costs and other expenses.  But we also have a system we created (called DonationCredits) in order to let people direct their donations to specific members on the site who they would like to show support to.  The best thing you could do with your donation is actually to send your donation credits out to specific people on the site like Skwire, whose work you want to support - as a way of letting them know that their work is appreciated.  So don't just donate, spread the love a little by sending your donation out to people on the site like skwire.  Actually skwire has his own direct paypal donation button on his website, and that would also be a great way to let him know he is appreciated.

Software Utility: Stoic Joker's (File & Folder) Fix When

Application Name Stoic Joker's (File & Folder) Fix When
Short Description Utility for modifying File or Folder Dates & Attributes
Supported OSes Windows NT4/2000/XP/2k3/Vista/2k8/7
Author Stoic Joker

One of the in-House (work) projects required me to modify the file dates of several hundred files on a semi-regular basis while a new system was being implemented. Obviously this had to be automated....

All of the then available utilities for this were in the $50 range, so I decided to take a stab at writing my own utility (because I'm cheap and had free time back then).

This actually started as a code sample which was posted as an example of how to programmatically change file dates. Being that that was exactly what I was looking for, I used it as a starting point, dressed up the GUI, added a few features, and re-factored the existing code to increase the applications speed (x20) dramatically.

Change Created, Modified, and Last accessed dates on a File or Folder.
Change the Read Only, Hidden, or System Attribute on a File or Folder.
Change the above on All Filed & Folders in a given Target Folder.
Bypass (Read Only or System) Attributes to effect changes as necessary.
Will also Display if target File of Folder is (NTFS) Compressed or Encrypted.

Click here to read more and download..

Release: On Screen Button That Sends Keyboard Commands: WinButtons 1.0.0

Application WinButtons
Description Display a window with large buttons to allow applications to be started, commands sent to applications, submenu's to be shown, useful for a touch-screen equipped computer

Display a set of large buttons, with descriptive captions, that can open a sub-menu, start an application, send keystrokes to another application (using WinSendKeys), or whatever can be done using a windows command-line. The window can have enabled/disabled a border, close button, taskbar button, different colors and sizes per button, display a bitmap or icon instead of a text-caption, hide itself (and optionally a preceding chain of WinButtons instances) during execution of a command, wait for completion of the command, or exit after starting a command.

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Time Calculator that accepts a column paste of mm:ss

I'm looking for an easy way to total the track times of albums listed on

The track times are on the right using mm:ss format as in 7:55
but I don't see a way to column select with chromium.

The only time calculator that comes close is the old AddTime.
But it only accepts either '.' or ',' as the separator.  So I have to block select in Chromium, paste into an editor that does right justify paragraph, line up the numbers by padding with zeros manually, column select and copy to clipboard, then AddTime will allow pasting.

Ideally something would read the clipboard, get the times from the end of each line, do the math, and pop up a total.  The display of the total can be a simple MsgBox. I don't care about being able to copy and paste the result.  One total time is no hassle to type.  But if a nicer display is more pleasing to the author that's fine with me.

Click here to read more about and download the utilities written by forum members to solve this request..

Date/Time and Battery Status Bar

First things first, English is not my native language so I apologize if I'm not very clear.

When using a notebook, I usually don't hide the taskbar for three main reasons: quick launch, clock, and battery notification. I like my app launcher (in this case Quick Launch) to be always visible, so that to launch a program I only need two actions: locate the program's icon and click the icon. Setting to auto hide means more actions: show the launcher, locate the icon, and then click the icon. I also need the clock to be always visible as a quick reminder for lunch break or other small things that just don't worth having a dedicated reminder program for them. The battery notification is to remind me when I need to plug/unplug the adaptor.

