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  • July 23, 2018, 07:04 AM
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The two color samples you're showing remind me of furniture in old people's homes - so dark and brooding

I think it needs to be stained, but a more natural yellow would be an option, if I had such a dye available.

Could you just stain it for protection rather than decoration/coloring?  Like using Minwax or Defy or any of the other clear protective coats?

Have you tried the options that are out there?  Is there anything you want that's not there?

I'm thinking about (which I'm using) or any of the others mentioned by (which is where I first looked, but found that directory monitor was on chocolatey) at https://www.raymond....les-folders-changes/

So you tried using the DLL in Delphi and calling functions and it unloaded correctly?  Where you dynamically loading the DLL or did you statically link it?

I just have to learn to love the fumes -- it's too big to move outside and too humid outside to open the windows.  So it's just me and the fumes.

I solder a lot and purchased a fume extractor.  It wasn't very much, and I do notice a change in the quality of the air while soldering.

Not sure how that would work for you, but if not, a respirator might be worth the investment.

Or at the very least, a pollution mask

Left undisturbed, operational HDDs don't usually "suddenly fail", they tend to progressively fail in incremental fashion, all the meanwhile logging their gradual deterioration in their on-board SMART data accumulators. Analysis of HDD failure can be quite enlightening and can enable the user to predict HDD failure, when they avail themselves of SMART monitoring to detect when it is time to migrate from a failing drive, rather than risk blindly waiting till forced to recover from an already-failed drive.
That's not the experience I've had as a consumer.

In some cases, I've seen "reallocated sector count" or some similar stat go up before an eventual full breakdown - but mostly, it's been "worked fine yesterday, now I can't get my data". And I've had disks with reallocater sectors that kept trucking along for years without flaw, and just ended up being too small.

SMART is a mess. The values are opaque, and you can't really compare them between brands. There's no guarantee you'll get reported errors before a failure, and reported errors are no guarante of a failure. And, moving from spinning magnetic platters to solid state drives, failures tend to be "oops, logic board died, all data is lost".

Totally agreed with all of the above.  I've had hard drives fail with varying symptoms or no symptoms, running diagnostic software that said that there were no flaws on the drive until it actually failed- then all of a sudden the scan was showing a lot of errors right as it failed using HDD Sentinel.

I remember I had a contract where they were using Delphi.  It was back when MS was first getting into .NET, and it was a major contract for a major contracting firm that wanted to use it on more contracts because of how well we'd done before with it (KPMG/BearingPoint).  I think it was going through the Borland -> Inprise at that point, and they paid no attention to that contract.  MS was always calling, and they decided to move some of the stuff to .NET.  Microsoft sent a team down there to train us (VB.NET even though we advised C#.NET) and work with us to get the contract done.  Borland was too occupied with Microsoft to see that the client base and developer base was where they should have been concentrating... not Microsoft.  After that I made a living going around converting systems from Delphi -> .NET.  A lot of very large companies were wed to Delphi- UPS, AEGON, quite a few banking and insurance interests.  Too few programmers left that were interested in Delphi left the field wide open for me, and I also garnered a lot of experience in the meantime.  Borland could have also prospered in the OSS arena- their few strides were met with relative acceptance as an alternative to MS.  But they left that one hanging too.

Self-inflicted death by a thousand paper cuts was what brought them down.

Why is that bad news?  You either get a new license for a new year, or upgrade from what I'm reading your statement.
Because it makes the offering unusable? :)

It might be "the same as it was before", but that status quo is "at the mercy of Embarcadero". I wonder if they, deep down, really just want Delphi to die... there's a lot of legacy stuff written in it, but with terms like this, I can't see much reason to choose the platform. Sure, Object Pascal isn't a bad language, but there's so many other (and better, IMHO) platforms around.

From my experience, it can be really powerful, especially using inline assembler to optimize code- a feature that I've not seen so easily used in many IDEs.  I have nostalgia for it- from my first real development opportunity being in Delphi 1 (I did some c, c++, and vb before it... but this was where I was able to spread my wings) to really getting going in contracting and meeting many of the minds behind it (and working alongside Xavier Pacheco), and it really reached highs.  Borland's missteps killed it, and Embarcadero doubled down on bad decisions.  A lot of the legacy of Delphi is in Visual Studio, so it had a chance.  They just didn't grab it.  I don't think that anything Embarcadero could do would put it on top again, but it just gives me good vibes that it's still around. 

This is so interesting to watch!  Thanks for keeping us updated!

