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  • Friday November 27, 2020, 11:57 pm
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Okay after rummaging through the sock drawers of the Internet, I can now state that MultiPar ( does exactly what I need it to, including the renaming and moving of files based on a PAR2 file created for the show or game.

It seems like the most sensible thing to do is use an SFV file creator as the first part of the process, and do one per TV Show, or one per game folder. The second step (I can't find a tool that does this) would be to read the SFV file in and rename the files according to the filenames for the detected CRC in the SFV.

I'm thinking more to have this tool save one file that contains the hashes of all the files in the folder and its subfolders, along with the original filenames. This file, let's call it a .TFH (Torrent Filename Hash) file, could then be archived somewhere for later access. When the time comes to have to seed back on that torrent, I load the TFH file into the utility, point it at the folder where the organized and renamed files now live, and the utility makes a copy of the files, organized into their original names and folders, at a location of my choice.

A second use for a tool like this would be to preserve the filenames and structure of ripped Xbox ISOs, recently I had an issue where my FAT32 external drive I use for my XBox 360 had a filesystem error and running CHKDSK on it caused most of the files to renamed into 8.3 DOS format, so long filenames were lost and the games were ruined. If I had a tool like the one I've described, this could've been prevented, because I could just run the tool against the TFH files I would've made earlier and get all the original filenames back and made the damaged games once again playable.

Hi folks, I do a lot of downloading of old TV shows from various torrent sites. My PC running Sonarr renames the files according to my preferred naming scheme and sets them up ready for viewing in Kodi. So far, so good. However sometimes the torrent sites request that I help to seed a show that has no seeders, so I have to manually rename the files to match the original filenames in the torrent, which can be cumbersome if it's a whole series with lots of episodes.

So what I have envisioned is a tool that, when a new show has just been downloaded, can be run to make a CRC-based snapshot of the files and folders in the torrent, which can be saved to file. Then, if I need to seed that show back, I can run the tool again, load up the file, point it at the folder where my renamed episodes are, and it'll create a copy of the folder with the original filenames and any subfolders if there were any present.

If such a tool exists already, I'd love to hear about it. Otherwise, if someone would possibly like to work on building such a tool, I'll help as much as I can.

EDIT: MultiPAR can do this!

This seems like a cool idea but I run it and follow the instructions and literally nothing happens.

Hey, it's been a loooooong time since I was on here, I'm really glad to see DonationCoder is still around!

I often have clients who change their hosting services for web or email, and a lot hinges around knowing when their domain has propagated over to the new IP address. I envision a utility that I can put one or more hostnames in, and flag their resolved IPs as the "old" hosting server, and set an email address to notify when the IP changes (ie. the domain is now pointing to the new host). You could set an interval on which to perform the domain check, eg. every 1, 5, 10, 60 minutes, 6 hours, daily or however would work best.

If such a tool already exists, I've never encountered it before.

This was actually requested several years ago here: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=18682.0

My solution: Zero Zipper

Wow, thanks skwire :D How's your empire? ;)

This would be a very handy utility for sharing full info on collections of files between friends. I could create a ZIP or RAR file which would be a browseable copy of the folder tree, except each of the filenames stored in it would be zero bytes in size, so my friends could immediately see all the files I have and plan what to copy from me the next time come over for a visit.

Anyone keen to help out on this one?

By all means mark it solved :)


All great suggestions, I guess there's not a need for an app to do this after all :)

Thanks a ton.

I'd love to have an app that allows you to auto-mount an .ISO file on doubleclick, copy its contents to a folder, unmount the .ISO and automatically delete it.

Does anyone else think this type of utility might come in handy?

Thanks in advance guys :)

Wow, that was fast :)

Unfortunately when I run it under Windows 7 Ultimate x64 it does.... Absolutely nothing.  :o

I can drag the pics to the squares, and they swap around alright, but clicking "set" does nothing at all.

Just my 2c. Even if you don't choose to proceed further with it, thanks for trying.  :Thmbsup:

Actually, reading the monitor information is the easy part.  The problem stems from the fact that there is no built-in API to handle per-monitor wallpapers.  That part has to be handled manually via GDI+ or some other image manipulation library.  In other words, the images you want to use have be stitched/cut/cropped into one image that is actually stretched across your two monitors.  That's the not-so-easy part.  =]  Make sense?

Sure, makes perfect sense. I see it's not as straightforward as I'd previously thought.