But I also have a netbook, and with netbooks, screen estate is very limited, so I choose to auto hide the taskbar. I'm OK with trading quick launch for screen height, but I still need the clock and battery notification to be always visible. So, what I'd like to have is a small bar that stays on top of the screen, about 12 pixels or so in height, just to show the current date, time, and battery status. The bar should also resize the screen work area so that it doesn't cover the titlebar of a maximized window. I attached a simple mock up to show what I mean.

Additionally, it is also nice if the battery status info changes color, let's say red when in critical battery level and green when the battery is fully charged. I also prefer 24-hour format.

Similar programs are StatBar and Rainlendar I believe, but they are too complex for what I need.

Click here to read about and download the coding snacks written for this request..

Coding Snack: Hotkey copy filename then append it to a URL in clipboard for pasting

blog clipart
A DC member asks:

"First off, I'd be very grateful to anyone who may do this. I've tried to read up some about how to do this using AHK but don't know where to begin.

What it would do: You select a file and press a hotkey (left winkey & C would be nice) it then copies the filename eg: image.jpg to clipboard and prefixes a set url to it.
End result would hopefully be hxxp:// that you could use the normal ctrl+v to paste into an IM window.
It would be very nice for those who have a little web server off a home computer and send links to friends/family very often. It saves quite a bit of time in the long run. In the past year I've taken over 3,800 screenshots and linked every single one of them by typing out the full url and file name by hand.
Preferably in .ahk rather than .exe so the url can be easily edited."

Click here to see the code solution

Finished Coding Snack: Organize Text

blog clipart
A dc member asks:

"I don't know if it is easy to do what I want or there is a tool already available... well, I have a text file with a list of sentences (each sentence seperated with a newline)

what I want is to group/organize the sentences, by cutting them and pasting them to specific text files (other that the one with the sentences list)

so I want to automatically select a sentence, cut it, and paste it in the appropriate text file by clicking a shortcut key
then select the next one, cut and paste it in the appropriate text file, etc

to choose the appropriate target text file, where I want each sentence to go, I must click the relevant shorcut key

that would be very handy for this kind of job, any suggestion?"

Click here to read about and download the coding snacks written for this request..

Coding Snack: Jungledisk Cost Calculator

JungleCalc (source/binary included): Download

New in this version:
  • Rates are configurable and saved between sessions.
  • Last entered calc values are saved between sessions as well.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Coding Snack: Shortcut Creator

blog clipart
I would like to select with a click a folder, file, program ; and applying a key combination over that selection automatically create a shortkey (direct access to that folder, file, program)  in another folder or place. Usually in the windows desktop.

Better is the key combination invokes a selection table with my shortcuts definible favorite folders.

I am trying to go faster that the usual way :

over the file , click right button - send to - windows desktop (shortcut)

Best Regards

Click here to read more and download..

Coding Snack: FFBookmarkUnpacker

blog clipart


Intended for use on a ramdisk that clears on each boot. For non-ramdisk use, avoid duplicates by deleting the old unpack root folder before running.

This is an easy way to have FF3 bookmarks show up in FARR and Everything.

Edit: a limitation: the script only unpacks one level of bookmark folders. It doesn't unpack recursively.

Click here to read more and download now..

Coding Snack: ALT key down visual indicator (for when alt key is stuck)

blog clipart
i'm fighting my logitech mouse which likes annoying me by locking the ALT key down (i have alt + tab assigned to a mouse button and i suspect it doesn't release the alt key sometimes).

it would be helpful if i had some kind of warning, probably a tray icon, that indicated that the ALT key was held down (i could provide the icon for this, i'm thinking that a flashing red dot would be easy to identify).

i'm sure this is an autohotkey type problem so i appreciate that i could spend a few hours/days trying to figure it out - but i'm hoping one of you autohotkey masters will help out.


Click here to grab the AHK utility written by DC member ewemoa to accomplish this..

SelectAll: Using the Control and A Keys to Select All Text

blog clipart

I find that Control+A doesn't necessarily select all text in various contexts and typically notice this after typing Control+A.

