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Lifehacker Download of the Day: fSekrit
Much like previously-mentioned LockNote, fSekrit's even better because 1.) it weighs in less than the LockNote file size at a mere 40KB and 2.) it allows you to save it as a different file name for different notes. For example, you could have a passwords.exe and an addressbook.exe file on your thumb drive passworded by fSekrit without having to go through the whole save and rename rigamarole. This one should've originally gone into the Carry your life on thumb drive article.
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Do copy acceleration utilities actually lower file transfer speeds?

Hey guys, long time no talk, but lurking daily.

I'd love to hear your take on this: Samer from freewaregenius concludes that copy acceleration utilities on Windows make things actually worse:


What now? Do copy acceleration software works? From a technical standpoint, can it work?

Excellent report by Samer.

However, I will echo what some of the commenters on the post have said, which is that when I have used suched utilities such as SuperCopier and Terracopy, it's not because I wanted to speed up the absolute transfer time for copying a large number of files, it's because they are much more robust and flexible -- and fail much more gracefully -- wheras default windows copy will completely abort and die midway if a single file copy out of a thousand fails.

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