Displayfusion is a useful tool, but interacting with it leaves a lot to be desired; the simplicity of function I've come to relish in DonationCoder-style apps is lacking. I'd venture that a one-click and drag'n'drop style app would fill a gap in the desktop wallpaper management landscape.

Would allowing multiple copies of our theoretical utility to run, one per monitor desktop, make things any easier? (I doubt it but it's an angle I thought needed to be at least mentioned).

Oh, EXTREMELY adamant ;)

Seriously though, it would make the app a lot more useful to me personally. I figured that reading the monitor information from the OS might not be so easy, so it's not a dealbreaker, but if all the solutions on here were trivial then I'm sure this site wouldn't be half as much fun as it is.

Thanks for your quick response Skwire! ;D

There are lots of desktop wallpaper managers out there, but not one has what I would've considered the most intuitive way of changing wallpaper, which is to drag and drop a picture from a folder or one's browser onto a app, and that picture immediately being assigned to the desktop as wallpaper.

Having recently joined the multiple monitor fraternity, I got to thinking that it would be extremely handy to have a little app that can either dock to the side of the screen or maybe come up with a hotkey, that has a little screen per monitor where I can drop a picture and have that picture assigned to the monitor that little screen represents.

The reason I'd class this as a coding snack rather than something more complex is that the app wouldn't have to maintain a list of desktop picture folders, be able to change wallpapers randomly or anything like that - just the ability to assign a dropped picture to the relevant monitor.

Hope that makes sense!  ;D

A nice-to-have would be to be able to set up whether to tile, stretch to fill or stretch proportionally the picture per monitor.

Thanks, and I want to add I think you guys are awesome!  :Thmbsup:

Try this, please:  Download v1.0.4.3
If it checks out, we'll bump it to v1.0.5 and call it good.  =]

Oh hell yeah, it checks out  ;D

Works perfectly. The only thing that's a bit cumbersome is not having the ability to stop the process once it's started, and the app not remembering the previously-used settings. But that's just nitpicking - you've done really awesome work on this!

Thanks so much for taking my suggestions into account.

You want all images with aspect ratios between 1.73 and 1.81 sorted into a folder named 16-9 (colons are forbidden in file/folder names).  Is this along the lines of what you had in mind?

That pretty much nails it, yes. I know I'd make a hell of a lot of use of that specific functionality, I don't know how other people on here feel, but it would make organising my pictures so much easier. Being able to set the lower pixel count (or maybe a lower and upper limit, but let's not get too carried away) would ensure you wouldn't get pictures of too-low resolution to be used as wallpapers.

Thanks so much for the quick reply, Skwire!  :Thmbsup:

I'm extremely impressed with this utility - been looking for something with its core functionality for ages. I actually had a dream about it last night, and it had one more feature: the ability to sort by aspect ratio, with a percentage tolerance. This would be ideal for getting a set of pictures from your collection that will fit your screen resolution if you use a wallpaper prog that can resize pictures, like the awesome John's Background Switcher.

The options could be done thus:

- Enter selected aspect ratio (eg. 16:9): [_____]
- Enter percentage tolerance (eg. 2%): [_____]

It would also be useful to limit the sort by a minimum pixel count, so as to only get pictures over a certain size within the tolerance range specified for the aspect ratio, like so:
- Enter minimum pixel count (eg. 1200000): [_____]

It's rare that a utility makes such a strong impression on me that it occupies my dreams, so I hope that my above suggestions are sensible and might make their way into this awesome software.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I wonder if a file/folder synchronizing tool could be used this way? I'm thinking in particular of Super Flexible File Synchronizer.

As far as I can tell the utility you suggest doesn't seem to have the kind of functionality I'm looking for. Anyone want to try coding something up that performs the basic functions as described?

I have several fixed hard drives in my PC as well as several external USB drives. Sometimes I want to take one of the externals to a friend's place, but the data I want to take along is on one of the fixed drives. I'd like a utility that will allow me to select one or more folders' worth of data on the external, then select a similar volume of data on the fixed HD, and will then basically cycle each of the selections to the opposite drive. The end result would be that the data I want to take along (TV show episodes, for example) is now on the external and ready to disconnect and take with me.

The stricture that makes this type of utility very necessary for me is that I often have very little free space on my drives, so doing the copying manually can be quite complicated and time-consuming. It might be plausible to create a RAM-cache for the copy so that minimal drive space doesn't prevent the copying from working...

I hope I'm being clear as to what I'm looking for. Of course, if such a utility exists already I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks, as always, in advance!  :D

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