Not finding anything that seemed to help, I put together a little utility tentatively named "SelectAll" in an attempt to improve the situation a bit.  I have been using it for a bit now and have found that it has turned out to be useful in my particular situation so after some discussion with mouser, decided to post it.  (Please let me know if you know of something similar or better.)

Click here to read more and download now..

Boot Snooze: Faster boots combining hibernate and restart

A DC Member wrote about an interesting idea for a utility, which was promptly coded by resident DC coding snack phenom Skwire, and dubbed "Boot Snooze":

Many users use the hibernate feature instead of shutting down so they can start the computer faster next time, there a downside for this though: the computer will hardly ever get restarted, so it can't perform the usual startup checks and other stuff that keeps the OS healthy.

If others took the other rote and decided to shutdown the computer completely, the next start will be slower than a hibernate of course, but at least the OS will have a chance to reload, free memory..etc

So why not have both? When a user wants to shutdown his computer, the little program will kicks in: performing a restart instead, which will then be accompanied with a hibernate after the computer completely boots so the next boot will be 5 seconds away!

Click here to read more and download now..

DSToolBox for the command line inclined user

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DC member ChalkTrauma says:

This is just a collection of command line apps that I developed over the years that lanux128 gave me the idea to release. This is the first bunch I have cleaned up and documented, I expect to keep adding to this collection as time permits. Right now I have 11 in the pack. I've done my best to test them, but I'm sure there are bugs here and there.  Hopefully someone will find them useful.  I don't know how much time I'll have to work on them so I probably won't have many cycles for feature requests unless it is something trivial, but I'll always fix bugs. You can find them here:

share and enjoy  :Thmbsup:

Coding Snack: CovArt Ops - Scan music collection for missing covers/artwork

A dc member requests:

"Topic says it all. I know it is somewhat possible with iTunes by going coverflow happy and looking for the grays, but I hate that program.

Ideally, I'd want a big list, sorted by album title. An album could be determined by the directory, as I use one directory per album. Please please PLEASE do not make different artists turn it into different albums, since that's what's making most programs I found throw up with 15 similar covers for different artists - directory criterium alone is all I need. It should look for the cover in a cover.jpg, folder.jpg, front.jpg as well as tags in the files if files doesn't work. Albums that end up without any cover art should light up red in the list. It would also be nice if it was possible to see how the program found the cover (from a file (filename), from tags, etc) and whether it is consistent. A way to get the directory the album is in (Copy to clipboard) would also be awesome.

Reason I'm looking for this is that I lost a crapload of my album art when iTunes messed up my computer, and I'm not letting it back on lest it destroy stuff again.. but I do want to go through my 500+ albums to restore covers where they might be missing.

P.S.: Used the Dina font for years, always been a lurker without account till now. Great website! ^^"

Click here to read about the program written by DC member skwire, CovArt Ops..

Automated mp3 rip from video clip

A DC member requested a tool with a super simple interface that can create an mp3 file from a video file.

Member Skwire comes through again with this new tool "Video 2 mp3":

1) Drag & drop a video file onto this executable file.
2) An MP3 file will be created in the same directory as the executable.
3) It will use the same name as the dropped video file except with an mp3 extension.

I tested it with an AVI, MPG, and FLV file.  Obviously, the larger the file, the longer it will take to extract and produce the MP3.

Click here to read more and download..

Coding Snack: Warning that I'm on Battery power

A DC member asks:

I was doing a presentation on Sat, and I guess my power cord wasn't plugged in all the way, so I was on battery power. Died halfway thru the presentation in front of 1000 people, and went in hiberation. Bad!!

I use the laptop for audio so they don't see the screen.

I want a small flashing box on my screen every time I'm on battery power so this never happens again.
Anyone seen such a tiny program?

Click here to read more and download the coding snack written by a dc member..

