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just small remark: there is a view point what almost no one make donations for software, even if software is a usefull in everyday work...

DC is a great place where it possible at least to discuss/post about software.
But really, as the author, I do not see a sense to publish my soft as Freeware.
Free for a year with nagscreen after the period - is OK.
Free at all - no no - no sense... Just promotion - great - but what is then?
Just make people happy with new (may be usefull) software - sounds good.
Made first version not so good, what people after year will take a look to next shareware version -
for me this is a cheating.

I lean toward the NANY version being Free / Donationwar
but in the next year will be next NANY.
Other point -> as I think my software is mature enough and has a rather big functionality,
I spend several years for this - to get idea how the application should look like...
I do not want to release it as freeware.

other idea -> one application can only once take part in NANY,
so next time the application will not be new.

I mean:
"After 1 year the program still works, but will display dialog with proposition to buy before startup for 30 secs (or more)"

as a developer, my proposition is 1 year free license, which I'll share with community...
for me it really look like freeware, but I frankly state, what the program is shareware with use time limit.
As I know sometimes developers use freeware as advertising and next convert to shareware - so not a big difference here.
so I frankly state, what others think about...

free license for a year with upgrading pricing after that. -> That is my proposition, so
it is intresting to know what other developers think about...

moreover, about my software, currently I want to get good feedback, but I do not sure what I can provide stable version to the time...
so currently I just want to start discussion with DC community to know a view point about the idea...

Hi! One question about this year NANY and about my software.
I want to public new release of my StopKa to NANY event, but I do not want release it as a freeware...
What do you think about 1 year license for the software?

uh... One more time here: StopKa release of version 1.5_100520 is public.
Topic to discuss with author:

release version 1.5_100520, no comments for now. Ready for comments, answer questions, listen your opinions and suggestions.

new version 1.4 is available, it is possible to search duplicates, ms IFilter support, icons, pictures preview

The bug was fixed.

There is the error with indexing in the end of indexing process. Thank you muntealb. Sorry for this bug. I'll update it ASAP.

Buffer Overrun error... It is seems that you try to index some curious files. pdf or djvu or docs - isn't it?
I should find workaround for it... log file is really necessary to improve utility. Could you please post more information here?

do you know it is possible to use StopKa without indexing? It is possible use direct search - to locate files, folders, or even NTFS streams. Also it is possible use direct search - to search in the files.
Indexing is not obligatory.

I have a StopKa.msi - installation program for StopKa - but I decided use a zip file for public version currently.
Installation program for StopKa - should not produce such problem for Vista and it work correct.
But I still not ready to announce it.

Thank you! Thank you for screenshot - it is very useful! I have one proposition why it happens -
please for vista use a different catalog - not the "Program Files"
I hear Vista has some restrictions here.

I have Vista SP1 32-bit. It works fine. Several people check it for Vista - they told it works excellent.

StopKa Desktop search tool version 1.3 is ready to use - now interface is more simple.
StopKa could be better then analogs above - I'm ready to answer your questions here
search speed is better then analogs, index speed is better too.

hi, muntealb! thank you for feadback.
there are some problems with StopKa site caching - it doesn't provide last version immediately when i upload this - i note it sometimes happens...
when it indexes the disks it consumes too much processor (60-70% of a Core2Duo E8200) and RAM (500 MB from a total of 2GB).
i try to optimize it's speed as it possible - it is still possible to make it better - but as i think now it is the best among others.
currently 500 MB - is normal and i'll think howto decrease it.
you must provide a help file with the program or on the site. Without it the less advanced users will have no idea how to use your software.
i'll make this. If you have other suggestions - please write it.

from your comment i saw StopKa runs without crashes?

I can't stress this enough: the initial setup routine MUST be made more clear. For example: on trying to setup a new index it is not clear from the dialogues whether one is being asked to define the location of the index that will be created or folders to be indexed! After trial and error I realised that it is the latter...

i'll create installer for the program - i was hurry up to announce it. And i'll make some GUI changes - to simplify it.
but, please, is a new index dialog too complex to find where to setup folders for indexing & place where index file should be created?

Once indexing has completed, nothing I search for is found!
please read my upper answer to Dormouse -
firstly check - has your search project index file which was created after indexing
secondly - press Enter in the Find combobox - and then press Find (this is obvious bug - cause i want to combine similar file search here) in standard toolbar.
Also try to use "File filter" panel search.

Dormouse, you describe several problems here - http://www.donationc...x.php?topic=2434.525
ok i'm ready to write some instructions.
Problem 1 - main menu -> Index -> New index parameters - here you can config ALL parameters which you demand
after that - press Start to create index
Problem 2 - i should describe this - StopKa has a search project abstraction - search project includes (main menu -> Project -> Settings)
a) indexes (index files with *.idx extension) - Indexes tab - for index search;
b) folders and files - Folders tab - for direct search;
c) Classes tab for files classification - for example automatic language definition - i'll describe this latter;
so for direct search you should specify at least one folder (in folder tab or directly into toolbar[search project] combobox)
when you create index - it automatically added into search project - check this;
[Standard] toolbar Find combobox - type your search phrase here and press Enter - and then press Find - may be this is not a best start for search but direct search could be a long time operation - so i can't start search if you press enter.
[Standard] toolbar, [Search & Document] panels are for relevance search;
[File filter] panel is for direct file search;
Problem 3 - the same question as for muntealb and Darwin - tell me please which version do you use?

muntealb, Darwin - you both wrote what StopKa was unstable - tell me please did you use latest version - or it was first version from [December 02, 2008]?

J-Mac - i sign with my real name, i register StopKa site with my real name - so your assumptions are just assumptions without background.

I nearest 2 weeks i'll plan to public new version with simplest interface - i'll add simple search panel - like locate32 - cause i saw many users have some problems with interface.

I'm here. I'll propose to discuss all your problems with StopKa - here http://www.donationc...ex.php?topic=15990.0 - it has a complicated interface - i admit this. Of cause no spyware here.
As i think, Darwin, your first experience was with first public version - after that as you can see i public new one - and i admit that it should be stable.

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