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  • December 06, 2016, 08:07:58 AM
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Last post Author Topic: YNAB moving to a subscription model  (Read 9876 times)


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Re: YNAB moving to a subscription model
« Reply #75 on: June 02, 2016, 10:31:45 AM »
Today Bitsdujour is offering a significant discount on a personal finance program, Personal Finances Pro.

From a quick look this seems like a promising program, which might be of interest to people seeking an alternative to YNAB's subscription model, although potential users should obviously give it a more comprehensive look.


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Re: YNAB moving to a subscription model
« Reply #76 on: June 02, 2016, 08:31:50 PM »
... @IainB
Thanks for the tip, I didn't realise MS Money was still an option. Does it have any mobile apps, like YNAB or Moneydance, to keep the budget etc. updated on the go via Dropbox?

Sorry for belated response, I only saw your Q today (2016-06-03). Sorry, I don't know. It might do. I use the proggie, but am not interested in, nor aware of, the options you ask about. However, if you have a mandatory requirement for mobile apps or (say) Dropbox integration then I suspect that the answer would probably be "No". For example, I don't see any reference to those sorts of things on the features comparison chart at Microsoft Money Plus Sunset - Mini-Review

That doesn't necessarily mean that someone won't decide to write an app/add-on to the proggie to do those things though. There's a huge existing user base for MS Money, and they wouldn't want to migrate away from it to a costly system unless they had to (and they don't). There are already some people writing add-ons for it, I gather - e.g., feeds for tracking (asset) stock prices.
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