AFAIK all free editions however Name is/was (Turbo, Personal, Educational, Starter, Community etc) are 1 Year Licenses with easy ability to subscribe another free Year. That belongs in most cases just Software Update not the Product (CE in this case). I will ask that @Embarcadero and tell you answer.

Bad News, developing is bound to license, so that version is really just valid for one year, the IDE shows soon enough a pop-up reminder to either update another free year or upgrade (buy) License.

Why is that bad news?  You either get a new license for a new year, or upgrade from what I'm reading your statement.  Is that not the case?  If so, it's the same as it was before.  Which was the reason that at least I stopped using Delphi.  It was fine when I was buying licenses because I was using money from contracts.  But not going to do it if it's not making me money.

Site/Forum Features / Re: Discussion of ignore feature
« on: July 19, 2018, 06:37 AM »
Re: Use of the "commercial at" symbol "@" as a prefixed Tag: You are not "making a mistake". For the purposes of improved communication, it is taught as being quite useful (depending on one's objectives in making the communication). This is typically useful within the context of circumstances where the classic communications model applies.

I only let him know as it doesn't do anything on this forum mechanically. Many have started to make use of it recently as some software alerts the named user of their mention.  As currently set up, DC does not.

Site/Forum Features / Re: Discussion of ignore feature
« on: July 19, 2018, 06:34 AM »
Could some moderator maybe split this topic from post #12 down?

Done.  I didn't have the power when asked.

I can't help but think that you are in some way related to the product you recommend and it may be the best thing since sliced bread, but with a bit of study you can really do a lot(!) within Jira itself.

Yes, you caught me  :P 

I am trying to promote ZenTao internationally. Back in China, we have a lot of users who make good use of our open source version. So why not bring it to the overseas markets and see whether they like it.
Thank you.  We require those that are affiliated with software to clearly state that and the affiliatiin clearly or remove the post in question. Could you please edit the first post to show clearly that you are affiliated with the comlany, and to state what that affiliation is?

Up to some days ago the only free thing from Delphi was "Starter Edition" what is very crippled and beginners cant really learn since no sources are shipped with that edition.
Delphi CE is similar to Tokyo Professionial, here and there some license limitiations but product is full. (ie: you can develop for Win32/Win64/OSX/Linux/Android/iPhone)

Yes, I know.  That was the reason that I stopped even using Delphi at all. The Turbo versions were the community editiins, and were discontinued when Embarcadero bought it from Borland/Inprise.

License term lasts for one year (although once you have created a product you can still distribute it). Also your max income is limited to $5000, I would have to reread the license to see the parameters on that. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to play with it but I would need a specific task I want to accomplish, and allocated time to work on it, before I even download it.

That's almost verbatim the license terms for the Turbo versions.

So they figured out they should start this back up again, eh?

General Software Discussion / Re: More Ads in Windows 10
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:37 PM »
I'm seriously considering moving to Linux if they don't stop this crap, but there's a lot of stuff I'd miss from Windows

Same.  And your entire post is what I've been saying for a while. A good OS hampered by idiotic decisions.

On another point (I might make another thread) Android has started taking pages from MS. :(

The stack trace is from the exception and shows all of the stack frames that results in the execution path to the line in the code.

Article on MSDN about exception handlong in VB


you should also be able to break in the debugger to get the same

using breakpoints on MSDN


Living Room / Re: Movies you've seen lately
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:09 AM »
I actually like him as an actor.  IMO he was the best Combination of Batman/Bruce Wayne, probably because of the fact that he was older than in other instances.  That one interaction with Will Smith in the Suicide Squad was one of the best scenes in the movie.  He was also good in the Accountant, the Town, Gone Girl, and Argo.

All of these are great solutions.  I still maintain that the problem hasn't been defined properly, so they could be for naught.  :(

Ath had the right questions in the initial reply.  :-\

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Mind Collected on BDJ 2018-07-13
« on: July 14, 2018, 11:14 AM »
Deal available again today, 14-July-2018.  I've figured out my problem with this program (and many like it)... it's single computer-centric, i.e. you have this collection, and it's only available on the one computer.  A couple of reviews on the BDJ page also have me giving a pass.

