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  • January 18, 2019, 12:31 AM
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Author Topic: DC Computer Defense Resource  (Read 1745 times)


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DC Computer Defense Resource
« on: January 31, 2008, 12:02 AM »
In reading the various threads on computer security I  noticed they were loaded with useful information.  Unfortunately, as time passes the information will be lost to other threads as new discussions push the present ones down and eventually out of sight and out of mind.

Although, I have focsed on Computer Defense, this framework or something else like it could be extended to a lot of different things.  The whole idea is not to lose the treasures to replacement and obscurity.

In another thread about computer security Target said ..."There is no silver bullet."  He is correct.  As I have been reading the threads I have noticed that what is one's "panacea" ends up being an other's "bane."

This got me to thinking that maybe the bulls-eye is not defined correctly.  There have been numerous attempts to isolate the "Best {Fill in the blank} Security" software for any particular purpose, but this focuses on Computer Defense specifically.  The sad news is that these threads/topics, although loaded with valuable insights and advice are/were not/never coalesced into a usable reference tool.


As mentioned before, the security solutions for some work and for others it is a parasite.  Maybe the community could best be served by preserving something of a resource and let everyone do due diligence and make their own decisions from an organized record that we could build.  "Threads" could be the "Categories" and the "Posts" could be a concise record in some standard format (see below) like the "Reviews" format  that would include a particular member's experience, like a description, performance, caveats, general comments/recommendations/warnings.

The plethora of solutions could be formatted to provide a usable and evolving tool for DC and others.  Since adding a "record" would be voluntary no one would be "forced" to participate and each member could submit as many "Posts" as they have softwares as it creates another reference record that would be valuable to others. 

This "tool" would be completely "grass-roots" developed and produced no "Tech Staff" time or resources would be necessary, except that if we did it well enough, Mouser just might make the threads "stickys" and set the first post as a "read only" template to be copied and filled in by each member. 

It would be a good idea to refrain from conversation or quote to keep the thread tidy.  Instead of a "Mini-Review," think of the individual "Posts" as "Micro-Reviews." ( FYI - This would in no way replace the "Mini-Reviews" members graciously provide for our benefit.)   


As I see it, regardless of the O/S there are some basic threat categories.

-=o=-  Inbound Network threats - malware/hacker that attacks the computer from an external source.
-=o=-  Onboard Threats - Installs of softtware from downloads/CDs/DVDs/USBs/etc.
-=o=-  InternalResident Threats - Trojans, virii, etc.
-=o=-  Outbound Threats - "Phone home"-type spyware, etc.
-=o=-  Interface Threats - Think "phishing" scams.

Others are far more versed in these subjects than I and could add/modify, but these are what I perceived to be top-level divisions.


Here is a suggested candidate for the "Form."

Title of Software:

Original installed version, if known:

Upgraded to version:

Description of what it is supposed to do:



Recommendations and Warnings:

General Comments:

System Description:

{Fill in the Blank}:

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Re: DC Computer Defense Resource
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2008, 01:48 AM »
It's always nice to see a volunteer for some community work.  ;D
I agree it would be helpful and assume you mean to start by cutting and pasting from all the previous threads you have examined.

Also needs the more general comments which are basically about the cost of running these progs (resource wise) against the benefits they confer.