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Desktop Coral can shield an area of your desktop
If you want want a program that displays information right into your desktop to be always visible then Desktop Coral is worth a look. Basically the program will shield an area of your desktop from maximized applications making the shielded area always visible.
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ScoreTracker is an Android app that lets you create a list of "items" (events or players), and then easily tap to increase/decrease the counter for that item. It can be used to keep track of scores for a board game, or easily count events over a longer period of time.


  • You can create tabbed pages of items to help you track multiple groups over time
  • In addition to the quick +/- 1 buttons, tapping on a score brings up a calculator so you can easily do more complex adjustments to a score.
  • Organize groups of items by tag/tab/category
  • Multi-device sync via dropbox
  • Completely free of ads, purchases, bundled software, etc. It collects no personal or anonymous information and sends no information to our servers. It does what it says it does and nothing more (the file and network permissions required are only for import/export/sync functions).

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