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FARR plugin: FarrWindowsSearch

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This plugin allows querying the Windows Search index using FARR. The full power of Windows Search's advanced query syntax is supported. And thanks to hamradio Outlook user will get nice icons when searching for their Outlook emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks and notes!

System requirements
Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista and Window Search 3 or newer.


    ws [search term]
to query the Windows Search index.

See Windows Search advanced query syntax for a detailed description of how to narrow and refine your search.

Typing /a at the end of a query will switch to FARR's extended results list mode.

Thanks to Carroll (hamradio on forums) for designing the icons!

pretty damn amazing..
just a note for people who don't understand what this means: Windows Search *indexes* the *contents* of files. so you can now type ws KEYWORDS and get instant live file searching of the CONTENTS of files.

wow  :huh:

Click to read more and download..

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