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How do I offer a discount for my product to members?

Each month we contact a few companies that sell products our members are interested in, and ask if the company would like to offer a substantial discount to our members for a 30-day period.

Unlike other sites, we will not accept any commissions or affiliate sales on your products - we simply require that the discount be at least 30% and last at least 30 days.

In order to maintain a high standard of discounts, we do not accept all discount offers, and try to limit the discounts to only a few top quality programs per month.

We also request that you donate a few copies (typically 5)  for us to give away publicly at the begining of the month in a random software drawing.  It's fun for our members and helps spread the word about the discount.

The discount will be mentioned on our web site and published in our twice-monthly newsletter which gets sent out to over 30,000 people.

If you are interested in offering a discount for our members please Contact Us through the Contact Us form on this page, or email:



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