Coding Snack: My text file manipulation needs

blog clipart
A DC member asks:

I am a writer and not a programmer, but am in search of easy to use tools to tackle simple tasks.
They are almost always associated with text files & a tagged CSV English - German dictionary.
For the tasks I have I would like to try and use AutoHotKey. I seem to have no luck with programming languages.
The task I am trying to perform is:
1. Open a simple text file of sentences.
2. Open a CSV dictionary file
3. Read words in turn from the text file, find them each in the dictionary and
4. Copy the Parts-of-Speech for each from dictionary
5. Write the tags in brackets following each word in the text file.
Is it possible to do this uising AutoHotKey?
Has anyne tried it or done it?
Can he or she help me?
Or has one of the donation-coders a better way?
I'd be very grateful.
Thanks and regards, forkinpm.

Click here to read more and download the utility written by dc member Skwire..

CodingSnack: Left-mouse-click triggers a PrtScr press in the background

blog clipart
A DC member requests:

Basically, I am currently using Screenshot Captor and I defined the PrtScr button to capture the active window each time I press it.  What I hope to do is to eliminate the need to press the PrtScr button by leveraging the left-button click on mouse to trigger it.  The left-mouse button click must still function as normal but now with an added function of simulating a press of the PrtScr button.  Is there such a program available that can help me do this?  Or can someone create a script to do this?  Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Click here to read more and download the utility created..

Coding Snack: Toggle mouse acceleration with a simple program

My annoyance is fairly straightforward, as well as (I would hope) its solution:
I want to toggle this with a hotkey:


I bought a touchpad for my desktop to combat RSI. It's... ok, I guess. See, the driver that it comes with doesn't actually recognize the touchpad, which means that Windows sees it as a mouse. This isn't a huge problem; it works fine. Though without the driver, it lacks some customizable options, I can live with it. My mouse remains plugged in, since I will be swapping between the two devices based on the tasks I am doing.

The problem is that I now have two devices that run on the same control panel settings, and physically are two devices with different kinds of sensitivity.

The touchpad actually causes more strain without the "Enhance pointer precision," option enabled, since moving the pointer requires repeated 'scrubbing' with the fingers. With the feature enabled, I can move the pointer much more easily while retaining control.

However, this setting is far too sensitive for my mouse, which flies all over the screen like an out of control fighter plane.

To switch devices, I have to launch the Mouse applet, toggle the "Enhance pointer precision" setting manually, then resume using my input device. Without a helpful shortcut, I have to do this many times a day.

PROBLEM: Two pointing devices on one system, one that needs mouse acceleration, the other doesn't. Need an easy way to toggle the "Enhance pointer precision" setting to aid in switching between the two devices.

SOLUTION: A small program that launches, toggles the "Enhance pointer precision" setting from the Mouse control panel applet, and then closes itself. (If the setting is active, it deactivates it. If it's inactive, it activates it.)

Since this is an issue I've found with laptops I've used as well, this could be useful beyond my specific use case. I've often had to resort to touchpad on the go, and later dock, to find that my mouse is flying uncontrollably until I toggle this setting off.

Since I already use a decent hotkey manager, I don't need this to be a running program. Ideally, it would just execute, toggle the setting, and close. I can call upon the program when I need it.

BONUS: The ability to store actual mouse settings as profiles, and toggle in between them with user-configurable hotkeys. This is far beyond my own needs, of course, but this might be a more interesting challenge for some.

Thanks for your time, o programmers of tiny things.

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Coding Snack: Split .txts into smaller ones when there is a space line

Give this a shot (source/binary included):

Title: TBFader
Programmer: CPilot 
Requester: m_s
Download Version: 1.00.01 (2/28/06)
View Readme: here.

Render the TaskBar transparent and show it on mouseover.

Requirements: For Windows XP Only.
Title: Dkmy
Programmer: Ethan 
Requester: mouser
Download Version: 1.00.00 (2/06/06)

Hide or show the close box of a window to avoid accidental closure

New In This Version: C++ source code included(!).
Title: Maomi
Programmer: Ethan 
Requester: noth(a)
Download Version: 1.00.02 (1/31/06) (updated 2/6/06)

Start screensaver or different programs when mouse is moved to certain areas on the desktop.

