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Author Topic: FeedDemon changes?  (Read 4094 times)


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FeedDemon changes?
« on: May 12, 2006, 01:34 PM »
What's up with Newsgator dumbing down their website so much? The site does a great job "luring in" users to buy the product.. but other than that it seems useless. Where are the changelogs? Two new builds of FeedDemon were released this week and I'm installing them not knowing about a single thing that changed... anyone know where I can find the changelogs, if at all?


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Re: FeedDemon changes?
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2006, 05:13 AM »
FeedDemon's changelog is found in its folder after you install the update, titled "ReadMe.html." Smart, eh? Not. I hate companies that bury contact info, changelogs, and support info. Drives me nuts. I couldn't find it on FeedDemon's/Newsgator's site, either. Check Nick Bradbury's blog instead. He announces changes there.

Here's the changes for 2.00.23:
Added: Much better handling of connectivity problems, including server outages (more information...)
Added: "Preview Feed" added to subscription and import wizards
Added: "Feed View" added to view styles
Added: The number of items in a watch is now displayed when editing a watch
Added: Header icons added to news item list
Added: Delete folder dialog now includes the folder title in its caption
Added: "Outland" newspaper style now enables marking items as read (58171)
Added: "Test Connection" added to connection options
Added: "Scan for Errors" added to "Manage Cache" dialog
Added: FeedDemon's "Surfer" style now displays a "Play Media" icon next to items which include media:player
Added: "Text Size" added to browser menu (52678)
Added: SWF added to default list of safe enclosures
Added: "Check daily for a new version of FeedDemon" added to general options
Changed: Previous versions enabled turning off auto-purge in feeds and watches, which meant that items would be kept forever. This has been changed so that auto-purge is always enabled, and can never be set higher than 2500 items. However, FeedDemon will continue to support feeds and watches that had auto-purge disabled prior to this version. These feeds and watches will show with an auto-purge value of zero, and changing this value will automatically enable auto-purge.
Changed: "Auto-purge" has been renamed to "Archiving"
Changed: Clicking a thumbnail in a Media RSS feed now goes straight to the post's link (previous version displayed post's newspaper in FeedDemon)
Changed: The ability to import subscriptions from the previous version has been removed from the activation wizard and replaced with a separate import wizard that appears the first time that FeedDemon 2.0 is run
Changed: When navigating the news item list with the keyboard, the newspaper isn't displayed until you let go of the key - this way you can scroll through the items much more quickly
Changed: When a podcast is removed from within FeedStation, it's now sent to the recyle bin instead of being deleted
Changed: Default polling frequency changed from 10min to 30min
Fixed: Erroneous "synchronization service is not available" or "location does not exist" message when running FeedDemon after creating an account (55956)(55977)
Fixed: Can't type a value greater than 99 for the synchronization polling frequency (55717)
Fixed: FeedStation install doesn't honor "don't create start menu items" option from FeedDemon install (55446)
Fixed: "File in use" error when creating newspaper (55526)
Fixed: "Translator credit" overlapped on "About" dialog
Fixed: Import dialog fails to warn when NG login is missing before importing NG subscriptions
Fixed: "Incorrect language version" error when third-party language file selected and then deleted from disk)
Fixed: Resource leak in subscription tree (most noticeable on Win98/ME) (56219)
Fixed: Incorrect "tag:" hyperlinks for posts in synched feeds that don't have a <link> (56589)
Fixed: When FeedStation has been uninstalled, clicking an enclosure should default to loading it in the default application (57033)
Fixed: FeedDemon fails to treat rdf:about attribute in RSS 1.0 items as a unique identifier
Fixed: "Next" button disabled in activation wizard
Fixed: Spinning icon not removed from feed after update completed
Fixed: News item list shows empty titles for items whose titles are all HTML (seen with Doc Searls' RSS feed)
Fixed: Clicking "back" button after switching feeds results in blank page (57335)
Fixed: Folders context menu is mostly grayed out when a Watch or News Bin is selected (55985)
Fixed: Missing vertical scrollbar on specific web pages (first seen with Wikipedia)
Fixed: Inaccurate selection after deleting from news item list (57745)
Fixed: "Supress dialogs and error messages displayed by the browser" not applied until FeedDemon restarted (60343)
Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't update a feed's URL when it's changed in NewsGator Online (either manually or due to a permanent redirect)
Fixed: Outland style doesn't handle images in short posts correctly (58195)
Fixed: Synchronization message displays incorrectly at 120dpi
Fixed: When the IE7 beta is installed, selecting "Open in new tab" from the context menu in FeedDemon's browser opens the page in a new tab and a new window
Fixed: Watches with auto-purge disabled are reset to auto-purge at 200 items (
Fixed: Auto-discovery handles query strings incorrectly (


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Re: FeedDemon changes?
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2006, 06:41 PM »
Thank you, zridling! Seriously.. on the website, where I would MOST EXPECT it, there not only is no changelog, there is not even a single word about where I might find it, ANYWHERE. I would never have had a clue that it's stored in FD's folder.. I mean.. WHO DOES THAT?!? On the blog.. that makes sense.. but I didn't even find a link to the blog on the Newsgator website.. maybe I was just blind. I'll check again. Still.. it's the product's website and the product's website should have the product's changelog on there.. not Brad's blog.. then again perhaps Newsgator wants to manage the Newsgator site and told Brad to leave his fingers off of it and use his blog for whatever he has to say :)