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Find and Run Robot is ideal
If you're a Firefox fan, you must love the way of searching for text in this fastest browser: just type some characters, then Firefox highlights the words which include the characters you've just typed. If you want to launch an application the same way by tying some characters of that application's name, Find and Run Robot is ideal for you.
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Phone and Tablet Apps for Android devices.
  • link thumbnailWhenlast (for Android devices)
    WhenLast is a simple app that helps you keep track of the last time you performed some activity (like changed the batteries on your smoke detectors).
  • link thumbnailScoreTracker (for Android devices)
    ScoreTracker lets you create a list of "items" (events or players), and then easily tap to increase/decrease the counter for that item. It can be used to keep track of scores for a board game, or easily count events over a longer period of time.
  • link thumbnailMemoList (for Android devices)
    MemoList is Straightforward text memo app, designed to show lots of items in listview style, organized by optional tags.
  • link thumbnailFeast Day Fast Day (for Android devices)
    Feast Day / Fast Day is a minimalist dieting application. It is well suited as an aid to scheduling "cheat days" for low-carb and similar diets. It should run nicely on any screen size.
  • link thumbnailFeast Decreaser (for Android devices)
    Feast Decreaser is a bare bones minimalist dieting application. It allows you to set target weights, below which you will be allowed to trigger a Feast mode where you can eat whatever you want, and above which you trigger a restrictive eating mode.
  • link thumbnailPBOL (for Android devices)
    PBOL (Progress Bars of Life) let's you create groups of progress bars that track the time remaining for events in various ways. Show bars for time remaining in current hour, day, week, month, year, until holidays or birthdays or deadlines.
  • link thumbnailCheckList (for Android devices)
    CheckList let's you create checklists, organized into sections. Supports multiple widgets, custom ordering, synchronization across devices via dropbox.
  • link thumbnailHotRod Panel (for Android devices)
    You can use this app to create mock-up (imaginary) control panels for imaginary devices (for example, you can create a pretend control panel for your car with controls for Afterburner engagement).

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