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  • December 17, 2018, 01:28 AM
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Author Topic: v1.01.20 available to members  (Read 2969 times)


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v1.01.20 available to members
« on: July 04, 2005, 02:42 AM »
it's likely there will be another update in next couple of days, so wait on this if you dont care about testing this version.

download on member download page.

i cannot thank enough the people who sent in detailed bug reports and helped me identify the problems in past releases; makes all the difference in the world, and i really really appreciate your goodwill and patience.

version history:

v1.01.20 - 7/05/05
 · only once instance of the program will run at a time (others will automatically close on launch) 
 · no more separate modes for select vs. scroll, you can now right-click to scroll (drag).   

v1.01.19 - 7/04/05
 · hopefully the mystery bug causing starting dir to sometimes default to c:\ is fixed. 
 · splitter positions now saved [thanks Jorge M.] 
 · restarting after exit from tray caused iconization of application bug [thanks Michael]. 
 · start in tray now works without an initial "flash" 
 · selection boxes were sometimes getting confused and jumping around [thanks Jorge M.]. 
v1.01.18 - 7/03/05
 · fixed bug causing crashes on some machines when taking new screenshot 
 · minimize with close button wasnt freeing all memory [thanks Michael] 
 · fixed bug cutting off zoom % caption 
 · added "Configure external tools" to tools menu   

v1.01.17 - 7/01/05
 · faster screenshot capture, and no longer "flashes" screen during capture (which also kicked fullscreen apps out of focus) 
 · new zoom level trackbar lets you easily zoom to any magnification and see current magnification 
 · quick zoom level buttons for 50%, 100%, 200%   

v1.01.16 - 7/01/05
 · fixed memory leak that was using up more and more memory with each screenshot [thanks to Andreas G. for reporting this bug]   
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