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Become a Supporting Member

There are many benefits to becoming a donating member, including a permanent non-expiring license key for all of our programs, early access to beta releases and new reviews, discounts on popular shareware, and much more.

Still Have Questions?

You know the drill -- the first order of business is to search our site or forum for answers to your questions.

But don't hesitate to contact us directly with questions. We don't have secretaries - you'll get a reply right away from the same people who designed the website and coded the software here. Or post your questions on our public forum for a community response.

Live Chat

If you prefer, you can join our text chat channel on irc and speak to other DC members and administrators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

FAQ - Forum Help and Tips

This page lists some common questions and answers regarding our forum.

I registered at the forum but I never received my 'validation email' so I can't log in!

Take a deep breath - this is more common than you'd think.

With all the spam inundating the internet these days, it's actually quite common for the emails from our server and forum to be mistakenly marked as spam when it arrives at your email program for the first time.

When you register at our forum, you are sent a "validation" email message containing a special URL (web page) link for you to visit. By visiting that URL the forum knows that you have received the email and that the email address you configured really does belong to you.

If you don't receive a validation email right after you sign up, check the spam/junk mail folders in your email program - see if you can find it there. This is the most common solution.

If you don't see the validation email in your spam folder - do you use a special spam service that has an online page where you have to go to check for messages marked as spam? Check there and make sure that you tell your spam blocker to allow email from our server/domain (donationcoder.com) in the future!

If you still can't find your validation email after an hour or so, don't give up! Just Contact Us and we'll activate the account for you.

I'm signed into the forum but the web pages say I'm not a supporting member even though I already donated!

It's a common issue.

Please see our answer on our Donating and Joining the Site.

I forgot my forum login name or password!

No worries.

If you forget your login name or password on the forum, you can have the forum resend them to you at your signup email address. Just visit the forum and click the "Forgot Your Password?" link.

If you've forgotten your login name and password AND your signup email address (or your signup email address is no longer valid), then Contact Us and give us enough information so we know you are the owner of the account and we can reset it for you.

How do I delete my forum/site account and unsubscribe from the newsletter?

We can help.

If you simply want to unsubscribe from our mailing list, you can go to your forum profile page entitled "Notifications and Email" and uncheck the box labeled "Receive our newsletter, forum announcements and important notifications by email."

However, if you wish to have your forum account completely deleted and wiped from all records, please Contact Us and let us know that you'd like to have your account deleted.

If I sign up at your forum or for your newsletter will I get junk mail from you? Will you sell my email address to spammers?

No spam. Period.

We require users to sign up at our forum in order to download free License Keys for our programs. We use your forum signup date to determine when to give you a permanent non-expiring license.

By going through the process of signing up we also hope you will see that we have worked very hard to make our site useful and worth your support, and that we can nudge you out of the tendency of all of us to just grab stuff marked free and not ever seriously consider making an optional donation.

We are absolutely committed to being good internet citizens. We will never share or sell your email or other info to others, and we will not spam you with junk mail.

We do send out a newsletter twice a month summarizing the best new posts on our forum and any special events on the site. Most people love our newsletters (read past newsletters here) but If for some reason you don't wish to receive this you can easily opt out of it during signup or at any time.

How can I format my forum posts nicely using bbcode? How do I insert images into my forum posts?

Most of what you need to make your posts look nice is available through buttons on the post form.

You can find a complete reference to the bbcode formatting syntax supported by our simplemachines.com (smf) forum here.

To insert images, notice that on the Post form (not quick reply form), you will see at the bottom a place where you can Attach files. Browse to the image files on your computer you wish to attach inside your message (or just paste the full paths in the attachment field).

By default your images will show as thumbnails at the bottom of your post.

To insert the images in specific locations inside your forum post, simply add the following text where you want an image to be inserted, to place the image full size: [attach]

Or if you want a click-to-enlarge thumbnail: [attachthumb]

If you have multiple images and you want to reorder them you can specify the image # by doing: [attach=1]

For more help on adding images to your posts, see here.

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