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  • December 12, 2017, 08:26 AM
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Author Topic: Everything Efu Explorer -- helper tool to browse folders in .efu files  (Read 2835 times)


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Everything Efu Explorer
A helper tool to explore/browse folders in .efu files in Everything.
Similar to folder navigation in Windows Explorer.
Useful for browsing indexes of offline drives.

Tested on Everything in Windows 10

Version 160819  --  by nod5  -- written in Autohotkey

Download: everything_efu_explorer.zip

The zip file contains .ahk source and compiled .exe
md5: 79724ec92b858cdc74331808137baf3e  everything_efu_explorer.zip
md5: f51603d02df27a312e1a643c821cf776  everything_efu_explorer.ahk
md5: e2b437160e6042019fb0e63fbeff9552  everything_efu_explorer.exe

1 In Everything, go to Tools > Options > Keyboard
and add "Ctrl+L" for "File | Close File List"
2 In Everything go to View and enable Status Bar

Run everything_efu_explorer (tip: add it to the Windows startup folder)
In Everything type ext:efu to list all your .efu files
Press Enter or Alt+Enter or Alt+Right on a .efu file  = start efu browse mode

In efu browse mode:
Alt+Enter  = exit efu browse mode
Enter or Alt+Right  = navigate into selected folder
Alt+Left or Alt+Up  = navigate to parent folder

Tip: end your .efu file names with _X where X is the indexed drive's label.
Example: save the index of drive G: as "whatever_G.efu"
Then that root folder is browsed to automatically when you enter efu mode.

feature request ware
Note: everything_efu_explorer is "feature request ware". I hope the Everything developer likes it and makes these features native.

Wishlist: I wish Everything had a hotkey to change the window background color, to signal that efu browse mode is started. The Everything.ini file has a normal_background_color variable but to apply a change there we must first shut down Everything, then change the ini, then restart Everything.

Everything is a very fast file and folder search engine - a great program! Everything has a feature called File Lists that saves a list of search results to an .efu file for later access.

When a .efu file is loaded Everything lists all files/folders in the index matching the search string. But sometimes it can be useful to browse an index of a drive folder by folder, like when navigating from folder to subfolder in Explorer. And that is precisely what Everything Efu Explorer enables. This helper tool makes it more convenient to use Everything as a disc/drive cataloger.

Scripts can be used to automatically saving drive indexes to .efu file list files. Here is s simple sample
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. drives = C|D|X  ;drives to index to .efu files
  2. date := SubStr(A_Now,3,6) ;YYMMDD
  3. Loop, Parse, drives,|
  4.  RunWait "C:\Program Files\Everything\Everything.exe" -create-filelist "C:\some folder\%date%_%A_LoopField%.efu" %A_LoopField%:\ -exit

edit 161121: Here is a better and faster helper script to save drive indexes to date stamped .efu files.
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. ;efu_make   by Nod5
  2. ;a helper tool to index drives to Everything .efu files
  4. ;SETUP
  5. ;- install Autohotkey, https://www.autohotkey.com/
  6. ;- install Everything 1.4.1 , https://www.voidtools.com/
  7. ;- download es.exe 1.1 alpha, http://www.voidtools.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5762
  8. ;- save script as efu_make.ahk , compile to efu_make.exe
  9. ;- place es.exe in the same folder as efu_make.exe
  11. ;USAGE
  12. ;run efu_make from the command line with a string of drive letters as parameter
  13. ;example: C:\folder\ef_make.exe CFG
  14. ;example output: C:\folder\YYMMDD_C.efu , ... _F.efu , ... _G.efu
  16. drives = %1%
  17. if !FileExist(A_Scriptdir "\es.exe")
  18. stamp := SubStr(A_now,3,6)  ;YYMMDD
  19. Loop,Parse,drives
  20. {
  21. Tooltip, make new .efu ... %A_LoopField%  , 400, 200
  22. RunWait, "%A_Scriptdir%\es.exe" "%A_LoopField%:\" -efu "%A_ScriptDir%\%stamp%_%A_LoopField%.efu" -p -s ,, Min
  23. }
  24. Tooltip, make new .efu ... done!  , 400, 200
  25. sleep 2000
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This seems like a cool idea but I run it and follow the instructions and literally nothing happens.


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This seems like a cool idea but I run it and follow the instructions and literally nothing happens.
Sorry for my delayed reply Frank. Try running the script as administrator and see if it works then. What version of Windows are you on?
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