Worthless. I have multiple licenses for this software (I'm was very hopeful) and have sent numerous emails to the developer - who responds with boilerplate but never actually offers any help. File sizes quickly get enormous (a little over 1,000 thumbnails has created a Mind Collected file currently at 1,021,831KBs in size that either won't load or crashes immediately upon attempting a tag search). My need is simply to tag thumbnails, and search the tags, so I can quickly find them. I don't use any of the advanced features of this app so this shouldn't be hard (I think). I wouldn't mind (well, I could live with it) the massive file sizes the program creates if the program would then simply open and allow searches but it's painfully slow to open (4 mins, 30 seconds, with a fast i7 cpu, fast SSD & 16GBs of DRAM) - if it opens at all (it usually doesn't) and attempting a search is entirely futile (I last attempted to use it a month ago and it crashed 20 times on search in a row - I counted - this is when it opened at all). It might be the most aggravating piece of non-Microsoft software I've ever used. I'm still hoping an update happens one day (I really need what it should be able to do) but, currently, all my great investment in time and effort (basically at simply cataloging thumbnails) has been totally wasted. My advice is wait-for-an-update. Maybe it'll fix the mess that is this app?

I've had similar problems with WinCatalog (which often appears here on bits): VERY big db size, for the thumbnails, and NO virtual "cabinets"/folders, ie no gathering of files which originally are spread over different physical (NTFS or whatever) folders.

Then, I'm wondering about the silence of the developer, facing the above comments, interaction with a single developer being one of the bigger/biggest benefits of one-man* development ventures.

* = (deceased and) wonderful Karen Kenworthy being the sole (and tremendous) exception to that male-only rule in development, to my knowledge, up to now.

Also, I wonder where from to get visuals for originally-just-text elements in case, even just for my personal use: would it not be too much fuss, at the end of the day? (Since this tool is marketed as some idea-gathering tool, text-only ideas will be frequent after all?!)

So, yes, I'm in a line with other commenters here, wondering about the potential of such software, but not seeing it attained yet.

... and the following with the developers reply.

I purchased and used this software in the past (2015) at version 1.00. The issue I have is, it is only at version 1.00.37 in over three years. For all practical intents, it is dead software more than active or alive.
Just go into knowing you are buying software that apparently sees no time put into it by the developer to keep moving it forward.

Hello, thank you for your comment. It is true that we haven't release a new version. Partly that's because we focus on our flagship product Swift To-Do List, but Mind Collected is definitely not a dead software. We are prepared to update it if it's necessary. Overall this has been a very stable release.

If it's not a priority for the developer, then as a user, I'm not going to make it a priorty for me.

General Software Discussion / Re: More Ads in Windows 10
« on: July 13, 2018, 03:37 PM »
Oh... I got the one about authenticator.  It just appears in the sidebar though, so I just ignore it.  I love that I can send all the prior bubbles and notifications to the sidebar and just ignore them...

Found Deals and Discounts / Mind Collected on BDJ 2018-07-13
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:09 AM »
Mind Collected on BDJ today 2018-07-13


Some people just work more efficiently when they operate on a visual basis. But databases just don’t seem to want to cater to the visually-minded – until now! Today’s discount software promotion is a powerful way to organize ideas and things visually, and it’s called Mind Collected.

Mind Collected lets you visually catalog ideas and things using photos, names, tags, notes, and interconnectivity. With Mind Collected, you’ll be able to automatically search and fetch images from the Internet that match what’s in your database, or use your own custom photos. Just input the things and concepts you want to catalog, make the connections to other things, and let your brain take over the rest!

The secret is this – by visually cataloging these things, you make them psychoactive, making your brain think about them more often without any additional effort. The result is a massive improvement in behavior that causes you to react more accordingly – recalling things better, making better food choices, the list is endless!


Has anyone used this?  It looks like an interesting concept.  Normally $49.99 - $19.98 today.

Well, he wants to throw in a %match, so that wouldn't do it. 

There's also the matter of what kinds of numbers are in the lists.  And whether he wants individual matches, i.e. if you have 95 in one list and 100 and 105 in the other, would it be able to be 2 pairs?  Or only match the first one?  And if one is matches in the second list, is it gone for matches?

The spec for this is pretty non-specific.  :-\

General Software Discussion / Re: More Ads in Windows 10
« on: July 12, 2018, 07:39 PM »
I already got entrenched, so strangely enough, I don't see any ads  ;D

O365 was a better option than the other syncing options out there.  1TB per account and O365 to boot.

General Software Discussion / Re: More Ads in Windows 10
« on: July 12, 2018, 05:37 PM »
Do you even use OneDrive?

Living Room / Re: Privacy (collected references)
« on: July 08, 2018, 09:32 AM »
What a VPN can do for digital privacy: One of the best tools that users can deploy to improve their privacy online is arguably by using a VPN. The post provides a good overview of what a VPN is, its benefits and how it can be used in conjunction with the GDPR legislation to protect your privacy. There are recommendations for the "best" VPNs for GDPR.

Always remember, a VPN is only as good as your VPN provider.  If they roll over and play dead, or are a "false flag" provider, you might as well not be using VPN at all.

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