New In This Version: C++ source code included(!).
Title: RRunner
Programmer: philKC 
Requester: jovejupiter
Download Version: 1.00.01 (11/28/05)
Requires: .net2 runtimes
runs a specified program once randomly within some time interval.
Title: Drive Name
Programmer: philKC 
Requester: babybox
Download Version: 1.00.01 (11/28/05)
Requires: .net2 runtimes
give names to your drive letters (useful for telling at a glance what a drive is for).
Title: jazper's Suntime
Programmer: jazper 
Requester: LuckMan212
Website: jazper's software for the masses page
calculates sunrise/sunset/civil twilight/etc times given a latitude and longitude.
Title: jazper's ShoutcastConcierge
Programmer: jazper 
Requester: brotherS
Website: jazper's software for the masses page
keep track of shoutcast streams and much more.
Title: jazper's QuickMacro
Programmer: jazper 
Requester: vbmark
Website: jazper's software for the masses page

hit a hotkey to start recording; hit another to replay it whenever you want (see also Skrommel's DoOver utility).


Title: DFC: Dummy File Creator
Programmer: seedling 
Requester: Sentinel
Download Version: 1.00.01 (09/27/05)

Create dummy file of aribtrary size with specific byte value.

Title: DoubleClickQuote
Programmer: mouser 
Requester: pretendmouser
Forum Link: visit/visit
Download Version: 1.00.13b (07/28/05)

Double click this tray icon to show a random quote (comes with 16000 quotes from, but you can easily make your own quotes files).

This program has now been superceded by a full application called PopUp Wisdom
Title: DropCount
Programmer: jibz 
Requester: fhoyos
Download Version: 1.05 (05/23/05)

Tiny app that you can drag and drop folders onto to get a report of file count, folder count, total size, presence of hidden/readonly subdirs, and max path size (useful for cd burning).

New In This Version: commandline arg support, smoother performance/progress display, realtive+absolute path stats.
Title: DYDLO (Dad You Didnt Log Off)
Programmer: mouser 
Requester: mtp
Download Version: 1.01.03 (05/06/05)

DYDLO (Dad You Didnt Log Off) shows a small window on top of your screen when you are connected via dial-up, showing time online. Useful to remind people to disconnect from their modem to avoid high phone bills.

Title: Kansas
Programmer: Edvard 
Requester: dtrud0h
Download Version: 1.00.00 (06/30/05)

When experimenting with alternative shells one often needs to get back to Explorer quickly and easily without having to edit the registry and reboot. Kansas is an AutoIt3 script (and a compiled executable for those who don't have or want AutoIt) which changes the shell back to Explorer and logs off (which is much faster), without any user interface. It's called "Kansas" after Dorothy's home from "The Wizard of Oz". Like Explorer, Kansas was dull and grey, but it was Home, and that's where she wanted to go.

Title: Random Submitter
Programmer: mouser 
Requester: scott
Download Version: 1.00.06 (05/21/05)

Periodically (or on request) submits user-defined urls to the internet, with optional random components.

Title: ROFUS (Run On Fast User Switch)
Programmer: db90h 
Requester: JeffK
Download Version: 1.00.00 (05/01/05)

Windows provides the ability to start specific program on initial login, but not when switching between already logged-in users. This tool can be useful for example to change the sound volume or screen resolution to suit particular users, each time they switch.

Title: TemporalityScreens
Programmer: mouser  and jibz 
Requester: nudone
Download Version: 1.00.02 (06/08/05)

Wallpaper manager that allows you to schedule specific images for specific date and time ranges (i.e. specific hours of the day, or days of the year, etc.)

New In This Version: No longer uses Active Desktop; uses open source ImageMagick to convert formats (user can customize effects and other commandline image processing).
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