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  • November 17, 2018, 07:29 PM
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Author Topic: MSN Search Spoof  (Read 2636 times)


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MSN Search Spoof
« on: May 14, 2006, 12:46 AM »
Found this on Phil Holden's blog and it's worth a minute. It's a Search Spoof from MSN. Key in your name and traits and whoa, it's pretty darn accurate!
Here's what it said about me:

Zaine Ridling: LOST: All Ten Toes.
Last glimpsed beyond gut Thanksgiving morning, four years ago. Left the house wearing white athletic socks and sneakers without orthotics. May be traveling with the waistband of a pair of jeans also last seen the same day. Small reward offered. Contact Zaine Ridling at... Cached page
The Eighth Annual "Zaine Ridling Marathon" - Walking up Two Flights of Stairs!
This year's effort a complete success! Hundreds of wheezing, limping, out-of-shape guys and gals came together in unity at the Eighth Annual Ridling Marathon Monday. The two flights of stairs intimidated a few of them, but most chose to battle the steps... Cached page
Ridling's Company Gives him coveted "Best Impersonation of an Employee" Award
..."Zaine Ridling is more than just a slacker -- he has so perfectly impersonated a productive employee that it's a complete surprise to find out that he has done absolutely no work in the last 77 weeks... Cached page
"I Hate My Job" Tips Forum Zaine Ridling writes: The Fake Spreadsheet Screensaver changed my life.
At home I have friends, family, and TV. But at work? Let's face it: work time is web time. And now I can surf without fear of discovery! This is THE killer app for people who would cheer if their jobsites were wiped out in a freak meteor strike. It INSTANTLY covers up my news, sports, entertainment or auction sites with a fake Excel spreadsheet. Check out the website - they give a 20% discount if you order from work! Cached page
Dictionary adds Zaine Ridling's picture under definition of "late"
"Ridling represents the epitome of lateness," said publisher representative Tilda McPhee. "We're also adding Zaine Ridling to our thesaurus -- late, tardy, Zaine Ridling, slow, behind, delayed..." Cached page
Zaine Ridling shows up one year late for surprise party; guests don't yell "surprise" because they "forgot what he looked like"
Guests subsisted on nachos, bean dip, and cake frosting while waiting for Zaine's appearance. "I missed my son’s graduation," one guest complained. Cached page
Trash-slide traps notorious slob Ridling in own bedroom
Working around the clock with shop-vacs and a flame-thrower, Search and Rescue teams have finally managed to free Zaine Ridling from the wreckage of his own life. What they found in the process was disturbing, even to the most hard-bitten officers. "It was a garbage dump in there! No wonder Ridling couldn't get out," said police officer Harry Smithe, speaking amidst Ridling's pizza boxes, burger wrappers, and half-eaten.... Cached page
Tornado touches down, leaves Zaine Ridling's home cleaner than before
...pretty amazing!" Mr. Ridling told reporters. "The roof needs repairs, but otherwise the place looks better than ever!" Neighbors' reactions ranged from surprise to delight. "Look at Zaine's front yard!" said letter carrier Roland Amado. "No dead cat, no mannequins, no Buick -- it's like a miracle!"


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Re: MSN Search Spoof
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2006, 12:48 AM »
hahahahahaha  ;D


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Re: MSN Search Spoof
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2006, 03:22 AM »
Nice Stuff! And you can even send the results link through mail to anyone else!  ;D ;D